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Google Weather 5.0 [OUTDATED] (more info below)

[01 DEC 2020] JD from the Rainmeter subreddit now maintains this skin here:…
[15 JAN 2020] WXDATA has been discontinued. This skin isn't able to grab weather data any more. 
[29 JUNE 2016] To change to Celcius, swap the TempUnit variable to say "TempUnit=M"

Fully operational again!
Changes : Switched from YahooWeather to
New WebParser was based off this skin :
GitHub here :…
Please note! : This skin may take up to 10 seconds to load up when you refresh. This is a result of a lower update rate, which will help to save data usage.
Reddit :
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It doesn't download "failed - No file"

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The download on this page is outdated, see here for the newest version which is maintained by another user:

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Update: JD from the Rainmeter subreddit has graciously decided to take over updates for this skin. See this page for the most up to date versions:

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easy to use weather template:

Vclouds2 has been updated to work

URL used is showing this:

Please update the URL

This service is deprecated as of 01/15/2020

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[UPDATE] It seems that wxdata has been discontinued. This means that this skin will no longer provide any weather data. For more info, check :

When i change the tempunit in notepad from F to C and the value is still fahrenheit. please help

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You need to use M, for "metric".
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Hi! Recently I ran in to a problem. The widget hasn't been displaying the little weather icon next to the current temperature for a while now. I tried reinstalling it, and when I searched for my city's location code I noticed that the location code in the link has changed from HUVE0073 to 53227c57d968b1d129f18903bae8a7faa528f8769a7579d0286bd47b7c16cf99. I tested the widget with a few other cities where the location code was in the old format and they all displayed everything correctly, so I assume that this 'bug' has something to do with the website changing the location code's format. I know, this bug is nothing big, I just wanted to give some feedback on it. Thanks!

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That's interesting. Is it still missing the current weather icon for your location?
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Yes, it's still missing.

Hi, can we change how fast it refreshes temperatures?

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The default value is probably good enough for most cases, but you can change the UpdateDivider values to something lower if you want. 
Be careful not to make it too low or you could get blocked from accessing the weather data altogether. 

Thanks for the fast reply. I will probably experiment a bit. With the dafault settings i think it gets the temperatures when i boot in windows and keeps that number. Only if i manually refresh it, it changes.

This is exactly how it behaves on my end too. It never refreshes the temperature.

how can I find the code for vantaa, finland?
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going by this url:…
it should be FIXX0020:1:FI
Weather by Jtporter9
My degrees symbol turned into this after changing my location. Help, please. 
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Try editing the code.
All you have to do is delete the degrees symbol and replace it with °.
You type it by holding ALT and then pressing 2 4 8 on the numpad then letting go of ALT.
Then save and refresh the skin
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I like this a lot though I would prefer the white to be like the outer rim is and also is it set for Fahrenheit or Celsius?  
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You can change the colors of any parts of the skin by editing the values in the [Variables] section.  
In your case, change the line that says: 
to the following: 

Also, to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius, change the line that says:
(M stands for metric)
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ok thank you vary much ^-^
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Anyway to adjust the size of the skin?

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Yeah, edit the values on lines 8 through 11.
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