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More things to crush

By flaketom
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As:iconwhalewithlegs: so astutely phrased it:
"Mechs need something to crush, after all."

So here are some more props for :iconrob-cavanna: 's OPDS [link]
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I love this design. I'm wondering though, is the body a reversed/modified Puma?
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Thanks. No it's the chassis of the Sd. Kfz. 231; a 6 wheeled design. Though the Puma is the kind of the reversed successor of it if I am right.
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Thank you very much!
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die dirty armored vehicles
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Very nice vehicles my man. I've got one little crit about the tracked version. The curvature of the (lower half of the) tracks isn't in the same place as the lower wheels. The forward lower wheel should be moved
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Thanks mate! Totally right about it and thanks for pointing it out!
Will change it!
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NP man. Keep up the good work.
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They are for crushing, but they do look pretty sweet!
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haha, thanks mate!
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Oh man, those little heavy machine guns aren't gonna even scratch your ridiculous "Tsar-Mechas." Awesome work here, I especially like the half/ski/track =D
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yas yas, just a big pile o scrap metal! Thanks man, yeah the half track/ski one just seemed natural with this form. Seems quite modern and it opens many possibility to produce many derivates. So seems there is gonna be more junk to come...
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Silly Germans, Skvdzs are for scouting!
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:heart: :drool: !!!!

Great job re-working the ski-suspension and steering.
Looks like you used track components from a panzer III?

It's all much too good. :faint:
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man you seem to know your stuff! right about it, shortened panzer 3 tracks...
And a big thanks as always!
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My head is in those little tank bibles almost every day -looking up reference.
+ I starting scrutinizing those drive wheels to use as part of Pzf hip joints.

It's funny, I was watching Band of Brothers again for the first time in years; last time I couldn't name half the armor, and now I could identify everything. Felt good.
I think their 'Tiger' tank was a fake actually. Typical.

Really love this one BTW. When I have time, I'll add the paper texture w/ jagged edges and post to the DA OPDS folder... (even tho I already have some of your SdKfz 231 stuff in there) This is too pretty!
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Thanks and the rest in a mail... :D
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Damn, more good stuff.......!
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