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Google Weather 5.0 [OUTDATED] (more info below)



[01 DEC 2020] JD from the Rainmeter subreddit now maintains this skin here:…
[15 JAN 2020] WXDATA has been discontinued. This skin isn't able to grab weather data any more. 
[29 JUNE 2016] To change to Celcius, swap the TempUnit variable to say "TempUnit=M"

Fully operational again!
Changes : Switched from YahooWeather to
New WebParser was based off this skin :
GitHub here :…
Please note! : This skin may take up to 10 seconds to load up when you refresh. This is a result of a lower update rate, which will help to save data usage.
Reddit :
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Hey do you - by any chance - still have the JD Edition of the skin? It has been removed from literally everywhere (and they also deleted their account on EVERY site). If you still have it and could send it to me I would be so grateful, it's my favorite weather rainmeter skin. I recently changed OS so I wanted to download it again and... yeah..