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I don't know what to say, but hot damn he's hot, I want to do to him is far to sexually hot for word to described, but I would let him ...

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Rick and Morty/GF: Prelude to Excalibur: Chapter 6
Citadel conflict
No-one in the garage knew quite what to say at this point.  All present had just witnessed the most powerful man in the world demanding answers and were left speechless as to what to tell him.  Rick, being the most confident man in the room, broke the ice.
“Long story short, that station hurtling towards us carries an army of zealous wack-jobs that worship an all-powerful psychopath bent on universal domination and they’re coming here in an attempt to restore him to power after he was beaten here the first time” Rick summarised.  The president, understandably, was sceptical.
“You expect me to believe that something could invade U.S. soil without me noticing?  Who do you think I am?” the president lambasted Rick.
“I can produce witnesses, if you like” Morty offered.
“Oh, this should be rich.  Go on, little boy, tell us all a story about the monster under the bed” the president mocked.  M
:iconaalberts36:aalberts36 2 0


Victoria Tori Frodeson
She’s a 21 year old inventor and scientist at the owca, she a layback, edgy, funny, sarcastic, sassy, cynical, rebellious, caring, intelligent, creative, athletic and cool. Tori creates new ideas for the owca for their fight against evil and does her own invention behind monogram back, she get along with people she think are okay and she tend to joke around, she always reliable. She lost her parents at a young age, she pretends that it doesn’t bother her, but it really does. She used to be childhood friend with go go, she always carry a picture of her old friend and herself when they were playing soccer. Tori’s like bean from disenchantment, go go from big hero 6, Lena from ducktales, Sylvia from wander over yonder, Melissa for Milo murphy’s Law
Pigeons Blood Ruby
She is called Ruby for short. Ruby is a bunny demon who is a resident of hell as a cook and best friend of Molly. She was a faithful 1950s housewife, when she found out her husband was cheating on her, she snap. She track down the little whore kill her chop her up and bake her in a pie. Ruby then serve the pie to her husband and friends who have a piece of the little harlot, now literally. She was arrested and was sentenced to death. She has the personality of a stereotypical 1950s housewife and a pychopathic killer.


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