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And too much armor ([link]) needs too many guns...

A big thanks to the people from dreampod 9 [link] that i am free to post it, as I used many parts for this model from the work I did for them.
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It uses the HUN light tank as a chassis.
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It does so! Just needed a chassis so I could play with different turret versions...
Uhh... What is this meant to do? If it's IFV then why is it bigger and heavier than MBT yet more lightly armed?

If i had to say, this is a Breakthrough tank. It just needs mine plough or mine roller to secure point of breech and it would do well in that role.
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Well, it became to be a IFV more by chance. As I had so many versions of the box-like vehicle (e.g.… ) I thought an IFV would be nice.
So idea was that the boxy base vehicle was available in huge numbers and a need for an IFV came up, so they used these as base to create an IFV, that's also the reason of the troop compartment being in the turret.
That also explains the kind of armour it has. Mostly add on and ERA armour.

It's not perfect and very reasonable, but as I wanted to do a boxy IFV out of my base vehicle that is what I came up with.
How many tons does it weigh?!?!
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No clue. Manymanymany...
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the level of detail in this one is beyond perceivable-- wow.
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haha. Well, I got carried away on some point for sure :D
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I love this "industrial" shape.
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Glad a I caught it! ANd many many thanks!
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Nice work! What 3d programs do you work with?
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Thanks! I used SketchUp. Superb and dead simple program!
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Erster Gedanke war "Flak", aber da er nich so aussieht als könnte er die Waffen nach oben drehen isses wohl eher eine Anti-Material/Infanterie-Fräse
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haha. Fräase triffts :D
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wow tons of rws!
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I don't see much room for Infantry dismounts (desantniki) this would make for an infantry support vehicle. Armor to stay close to the infantry at walking speed and engage bunkers.. or power suits.

Another armored vehicle or sufficiently prepared bunker might be too tough to take down.....

Internal mortar or vertical launch missile Anti armor capability?
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Infantry sits in the turret.
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if you use slope armor, you can use half as much and get even better defence
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Yeah, but then it would'nt be a box on tracks anymore...
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I gotta wonder, actually- what's with the gigantic turret for four relatively small guns?
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There ought to be a bunch of soldiers sitting in the back.
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I giggled a little when i saw this Xp
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