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Base vehicle concept

So lately I was carried away doing all these Anti Air tanks ([link]) and as they got more and more I thought I need a bit of an explanation why the hell all of them share the same base. So I though I need some sort of base vehicle, on which the variants are based on, and as there was a need for cheap and fast to produce armor, this vehicle was taken to base all the other tanks on it.

So this is the base vehicle I came up with. Some sort of APC, on which I slapped as much ERA armor as possible. Silly, I know.

A big thanks to the people from dreampod 9 [link] that i am free to post it, as I used many parts for this model from the work I did for them.
The color scheme is based on Robs :iconrob-cavanna: beautiful texture job here [link]
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really like all those (not olive) color schemes you are useing
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Thanks, was trying to go for something more ...errr... different. Glad it works!
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Das Farbschema wirkt sehr modern und gibt dem ganzen eine gutes Wirken, da is die leichte Unterbewaffnung garnich so auffällig=P
flaketom's avatar
Ja bi auch sehr zufrieden mit dem Farbschema. Kudos an :iconrob.-cvanna:. Mine persönlicher Farb/texturen Held!
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Oh ja, den hab´ ich schon gefunden - seine KAPPA-camos sind verdammt cool!
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Maybe divide each ERA into thirds? They don't have to be that big to counter a HEAT warhead..

Still fantastic!

What is inside all that internal space?
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The toop compartment is in the turret (I know, not really plausible, that just happens cause of the 'back-engineering'). And having the ERA tiles so big is more of an design thing.
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It looks like it's made of Legos. I like legos!
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haha. It sure does.
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Modular chassis? Neat.
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Not really modular, more like the base from which the other stuff derived.
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Great work man! Awesome done with the detailing and coloring, I love it. :D But I gotta say, ure artwork of ure vehicles r amazing. Heck, I wish they were even rel in the 1st place so that we can have that type of technology these days, but I gotta say.....that would b a hell of a lot of money there in order 2 create such an experiment that has such great firepower and armored as this u know. :)
flaketom's avatar
Thanks a lot man! All in all, this design doesn't have much stuff that isn't realizable today. ERA armor, EO turrets, remote controlled weapon stations and that stuff is kinda 'normal' today.
Axonn5's avatar
Np. :)

So ure saying that now these days r better of all of that stuff than ure drawings, if that's what ure saying that is. ^^;
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Was gonna say, I love the color choice.... but now its obvious why. :D Your blues and orange are much nicer actually. This is how I like to paint up mechs in games like Armored core.
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Yeah,man was really thankful to see your color choices as I am running out of colors schemes. And there are still about 30 more tanks to come.
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Whaaa? Stil 30 more?! Well, I'm happy to hear that. LMK if you need color advice.
Here is some food for though:


Sometimes helpful to look at warplane reference, besides tanks.
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Well, them 30 include the Anit Air stuff you already know... So it's not really that much! THanks for the links. The next one will be brown yellowish. :D
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Interesting. At first glance, it has a sort of 'built with Legos' look to it. Not that I'm saying that's a bad thing. Once you get a better look though the details and discernible parts begin to emerge and take shape.
I like the idea also, of a standard base vehicle that's been modded to perform a variety of roles. That makes a lot of sense I think. The blue and white color scheme give it a sort of police force vibe, which is cool as well.
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Yeah, it's very boxy. Very, very boxy. Wasn't meant for real in the first place, but then I started to grow fond of it. ANd hell yeah, I love modding!
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