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sailor moon

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not in the usual style c:
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Hmm, well the colouring is beautiful and the detail that has gone into the overall image is excellent. Can't say I am a fan of the massively apparent misproportions of their bodies. Shoulders and necks just a bit to small - almost makes them look grandma-ish or malnorished. And what's with their expressions? If it was meant to be demure, it looks stoned more than anything. Sorry if the critque comes across a little harsh but I was trying to be honest. Overall, the picture is a beautiful piece but I guess it's all in the details for me. Good luck with your future endevours. I'll be watching.
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Very-very good critique! That is exactly what I prefer to see even in my own critiques. I'm talking about how constructive the critique need to be without to be afraid to express your own point of view any work like this should be marked as fair even for its honesty instead of those comments where would be written only "Super", "Good" or even "Wow"! Yours is a beautiful example of an incontrovertible work/critique!
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La la la laEveryone wants Sailor Moon, the other Senshi included.
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Very pretty.
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May I please use this for a meme I'm doing? I promise I'll credit you and leave a link to the art so they can fave the original. I only want to crop Jupiter.

This is the meme -> flyingprincess.deviantart.com/…
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Thank you. But I want to switch girls. Could I crop Venus instead? It's just I'm already done the burnettes meme with another person's art of Jupiter. I'm doing blondes now.

this is the meme -> Top 20 Favorite Blondes Meme
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Help yourself :)
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Looks like Usagi forgot to turn her swag offf! lol jk it looks beautiful
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I remember that picture on my Sailor Moon puzzle game on my tablet.
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That look. That's the sort of look that says: "Yeah, I've got four girlfriends, and they are very, very affectionate. You got a problem with that?"
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8-) Tsukino, you're such a gigolo..... or gigolette.
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the colors are very vibrant and beautiful, you are very talented Neko Emoji-41 - (Kawaii Waving) [V3] 
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thank you very much! ;u;
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Daring! Intense!
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wow thank you for featuring!
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