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The Hobbit: Braiding Hair

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In which Kili would try to impress Tauriel but Legolas would totally kick Kili’s ass in braiding hair/ what a guy. xD Not sure if that’s something to be proud of tho, Leggy// hehe *3*

Dwarves and Elves will fight over anything tbh xD
I came across this and all I could think of was Elven hair *A* 

tbh I'm not really satisfied about how this is drawn (esp. Kili Q__Q) but I've redrawn it a couple of times already and this is the final result. Haha;; but they are so cute I can't help it// Have the comic anyway! Q_Q Hope you like it :) 

art © Fiveonthe

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This is delightful!
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I actually prefer the dwarf's braid. I prefer the simple look than the elegant flowers.
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I wish I could make people’s hair look like friggin flowers I would have thousands of dollars a week for that do you know how many basic white bitches would pay for that
Midnight3Wonder's avatar
Hard pass. I wouldn't pay a penny for that hot mess. If anything, I'd ask for collateral for all the knots and tugging I'm certain that rose braid comes with. Ouch! No thanks!
Lyterious's avatar
You have to realize that your average person is actually really stupid so they’ll pay for stupid crap like that and rich people are just as likely to be dumb as poor people there used to be a trend where you would have wigs carved into certain shapes like boats
Midnight3Wonder's avatar
Wha? That's rather mean of you to say. I know a lot of people who are far too smart to not fall for something so dumb. I'm smart enough to not fall for it and I'm defiantly not the brightest person I know (I'm not saying I'm stupid, but I do know a lot of smart people). People have way more common sense than you give them credit for. Besides, where I'm from, most people would only get such extravagant hairdos on VERY special occasions. I don't know how people are where you're from, but it sounds like the people where I'm from have a lot more common sense than the people you know.
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I said average person most people here are kinda strange deviants if you will. Have a good day.
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Hey everyone wants to be rich. Ciao
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do more please...
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....isn't kili a dwarf...i mean they have shown that they are more apt in braiding than elves if you ask me...the most braids we have seen on elves are two side braids and one braid at the back of their head. on the dwarf we can count up to 5 braids in their beard alone :/

Its still funny, i just don't find it very fitting ^^'
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Honestly, I prefer the first braid. Legolas's is pretty, but way to complicated and if it were in my hair, I'd probably have to chop my hair off in order to get it out. Plus, Tauriel is a warrior. Functional is better than pretty.
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This is funny!:D (Big Grin) Giggle 
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I love them both but the kili is just so rugged and handsome, I love him more. 
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Your style is awesome! Also good comic xD.
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This is so perf cuz im listening to "i see fire - ed sheeran" right now XD
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HAhaha amazing
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