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Welcome! I am FizzGryphon, also known as Fizz or Dakota.

I am one of Saurian-Amoux/Beasts-of-Inallo's admins. This account is purely dedicated to ARPG art for those that are still hosted on dA. Please check out my other socials for personal art.

Kukuri-arpg Rexalia Kim-Oasis Lizards-Land


Toyhouse | YouTube

Blessing Be Upon Us

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This is proof that all DracoStryx eggs and pups - rolled and unrolled - and remaining DracoStryx inventory on my PaperDemon account are hereby owned by Shavahiivallah

Hey : )

I messaged u on toyhouse but ima message you here too! I used to be indigo but I was gone for a long time and recently came back <3

Hi☺welcome on my page) I will make a gatcha raffle with free lottery part on Easter soon ☺

Are you still intending on continuing with zooology arpg? 💜

Unfortunately my time has been taken up by the other ARPG that I run. I have still been working on it, but I'm not sure that I'll be able to continue until and unless my workload is lighter ^^

Ahhh, time is always a deciding factor. Thanks for the reply! And maybe one day (please do poke me when you do)