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Shitty Excuse
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Published: May 8, 2013
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An excuse I hear so that parents don't have to punish their child, guess what? They're not "just kids", they still need to fucking learn. And yes, I see kids do shit and go unpunished, examples are fucking up walls, taking an N64 cartridge out while I was playing a game and a kid at a FUCKING LIBRARY fuck up a keyboard and go unpunished, a fuckin' library. :|

And "they're just kids" you say? No, they still need to learn discipline, no matter the age. If I have a child, I will make sure to discipline him/her, and before thinking "corporal punishment", no, I will teach the child that it is wrong, and that the child would fail in life if the child keeps fucking up so yeah, fuck you for being lazy parents and fuck you for defending the children's actions.
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agi-nekoninHobbyist General Artist
This day and age, more parents rely on the television or iPad to parent the children (because most of them are too obsessed with how many likes they get on Facebook).  Or they want to be their friend more than their parent.  I hate to say it, but some parents have these kids just to have as trophies or to draw a check.  Kids need to have boundaries set or they won't thrive or know right from wrong.  And giving a child whatever they want isn't the way to show love; they need discipline, too.  
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Waddle-Dee-DarwinStudent Traditional Artist
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RockmanGurlStudent General Artist
Kids are little hellions.
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FanArtArtist1993Hobbyist General Artist
There shouldn't be an excuse why some people are bad parents.
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2 years ago,my younger sister threw me the phone she was playing on in my left eye leaving me a black eye,BUT SHE DIDN'T EVEN GET FUCKING PUNISHED!! AND JUST FOR A DAMN GAME!!
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SuperToni14Hobbyist Digital Artist
And those terrible parents wonder why people hate kids/babies.

I love kids and babies, but I don't blame them for being spoiled snobby screaming brats. It's the PARENTS' fault for not raising them right.
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Mirria1Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh look, something my sister needs to learn.
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AzuraTheSkeletonHobbyist Digital Artist
I agreed.. I once heard that a woman got her face burnt when a kid knocked her over. And what is the kid's mom's reply? "he is just a kid!"
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FloofySirius107Hobbyist Digital Artist
If only Madea was real.We'd have kids in line.
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CaotuKvailys701Hobbyist General Artist
Yep XD
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chibiuverworldHobbyist General Artist
If children don't learn that certain behaviors aren't appropriate, they will keep doing it because they think it's appropriate. It's just how it is. If they don't get disciplined they will keep misbehaving and it shouldn't be surprising because that's what happens.
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One thing I do find somewhat disturbing is the amount of black/white thinking going on here. That it's either punishment or nothing. Parenting is a skill and is quite a bit more sophisticated. One thing I do feel also is that it seems negative emotions aren't allowed anymore.
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However discipline isn't just about punishments. It means teaching and that is what it should be looked at. (You can also see this in words like disciple) Children don't know what they should do so they should be taught what that is.
I was very rarely punished but my mom made it always clear when I did something wrong. She hated punishing us but she therefore tried her hardest to come up with alternatives and only punish if absolutely necessary. The only time she punished us was when we did something bad repeatedly and had no excuse for it (believable excuse). She did have all kinds of tricks like with the chores we had to do in the weekend 1 large and 1 small chore. If we whined about the chore (We could raise a few objections before it was considered whining) the value of the chore was halved. So if we wined about the big chore we would have to do another big chore instead of a small chore. If we wined about the small chore she would make us do a micro chore. Mom didn't punish us for whining but was highly persistent and wouldn't leave us alone or give us anything until we did it. She would also keep close taps on our time whining and give us all kinds of reminders of the fun things we could have been doing in the time we wasted whining.
However she also had a reverse reward system with if we did the chore on our own initiative the value would double so if we did the small chore on our own we only had to do another small chore. If we did the big chore on our own we could skip the small chore entirely.
It was a very successful system at least for us. One way it might have been a bit too successful it that it did sometimes lead to fights between me and my siblings on the perceived easiest "big" chore and "small" chore. Though we did eventually get favorites among the small chores like my older sister always walked the dog and I always did the dishes. I feel it did work very well to both make us perceive whining as a complete waste of time and also stimulated us to take the initiative if we spotted work to be done.

Another example is when we had temper tantrums. She didn't punish us for those either and instead ignored them completely. When I say completely I mean completely, she wouldn't talk to us, look at us or even acknowledge us. Children throw temper tantrums to get the parent's attention and by making it completely counterproductive we stopped with them pretty soon. She told us clearly that she won't listen to us screaming. She will only listen when we are talking clearly and intelligently and pretty quickly that's what we did. She actually allowed quite a lot including shifting furniture for games, making a mess of the floor and would even sometimes give us candy when asked. But she would only allow us to make a mess if we cleaned it up afterwards and had asked permission for it before.
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Were you raised that way if not, don't be a Hippocrate.
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Well I'm not sure it's an excuse at all. Yes they are just kids and therefore don't know right from wrong. They depend on the parents to teach them that.

I kind of had that in a slightly different form. I'm an autist and when it went really poorly at home I was sent to a group living with other autists. I was 21 at the time and the set-up was kind of like a student house but with 2 caretakers there 24/7. I actually was the oldest there with most being around 16-18 and one at 20. They always used the excuse of "they can't help it because they are autists" as a justification to not enforce discipline. A normal sized house with 4 boys between 16 and 18 without any discipline went about as well as you would expect.
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TheYellowTeam433Student Artist
this stamp is something i can agree really much.

those parents just doesnt blame the kid.

like this. you are playing with your nintendo gameboy advance and then your little baby brother asks you if  you can lend him the console. you say no and then your mom tells you to lend him now. then you lend him the console, and then he goes into your data and then he starts playing and touchs everything, ruining your gameplay. and then you tell mom that your brother ruined your gameplay and then your fuckmom says: its a kid. you can do it again. and then you get fucking triggered as hell. this can also happen if he breaks it.
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TheCartoonWizardHobbyist Artist
I hope I never ave kids
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Legendary--Warrior Traditional Artist
Believe me, 'they\re just kids' bothers me a lot sometimes.
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Seiya-MeteoriteHobbyist Filmographer
Parents today are so shitty, and if I were a parent I would make sure that any kids I have wouldn't turn out to be repulsive brats and I wouldn't use this shitty excuse.

At least I was disciplined right as a kid, punished and sometimes yelled at if I did something wrong. I cried when the latter happened a lot as a kid (I hated that), but I've turned out completely fine.
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Stardustmagic666Hobbyist Digital Artist
I saw a kid crying his eyes out and hitting his farther at Walmart when his farther wouldn't give him a Nintendo Switch because he didn't have the money, so I asked the worker to get me the last Switch and I bought it and walked out laughing.  

Needless to say the farther yelled at me as I laughed my ass off and said: "Control your kid, also I wanted one too and I had enough money.   Unlike your poor ads who can't raise your son right."  Then I left with my mom. 

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catrabbit7582Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Bill Cipher Nice to meet ya 
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