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The Hobbit: Flower Crowns


Kili has no idea what he's doing tbh *A* // I can't stop drawing these two aghahglkjg they are so CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE
but he will secretly practice and then one day he'll make a perfect one and try to crown it on Tauriel but he won't be able to reach ~;w;
and my lack of originality makes this look like it's the chibi version of the pic I drew before.. lmao OTL
nonetheless, I hope you like it ! 

art © Fiveonthe
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I love them so much :D
Beautiful Heart 
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THAT'S... that's... just adorABLE!
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I love this pairing! So cute together X3
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you're welcome ;)
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True i found them really cute in the film >_< love the way you redraw this :3
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Mmm yes! Thank you so much ;3;
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Lovely! I'm not too much into their romance, but as long as Kili is happy I can overlook it I guess :D This way or another your drawings of them are precious :)
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Aah wow, thank you!
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aah they are cute!
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omg this is so freaking adorable! :iconomgsocuteplz:
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xDDD thank you!
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oh my god.....this is so adorable...
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xDDD Thank you!
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