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Small Kissing Animation

By Flagg3D
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Great story with this one. Yesterday I was like.. I've worked on a few complex animations, let's do something easy and simple to relax. So I made this thing. Took like an hour to make, no problem. Rendered the animation, left my place to live life and when I came back, there was an error during rendering and it didn't finish. So I tried re-rendering it for like.. SIX HOURS STRAIGHT afterwards until one time it actually seemed like it was going to work. It normally crapped out at 20 frames of 141 but this one kept going. And at 135 frames.. my program crashed. I was so mad. :P All for this super easy animation. TL;DR Easy animation that should've taken an hour to make ended up taking a full day instead. How did I end up doing it? I rendered each frame individually and stitched them into GIF form >_>
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I wish that was me!

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Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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Lucky little guy!
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tybsmallerHobbyist Digital Artist
love this 
That guy looks 100% dead xD
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tybsmallerHobbyist Digital Artist
I love this
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mike973Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Loca70 General Artist
with you, my dear Flagg, the fantasies becomes more real than the reality ! Magistral, like ever ! A lot of tenderness pass through this animation, a lot of emotion, I'm really stunned.
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hoven4Hobbyist Digital Artist
OMG! A masterpiece!
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very good animation
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they do kinda remind me of sean astin and winona ryder XD
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ThatOneTinyPersonHobbyist Writer
Simply fantastic <3
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Fan tastic Clap Love 
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Despite frustration, its a refreshing romantic aspect. I like to think they are a long term couple.
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TheWiking2000Hobbyist Filmographer
PRO TIP: render it out in individual frames, not as a video. You can then piece together them in Adobe priemiere (or whatever program you use). It's a much better system and that way, you can always just pick up where you left of, if the system crashes.
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Flagg3DHobbyist Digital Artist
I am forever indebted to you Wiking senpai! Thank you for your advice!!
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TheWiking2000Hobbyist Filmographer
You're welcome! I've done the very same mistakes myself.
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TheWiking2000Hobbyist Filmographer
It's called "Image series".
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Like it at lot the animation is godlike in itsekf but in the handheld scene nails are red and in the kiss scene they are purple.Don't know if it's the lighting or me though.
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It’s the lighting
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MistressYoshikoStudent General Artist
aw how sweet Miyuki Koshiki (Cheer) [V10] by Jerikuto  
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Bonjour from france
Congratulation mon ami.I love your creation and i hope watch one day a giantess french woman 
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