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- you can post as many entries as you want per day.
- without pornography and whatever, only Pokemon and Fakemon.
-contests will happen when the group has at least 100 members.

if you have any questions send me a note:

Gallery Folders

Pearlette, being the Water Idol that she is by RatRunner48
Empyria (Readapted Pokestar unit) by RatRunner48
Discovery Miraki- Chimecho by KingFlurry
Keroosene by KingFlurry
Kauaicucciosita alla Latiassoluta Resistenza by KingFlurry
Diabelli by KingFlurry
Surfing on Ink Waves (Dark Version) by KingFlurry
Krita Pokemon #111: Piplup by GameArtist1993
Normal Type
Fakemon: Regional Rodent, Hamove and Hamorrow by BrilliantPearlz
Cheerpeep_Concept by NewL3o2
Rondowl_Concept by NewL3o2
Paparrott_Concept by NewL3o2
Fire Type
SEAREN by NewL3o2
Searen_Concept by NewL3o2
Medusear_Concept by NewL3o2
Water Type
Regional Form: Samanian Phanpy, Donphan by BrilliantPearlz
Flurrina_Concept by NewL3o2
007 Puppark by ShinyOotachi
097 Selkrit (Disguised Forme) by ShinyOotachi
Grass Type
Regional Form: Samanian Roselia, Roserade by BrilliantPearlz
Fakemon: Burgeion, Florthera by BrilliantPearlz
Fakemon: Wrelgae, Envekelp, Tanglerine by BrilliantPearlz
Tikal says Happy 15 de Septiembre by RatRunner48
Electric Type
025 Cheekeek by ShinyOotachi
Fakemon: Boalb, Rechaboar by BrilliantPearlz
Rhomole_Concept by NewL3o2
Deuteronomy by Crevomon
Psychic Type
Fakemon: Affestiny, Keedruid by BrilliantPearlz
Hexekat_Concept by NewL3o2
Midiorb_Concept by NewL3o2
Orbitite_Concept by NewL3o2
Ice Type
012 Snowglet by ShinyOotachi
Ketti by Crevomon
Tyler by Crevomon
Dragon Type
Lishine_Concept by NewL3o2
Kokkakkoo_Concept by NewL3o2
Disney by Crevomon
Fakemon - Drakeon by CassidyPeterson
Dark Type
Fakemon: Infectinae , Furuclis, Nuclermin + Mega by BrilliantPearlz
Fairy Type
Regional Form: Samanian Natu, Xatu by BrilliantPearlz
Fighting Type
Beatrice 2.0 by Crevomon
Flying Type
Fakemon: Regional Bird, Gullibick by BrilliantPearlz
Poison Type
023 Bravartian Dimeft by ShinyOotachi
Ground Type
Fakemon: Digorso, Crusantear by BrilliantPearlz
Rock Type
Fakemon: Sacogeuld, Quarprentice, Vaalundsand by BrilliantPearlz
Bug Type
Dunkeep_Concept by NewL3o2
Ghost Type
Regional Form: Samanian Porygon-line by BrilliantPearlz
Steel Type
038 Bravartian Chimecho by ShinyOotachi
Light Type
#218 Tazerice by YapapaPriest
Fake Types
010 Rabball by ShinyOotachi
Region Fakedex
FakeDex3.5 - Rhome by NewL3o2
Cramorant DS sprite 96x96 (WIP) by French-Cyndaquil
Fakemon: Soatish, Ferrlion, Basiwhisker + Mega by BrilliantPearlz
Various types
cloud drifter by Crazy-Zoroark
Furshadow by souluvable
Fakemon Stuff
Fakemon - Cloudeon by CassidyPeterson
Human Characters
Serperior gijinka. Design Trade With: Pioy! by Never0ff

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:bulletblue: Single Fakemon - 300 points
:bulletblue: Evolution Fakemon - 500 points

:bulletred: You must pay first before I draw
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