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The command and control version of this line of tanks.

A big thanks to the people from dreampod 9 [link] that i am free to post it, as I used many parts for this model from the work I did for them.
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ayayay. Long story short, I wanted to model tanks with huge turrets, so this one became the CnC version of them....Don't ask about the logic behinf this design....
but why do you have a missile launcher here if it's C and C? and where the missile exhaust goes?
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THere is actually no missilie launcher there. You mean the hexagonal shapes? Thats actually meant to be some sort of radar...
ok, i understand but it still looks like a missile/rocket launcher
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Wenn mir doch nur kommen würde wie man ein Kommandofahrzeug besser kentlich machen könnte......
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Ohhhhhhhhhhhh jaaaaa!
Waffenlos, Viel kommunikation, Spezielle Decals. DAs sind so die Dinge die mir kommen, aber richtig auf den punkt bringts das noch immer nicht...
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Ja...kommt ein bissl wie die "Basic" Variante die man auf der Waffenmesse sehen könnte. Najagut, richtige große Antennen sehen dann sofort wieder nach Funker, Dronenremotstation oder Aufklärer aber auch das einzige was mir so einfällt:/
Das Leben is schon manchmal hart XD
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Or is that a Murdock???
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Waaaaiiiit a minute...

A Command and Control version of the Aller??!?
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Nah, none of it. Sorry! :D
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just a great modeling ! wich software are you using for the rendering ?
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For this one I only used Sketchup.
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