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The Hobbit: Twig King

By Fiveonthe
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Good thing about being a sassy party Mirkwood elf is that your reaction time is fast; because quick reaction determines life/death x’D (If he knew, you won’t be partying for long ¯_(ツ)_/¯)
Legolas and Tauriel gettin real tired of your bossing around, Sassy King. Llama Emoji-09 (Drinking Tea) [V1] In my head, Lego and Tauriel can be little playful elves who just mess around with their king// they are just children at heart lol;;;
Hope you like it ! :D

Art © Fiveonthe
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This is hilarious, and so well drawn!
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This is cute, lol
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How the hell Tauriel can she prefer Kili at Legolas ?? Pff... Anyway, she don't deserve our little Prince ! But hey ! You're drawing is awesome ^^
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Haha that is very funny!:D (Big Grin) left shark 
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Lol that's pretty funny :dummy:
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My friends and me in informatics class.x.x
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You know I can never tell if an elf is a boy or girl from behind. I find that funny.
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Legolas mocking his dad, so funny! He looks more like an elk! His punishment will probably be his father riding on his back with the fake horns on his head, LOL!
Tauriels, maybe extra work?
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