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I asked CheezyCat for a free sketch, and the rules for her 10 free sketches say, that I have to offer 10 free sketches myself.

-> cheezycat.deviantart.com/journ…

Since I can't draw well enough that I'd think my sketches beautiful enough to give anyone in return for the sketches from CheezyCat (regarldess of 1, 10 or any higher number of sketches), but what I can is writing poems (and songs at times) my offer is:

10 free poems for the first 10 who ask, in german or english (my esperanto isn't yet good enough to write poems, I think).

The rules are very simple:
1. comment here to get a poem (you can suggest a theme if you like, or tell me what you want)

2. offer 1o free sketches/poems/stories/... on your own under the same rules.
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ich hätte gern eins :)