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Terranigma Underworld Remake

Took a while! Finally finished!
This is a remake, or rather, a 'draw this again!' of an old drawing of mine.
Terranigma - Underworld by FixelCat
The inspirational songs still put the same image in my head. Meaning I could visualize and draw the same idea as I would’ve intended it at the time, only with all my new experience.

The drawing shows Ark, the main character of the game Terranigma (SNES), looking over the landscape of the underworld where the trials of the five towers await. My own interpretation of what it could look like, seeing how it was all just flat pixels and sprites at the time.

Inspirational songs:
Terranigma - Underworld
Terranigma - Magirock
Terranigma OST composed by Miyoko Kobayashi for Enix in 1995.

Textures by the mighty Sirius-sdz ! (#475 , #491)
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© 2014 - 2021 FixelCat
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Ah, Terranigma. Nice one.

Just found it in the Terranigmagroup, where I spam my TerranigmaPics arround :).

Still one of the best ARPGs ever. Too bad they don't make them like that anymore.

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Ohhh my. Even though this is an older piece, it's gorgeous. I only just found Terranigma recently and it's an amazing game. Beautiful depiction of the underworld, I love all the (literally) otherworldly crystals.

Zeronull666's avatar

nice work ---epic :clap: :) :meow:

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this is an amazing game and an amazing draw!! i can't wait to see more
FixelCat's avatar
Thank you! This one took a very long time to work out the details! I think I'll revisit Terranigma in the near future. Again. Even if only with smaller pictures or portraits ^v^
For me, the game is a classic!

This drawing is amazing! It's exactly what I'm looking for.
I want to arrange a bunch of tracks from the game and make an album out of it. Do I have your permission to use this drawing as the background of the ''Departure'' track? I will credit you of course :D

FixelCat's avatar
Of course ^v^ credit with a link to this drawing is really all I ask for! I'm excited to hear the arrangements, please let me know how it turns out! ^O^
FixelCat's avatar
ohh lovely! Sadly, I've no new Terranigma drawings currently planned, but I know I'd like to draw more of it sometime later on. :aww: we'll see!
I can't wait for more Terranigma drawings ;) Evergreen would be great!
FixelCat's avatar
That'd definitely be something ! ^v^
rhaim's avatar
Hey man, I used a cropped version of your illustration for the fansite and credited you in the About section, hope it's ok!
FixelCat's avatar
Ooh! Cool! Mm, it's fine wirh the credit given ^^ I'm glad other fans of the game like my drawing!
rhaim's avatar
Thanks! It is a wonderful picture you've made here. I especially love the panoramic atmosphere.
Labrynna's avatar
Beautiful. :) I love it!
FixelCat's avatar
Thank you so much :aww:
Migca's avatar
I really love this draw. I'll use this imagen on my Terranigma's Gameplay, I credit you and your DA's url (in video and description) <3 Sorry for don't ask you >-< (And sorry for my bad english, I'm spanish ;-; ) Do you want watch the video when it's were finished? I'm use only use like background because resolution of SNES is in 480p and I'll show the laterals of image ~ 

Don't be angry <3 If that disturb you I can change it >-< The video is not renderized (?).
FixelCat's avatar
No te preocupes~ esta bien ^v^ me alegro que te haya gustado tanto como para usarlo en tu vid del gameplay~
Cuando este listo~ mandamelo ya ' v' por su puesto que lo mirare! :heart:

Muchas gracias~ :aww:
Migca's avatar
¿Sabes... castellano? :_D /muere por hacer el ridículo y se tapa entre cojines.
¡Muchas gracias! Es que es genial x3 Y me había propuesto usar todo imágenes en mis vídeos sacadas de DA para dar créditos a la gente y así movilizar todo. Me parece feo cuando alguien usa arte
de otra gente y ni se preocupa en saber de quien es :G -> Igual me ves algo enfadada en el vídeo cuando esté, porque lo tuve que regrabar dos o tres veces porque el programa no iba bien xDU
En fin, ¡gracias otra vez!
FixelCat's avatar
:hug: :heart:

sii~ te lo agradezco que me preguntas ^v^ me pasa mucho eso, que gente me usa mis obras sin darme credito y tampoco ni preguntan..
Bueno, en realidad.. siempre que agregen un link para mi galeria en dA no tengo problemas ^__^
Migca's avatar
Bueno, más que preguntar, casi lo he dicho directamente... no sabía bien como hacer la frase en inglés y el traductor no ayudaba u.uU
En fin, ando con problemas de renderizado porque el vídeo se relentiza xD Pero cuando lo solucione te muestro :3
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I loved this game. After I played it, it actually made me stop and think about my life, lol. This is a really epic and imaginative interpretation of the underworld in spite of the limited source material. I can hear the Underworld theme playing when I look at this. 
FixelCat's avatar
Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm so happy to hear that it played the theme on its own, so to say :aww:
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