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September Otp 30 Day!!!!!

.:So here is the list of everyday events:.
((My fav numbers are 1,7,17,21 so make them the best!! Also 28 because it's yaoi!!!))

:star: Love at first sight
2. holding hands
3. Blushing at something embarrassing/cute/sexy
4. Wild Adventure.
5. Hanging with friends
6. Doing something together
:star: Genderswap
8. Neko
9. In a different clothing style
10. Death
11. Gazing into each others’ eyes
12. Getting messy
13. Wearing each others’ clothes
14. Date
15. Cuddling
16. Gaming/watching a movie
:star: Cosplaying
18. During their morning ritual(s)
19. Fighting
20. Making up afterwards
:star: Silly pictures
22. Crying
23. Running naked
24. Getting turned into children
25. Making a getaway
26. Getting caught
27. Yuri
:star: Yaoi
29. Getting married
30. Doing something hot
HERE IT IS BITCHES!!! I might not be able to do all days but I will make sure to do most!!!
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August 30, 2014


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