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Having seen the work in progress images, I can say this painting has grown quite a bit. :)

First of, the parts I really like:

- A Sith LADY! That's a first for me. :) Never really seen any female Sith lords before, so this puts it high on the originality for me. :P
- Her eyes, they really glow and speak enigmas..
- Her face: nice use of shadows and I love the face paint (wouldn't mind seeing a closeup of just her face). She has a frightening expression; stand aside or you'll end up on my barbecue!
- Her clothing: I love her shoulder plates, especially with the blue highlights on them. Brings a bit of contrast to the otherwise quite red outfit. The waving scarf (? not sure how to call it otherwise) adds a bit of movement to the image.
- Lighting: a nice mix between shadows and lighting. The red glow helps making the whole scene more gloomy, adding to her dark side.

That said, I'm still not quite sure about the light sabre. It stands out a bit too much; maybe it's the bright inner core lacking a bit more gradient, or feeling that the position wouldn't really work in real life (possibly even scorching the back of her legs). It feels that the lower end of the sabre should be a bit thinner/further into the distance.
Around the handle of the weapon it sort of blends better into the picture than on the ends (possibly because of the added fog).

Finally: her legs. They certainly did improve through the various versions, but somehow the position of them still feels a bit off. (Something you commented on yourself as well).

Overall it is an impressive image though that indeed deserves a place in your portfolio!
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DM7 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you FiXato so much for your crit - and for her legs, yes I agree. I've been struggling with it and well, let's say I still have a long way to go anatomy-wise. ;)

And light sabre, you might be right. I just have no idea how to do it. I'll keep that in my mind for the future though. PC + refs would help.

In meantime, I'll take your crit to my heart! ^^

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