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[DTA Freak] Bite by fl0werprince [DTA Freak] Bite by fl0werprince
Name: Bite
Gender: male
Age: young adult
Species: Freak
Class: healer
Personality: friendly, outgoing, sarcastic, stubborn, patient
Likes: stars, night, jokes, food, bite marks
Dislikes: rain, thunders, talking too loud (loud things in general)

Bite is really friendly Freak, but not for everyone. He is often sarcastic and rude, especially for Freaks he doesn't know well. 
That doesn't mean he is bad friend! He prefers having 2 or 3 real friends than many, who won't help him when he's in trouble. Sometimes his friends do hear sarcastic comments from him, but he is never rude for them.
He likes to comfort other Freaks, even if he doesn't know them. He likes hug them and help with calming down, but he will never admit that. 
Bite likes to stick around shaman, because he likes to help others, even with little things(but again, he won't admit).
His name comes from biting- he likes doing it, he shows his trust and friendly feelings by doing this. If he bites you, don't be alarmed- most likely he wants to show you, that you're nice person!

Freak species belong to xKarka 
Group: Freaks-species 
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July 31, 2016
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