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i n k t o b e r 2018 [Day VII]


Moon by shirokuro-chan
Moon Phase Pixel Divider by Gorgeous-Hybrid
Spreading its long wings, the owl took off into the forest. They were far too old for games. 
Curious, the strange girl followed.
- - -
  Black Sparkle 1 by Optimistic-Runaway 
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In each piece of yours, magic exists. They are all so lovely and dreamy... Following your inktober story is something that I look forward to each day and, I was thinking that, if, as a child, I saw your pieces but as a little story book, it would influence me for the rest of my life. Would you ever consider making it into an actual book? Or, maybe ever creating such illustrated book? 
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you're so sweet<3 seriously thank you for the kindest words.  it made my whole month.
I haven't been discussing it much yet until I'm completely done with the story, but I've been prepping this story all year and have been creating it with the intention to hopefully turn it into a book ; v ;♥
Your comment just kind of pushes me to want this even more though, so thank you again~
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I am happy to hear that my words have not displeased you in any kind of way and that in fact they had the complete opposite effect. I must confess that, I was afraid to speak my mind and feelings. I did not want to embarrass myself or create an uncomfortable situation for you. 
You have been preparing the story all year? Well, I must tell you that all of that effort did not go wasted. I cannot even begin to explain, I cannot put into words what your pieces create into my soul. The atmosphere and magic are... Palpable. I would love to purchase the book, if you ever do make it. It would be an honor!