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i n k t o b e r 2018 [Day V]


Moon by shirokuro-chan
Moon Phase Pixel Divider by Gorgeous-Hybrid
"Peculiar being, where are you from?" Asked an old owl perched in an overlooking tree. 
Humans were strange, but never quite this bizarre looking.

The girl sat up quietly in thought for a moment before she replied. "Why, I'm from the moon."
- - -
  Black Sparkle 1 by Optimistic-Runaway 
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Omgosh Nae, he looks creepy. XD I love the detailing though. <3 haha
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thank youuu<3 mwahaha good, i wanted him to look a lil spoopy! >:3
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The owl looks so wise and mysterious! Black Sparkle 2 
Also want to say, I am loving this series, denae.  It's a lot of fun to follow along every day!

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thank you so much! ; v ; I wanted it to feel a little exciting with having a page released every day, so I'm happy you're enjoying it!