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Finding Happiness: 707 Fanart

"Don't throw away the hope of finding happiness" -707

Hey hey! Hiya! ^^ Recently finished Luciel's aka 707 route and the secret endings707 Mystic Messenger 5  I have to admit, the writers really have a way of driving players like me to the edge!~707 Mystic Messenger 8  Its such a beautifully woven story, I cant get enough of it huhuhu. Seven's definitely my favorite so far, he hides a lot of pain in his heart, it makes me want to cry for the sake of a fictional characterJumin Mystic Messenger 2  All the hourglasses were definitely worth it!~ (even though it left my pocket full of holes huhu)

Anyways, since I've painstakingly finished this piece, It's time for me to take disappear *whoosh~* To all MM fans out there, I hope you like it!

*travels unto space with seven's rocket ship*

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How lovelyLove Love Love Heart Heart Heart 
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My heart it's melting right now
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wow i'm glad the girl have eyes , and shes look cute ^^ 
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Omi, why does the girl look like me?
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This is lovely! They are the cutest couple!
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OMG! I love this so much! <3 
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Ahhhh thank you so much! ~(^o^)~
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So cute~ And yes, Seven's route is super interesting, especially the secret endings ;) (Wink) 
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AHHH YES GIRL THE SECRET ENDINGS ARE AWESOME!~ I felt my heart flutter after reading secret ending 2~ I hope cheritz will release unknown's route and maybe V's route too haha
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If you want to go through something like unknown's route, I suggest to play Christmas special :D (Big Grin) 
fizzypopcake's avatar
I did! But I don't know how I get his 3rd text T^T huhu. I always end up with 707. I'm currently running my 4th rerun on the dlc, I hope I get him this time!
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Good luck! But if you would be on Jumin's route, you won't get unknown's ending. I've already tried :c
I got this one on Yoosung's route)
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I see! So you could get unknown's ending even without being on 707's route?
Yukiko-Setsuko's avatar
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Okiee~ Thank you! I just finished Unknown's route AND IT WAS VERY COOL. Like seriously, I really need more action from him! <3
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Your colouring is so amazing.... Oops! 
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Why thank you!~ I've noticed youre supporting me alot lately, I really appreciate it! :) Bless you~ :hug: :D
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No problem! I noticed leaving comments is pretty rare on DA these days, so I try to write comments on things as much as I can :XD: Plus your art is amazing, so.. >w<
fizzypopcake's avatar
Waahh such a noble deed ~ I'm inspired to do the same now hehe. Let's make DA a better place my friend :D :)
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Let's start a revolution!!! =P I understand that many people get too busy, I just really like the idea of talking a lot and getting to know other artists... ^^; anyway, thanks! :D 
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OMG this is soooooooo cute!Love Im planning to play 707 route :D it worths paying for it? :La: in Love with :Dummy:  
fizzypopcake's avatar
Thank you! 😆💖 Yasss 707's route is worth playing! I was always smiling like an idiot while reading his messages xD and while you're at it, I recommend you to unlock the secret endings as well~ Just be prepared to ride on a feels train T^T (and potentially spending hourglasses)
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