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GUIR Gant 2 v2.0 -gant2ocean-

Well its finally completed.

Gant 2 update is here. i have decided to make this a new deviation because there are changes to bitmaps etc and users may want to just do toolbars, icons and avi so they can use my old module.

i really hope you enjoy this. Please read the readme and if if you wish to donate for my hardwork check out info in the readme.

thanks as always to jeromebzh, mattahan and devil in disguise

Please note this module has been tested and works on win2k3 and XP home/Professional SP1. it seemed to work better if wmp9 was installed (not sure why) if some things arent changing try applying the module again and rebuilding icon cache again. if problems persist please email me (email is on main deviant page)

important b4 reporting bug, this one is already identified
Some of you may have a bug with the save as/open dialog with the navigation buttons at the top right. they will be fixed at a later point. others have noticed the image isnt replaced at all and defualt ones are there. i am one such person.
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Your download has been down for 6 years already, get your act together and re-upload it somewhere so it can be mirrored.
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Please re-upload this, it is completely removed from anywhere I've looked!
please re-upload it, i cant find it anywhere else
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Wher's The Download ?????????? IT'S STILL DOESEN'T WORKING !!!! ;(
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Yeah, please re-upload it :D
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As stated, the download appears to be missing, could you possibly notify me when/if it gets re-uploaded?
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link doesn't work >_>
Download doesn't seem to work...
Please, what is the visual style than are you used?
Good work.
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sorry for late reply.. it is dogma X for windowblinds
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YOU MUST USE GUI REPLACER 1.4 it wont work with anything else.
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This is so cool, it changes a lot of stuff. In my opinion GANT icons are the best in the world. Great job Fizical :#1:
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For some reason GUIReplacer won't load the .dll it wants .grm or .cab. Can anyone help me?
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you need to use version 1.4 of GUIR
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mine doesn't work, when i put the .dll where yoy said, guir says that, It doesn't have an install.ini so i'll assume it's not a module. why? how do i fix this?
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that always happens when you replace resources in system file. to be honest i have not tested this on any recent version of windows. i dont use a windows computer except for at work. but from memory those messages should only occur while installing the module. just ignore them and let the module finish once restarted and icon cache rebuilt it should give those messages anymore.
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It did it after the install. it's stopped now though, for some reason. Great module though! do you plan to use the GANT 3 icons now? they are a lot cooler than the older GANT ones you've used in the set. bah, that's just my two cents! keep it up!
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My bad, i was using the wrong version. but now, every now and again, it'll say "blah blah, there is thingos that windows doesn't recognise, please insert your XP cd to restore the originals" it does this all the time, no matter how many times i click cancel. is there a way to stop this?
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u guys did something KICK-ASS....
kip it up...
can you tell us how you make these GUI replacement themes? i wanna make 1 myself. awesome work btw, it looks awesome on my laptop. :w00t!:
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Hi Chronic,

As you can see from the release date of this I haven't done this for a long time. I no longer work in making these shell packs because the community just didnt give back they just took and it was very draining for me on time. No one had put their hand up to help me or anything.

I now work in Mac OS X gui customizing and also MSN Messenger

If you want to make your own get reshacker and edit the files you can download here. if you have a look at the guiscript section in reshacker you will figure out how th script works pretty easily. you can edit the *.dll file resources very easily with reshacker. should be fairly simple to work out from there.
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