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well I guess I'm back. sort of.

It's been a few years, so I've got a whole load of backlog to upload for anyone who's still following me to feast their eyes on. Meanwhile, you can see all that good stuff on my various other sites:

Tumblr  | Portfolio  | Blog

I'm going to see if I can actually stay active now! Won't that be fun

the first draft of the script is about half a chapter away from completion, hopefully to be finished today
then I will be reworking it and tidying it until the end of April/early May
after that I will be thumbnailing things for the first half of May, up until uni ends, and possibly redesigning some things, altering the look of the comic etc etc

Then throughout the rest of the holidays (up until uni starts again in September) I'll be drawing pages. As soon as all the pages for the first chapter are completed I will start uploading them, most likely on a page-per-week basis, since that should in theory give me enough time to get a large portion - if not all - of chapter two finished. The aim is to be uploading a chapter and drawing the next one at the same time. Given the number of pages - between 12 and 20 per chapter - the comic will run for quite a long time at a page a week. The probable run-time of the entire thing is somewhere around the year mark, but the more I get drawn over the summer, the faster I may be able to upload things. If there is a miracle that lets me draw an entire comic over the span of 4/5 months, I will be exceptionally happy.

and update twice a week.

Basically that is my plan and hopefully it will work. If anyone has any feedback for the comic at all, it's entirely welcome
Just to get that extra-peppy first journal off my profile, let's have some good old fashioned complaining! How British of me

College is keeping me so ridiculously busy I have almost no time for personal art. Of course, I procrastinate too but that's still college's fault. The more work I have the more I procrastinate.

I've got loads of stuff to sort out for my uni portfolio which pretty much fills me with boundless terror. Fairly certain I'm going to spend the rest of the college year in a pit of despair about not being good enough.

And in other complaints news, my laptop is a slow ass bitch and I can't afford a new one. Well, I could but I need to save as much as I can for uni so I don't immediately have no money as soon as I get there. I will just continue to verbally abuse it and drool over macbooks and new tablets that I can't buy. Such is life.

Aaaaand that's quite enough of that. I'll finish up by saying hello to anyone who's actually reading this and if you want to give me more ways/reasons to not do college work then ask me to draw ridiculous shit for you. Because I will. It might not be amazing but I'll do it.

c'mon people I drew wenchlock and faeking!cas. I will literally draw anything at this point, I don't even care if it's porn so long as you send me references.

is the despair and crazy showing yet? or do I need even less sleep for it to be a bit more obvious?

I've just moved here from

I swear on my fangirlish little heart that I'm going to upload things here. On a regular basis. And that I'll talk to people and leave comments and shiz.

So yeah.