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The Hobbit: He's quite tall for a dwarf.


Tauriel: He’s quite tall for a dwarf, don’t you think?
Legolas: ….But no less ugly.

Watched The Hobbit II again hehehe/// 
If you watch the movie, Legolas pulls a srslymadlyunimpressed face and creeps in the background when Kili is having a moment with Tauriel... AHHA//
Kili and Tauriel is so cute in the movie AHHH I'm just in love with them and the movie right now *p* They are so precious oHman;;; 
Drew this because I can’t stand the cuteness aaaaa

Also, Happy New Year!!! Wish you all a fantastic new year hehehe!

!!Please read comments at your own discretion!! There are spoilers lurking around~~!!!

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nymeriadire's avatar
So beautifully cute!! :heart: 
AnimeCouples1992's avatar
Cute. Lol Legolas.
Nicely done. :thumbsup:
SenpaiMarshmallow's avatar
Aww, cute! I ship it!
wlfmoon-arizona's avatar
♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡
BlueFluffBucket's avatar
Me while watching the movie: Did you just CALL KÍLI UGLY?! How could you, he is the MOST HANDSOME DWARF OF THE WHOLE COMPANY! xD

And the picture is very sweet.
KaoruxKenshin's avatar
Beautifully drawn. Romantic and funny.

My second otp, even if it never happened originally.
Moongodess27's avatar
Legolas is the most hilarious thing i have seen so far. I think im gonna die laughing from this. You are a master
EnderGabe101's avatar
Legolas be like, "I will snipe u with an arrow through ur thick skull u dwarf."
Fiveonthe's avatar
"DONT U DARE" pretty much XD
Kiehran's avatar
Legolas forever alone
Kagehiisa's avatar
Legolas' face...XD It's literally like the greatest thing....
dark-witchcraft-021's avatar
Legolas' face cracks me up xDDD

Brilliant artwork ♡
Fiveonthe's avatar
xDDD Thank you!
Arsiekdhol's avatar
(too bad for legolas still love him though =D )
SnowyOwl765's avatar
Look at Legolas' face, OMG! Hahaahahahahahahahaha hahahahahaha
CocoaCutie178's avatar
I wanna see the Hobbit II! I am watching the Hobbit I at my school :3
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