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The Ghibli Gang

It's only now I have redeemed my childhood by watching Hayao Miyazaki films in the 20 years of my life!

Due to limited space I couldn't include all the Ghibli critters like the beloved catbus or haku's dragon form, the laputa robot etc.

Turnip Head | Heen | Calcifer from Howls Moving Castle
Mouse & Bird | No Face from Spirited Away
Ponyo (fish form) from Ponyo
Jiji from Kiki's Delivery Service
The Totoro's | Black Soots from My Neighbor Totoro
Kodamas from Princess Mononoke
Teto from Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

All characters trademark of Hayao Miyazaki & Studio Ghibli
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Amazing drawing just wanted to add that the soot sprites are from spirited away
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The best gang out there! I loved seeing everyone together. Truly incredible. Heart 
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Ahhh!!!! Spirited away!!! This is a great movie!
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Hello! I used your beautiful picture (non-profitable) as cover art for my 8tracks playlist right here:…
I gave you credit in the description and put a link to this page! If you're not okay with me using it for that, please just let me know and I'll remove it immediately. Thank you for your time :)
I really Love it, and it so inspiring .. :3
 can i Use this as my foot Tattoo sleeves, and modify it a bit. :3
can i Use this as my foot Tattoo sleeves, and modify it a bit. :3
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Of course you can :D Just show me a photo :)
you stole this image!
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Hi there, just so you know this was made by me and I have the orignal psd files to prove it. Also please take note of the date it was uploaded here. It's sad to say that this has been going around and used for people's own profit without my permission. 
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Absolutely stunning vector! <3 But I actually have a poster and t-shirt of this exact piece. Literally staring at the poster right now. Yup, they're exact same... You didn't happen to give anyone permission to sell this piece, did you? Because I can give you the name of the shop I bought it from and I can show you pictures of the poster and t-shirt. Just a little concerned right now...
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Hi there, I understand that this piece has been floating around without my permission and being sold for profit. I would appreciate it you showed me the link to where you purchased it and yes I would appreciate the picture of the poster and print thank you.
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I hope this is free to use, some guy on Youtube is using it as an icon *u*
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Hi there, yes it is free to use but not for profit. Can you kindly send me a link to this youtuber. Thanks :)
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ahhh, unfortunately I've lost the link. If I do find him again I will notify you.
Also it's sad to hear your work is being stolen and sold for profit :c
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I decided to play a DA watermark for the meantime. Thanks for the info. I've lost count of how many times I found stolen art of this piece :(
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i found a coupla sites with your art on it……
nah, actually just two
have fun find all the other sites.. omg xD
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Oh is a blog owned by my friend and I submitted it but the one form redbubble is someone I'm trying to report. Thanks again :)
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I love them all :3 They're so cute!
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Wonderful work, I was literally raised on Hayao Miyazaki's films!!!! And this blew me away!!!!
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