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Ohayo! =3

So for anybody who didn't already see, I made a contest where you can design your own Pokémon (so called "Fakemon").
You can make drawings; videos; music; write something or literally do anything you like and use any skill you have AND there are 3 prizes to pick from, in case you win.

I have already received some REALLY great works and I am absolutely thrilled about it. Thanks so much to everybody who already sent something in! I seriously love your entries! <3

In case anybody has NO IDEA what I am talking about, please visit my video at… or check my promo pic at…

Please spread the contest to your siblings, friends, colleagues and co, if you can. =)

Much <3 and thanks so much!

  • Drinking: Water
Ohayo Gozaimasu! =D

Welcome to my new DA page, where I will be displaying the stuff I have in my shop and...pretty much anything else I have, yosh!

For quick access, here all my links!

FiyahKitteh - The Let's Player
~ Let's Plays & Tutorials:
~ LPer Fanpage:…
~ My twitter:!/vanWinchester
Any other game-related links you may be interested in, are on my YT channel. =)

FiyahKitteh - The Artist
~ *Strawberry Milkshake* Shop:

Thanks for reading! <3