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:iconamgplz: AVENGERSSSS
/still having avenger feels
will have
the avenger feels orz

photo: Photo of AVENGERS :D by Fiveonthe

*A* Hope you like them!! Traditional art ! Thanks to cartoongirl7's copic works and Arlequinne's advice (+ she help me cut them out LOL) I managed to pull through XDDDD//// ran out of E00 while colouring capt's face :iconamgplz:

Actually colouring with copics was really fun ^^ I got to learn many things while messing around with the colours, like blending XD Might colour traditional more often heheh. But as a digital artist I still have a lot to learn oAo

The Nanny Diaries - Scarlett Johansson and Evans? So cuuuute/// and the Losers ... ;v; andaklsjfkla but really, evans as the human torch QAQ///

avengers was amazing

copic ciao + white paint for reflections XD
photoshop for touch up ^^

Chris Evans by FiveontheAVENGERS: Run run run!! by FiveontheMR. STARK by Fiveonthe:: AVENGERS ASSEMBLED :: by FiveontheBarton - Romanova - Rogers by Fiveonthe
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Omg! Awesome Avengers 👍

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:happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
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The feels . . .
Clint is adorable
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"No Steve... no" OMG perfect. 
This is seriously the cutest thing ever. 
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this is adorable and it makes me feel all the feels.
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Mother of God Icon  DAT FAVE DOH ^-^
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I LOVE IT!!!! Mostly Cap over there <3 Love him too much
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did you draw this because it is good I can draw but I cant do this ill show you a thing I did
come here--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->…
The avenger feels never stop
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For some reason I want Loki to join the avengers for his punishment for his crimes I can totes see it
Eclipseus811's avatar
It could happen one day
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OHMYGOD THIS is soooo adorable XD eeek! Heart :happybounce: 
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Aa thank you!!
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awww I love them all XD
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You're welcome :)
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Tony! Hold Steve's hand, dammit!
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