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Countash and Lufang Fakemon
So, I had an idea on twitter yesterday:


If I could design Pokemon Starters... I'd base them off of horror movie monsters. Vampire - Fire/Flying Frankenstein - Grass Wolfman - Water With them getting secondary types as they evolve Vampire - Fire Ghost Frankenstein - Grass Steel Wolfman - Water Fighting

Vampires - depending on the version you looking at - cannot move over running water and are hurt by holy water - so having them a fire-type with a weakness to water checks out

Frankenstein's Mosnter dies in fire in the the more commonly known movie version - not to mention that it is often depicted with greenish skin and also often depicted as a nature loving gentle being and the steel has the artificial aspect and the nuts and bolts in pop culture

Wolfman - well water may be a bit arbitrary but considering that the tides are linked to the moon - also in its final form being Water fighting mirrors the Vampire Fire Ghostas they both have an advantage over the other which reflect their popular depiction as rivals

While I'm still working on the grass starter, since I'm trying to think how the pokemon would look still.

But yeah, let's get the stats the pokemon out.

COUNTASH [Countess – Ash]

    -          The Ember Bat Pokemon

    -          Ability: Blaze – Fiery Embrace* (HA)

    -          Dex: Notably found to be rather pushy and over dramatic, they are often seen amongst other bat like pokemon such as Zubat or Swoobat. However, these pokemon seem to act like servants to a ‘Queen’. When this pokemon flaps it’s wings in aggression, embers will flicker from it’s body.

    -          Move-Set

    o   Ember

    o   Leech Life

    o   Wing Attack

    o   Moonlight


LUFIN [Luna – Fang – Lupine]

    -          The Moon Wolf Pokemon

    -          Ability: Torrent – Midnight Claws** (HA)

    -          Dex: Mostly found in packs of it’s own kind, these pokemon roam around the wilds in search of food, mostly drawn at water based locations. However, when seen in small towns, these pokemon will take advantage of the townsfolk – stealing food, causing mischief, and swindling people.

    -          Move-Set

    o   Water Gun

    o   Ice Fang

    o   Hone Claws

    o   Double Kick


*When using Fire moves, they become draining moves, and restores 40 percent of the damage dealt to the target is restored to the user as HP. If this deals 1 HP of Damage, 1 HP will be restored to the user.

**Ignore resistances of moves of the same type as the pokemon with this ability.

I don't know if these'll go anywhere, but if there's enough demand, or if I can find a programmer who's willing to, I might be interested in making a fangame with more designs inspired by this sort of thing.

NSFW Daibu and Furizu… So, a while back, I made a pin up of my two girls of Twin Tails - Daibu the samebito and Furizu the Yuki Kitsune, and I made a more... Suggestive version of the print.

I'm working on a number of pages for the comic, but felt like posting this.

Mature for an obvious reason.


United States
Current Residence: College
Favourite genre of music: Jazz I suppose
Favourite style of art: Manga
MP3 player of choice: Nano
Personal Quote: Later Dayz!
I wanna make an RPG maker game, but I need a teacher to help me get started, or if they're willing, to help me develop the game.

If you know someone, please point them towards me, and I will greatly appreciate it.
  • Listening to: Look Pimpin' (Black Barron's theme)
  • Reading: Manga for Dummies
  • Watching: Kamen Rider Fourze (soon to be Wizard)
  • Drinking: Water, again (as if you had to ask)

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