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Captain America and Johnny Storm XDDD
Fantastic four omgggg Always wanted to draw Johnny QAQ~ And Evans who play both their roles just makes it even better :iconcraiplz:

Have some fire and some stars and stripes and BAMF :icontearplz:

Johnny's hair is actually blonde in the comics but I really like his hair in the 2nd movie of Fantastic Four, so it's drawn here XD

;7; Avenger cast is forever perfect ;3;

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Freedom Flame...might be a good name for a Steven Universe-style fusion of the two.
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Love the characters, love the actor, love love love!!! Kobeni Confused Icon Thank You Hug 
sometimes there's so much beauty, in the world, i can't take it!! Waaaah! 
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I love this technique.
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You're welcome.(: Keep up the good work.
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I now realize why I love this so very much.
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Johnny baby~~~
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And Steve.He played them both fabulously.I didn't even realize it was the same actor.I feel like a terrible fangirl. No one else can be that hot.
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Chris Evans <3333
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Amazing coloring and anatomy I love it so much !! <3
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Thank you !! <3
If the Fantastic Four join the Avengers for a team-up against Dr. Doom, things are bound to get INTERESTING ;)
I love the rain on Captain's half, but the flames on Johnny's half. Of course, who could forget the American flag for Spangles x)
One of my favorites, great job :)
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