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By fiveless
There are many (and I do mean many) sites out there with much typographic goodness to inform and to inspire. I've trawled the murky corners of the interwebs to bring you this huge feature of more than a hundred links to various articles, blogs, tutorials, applications and more, and have come up with this list of more than a hundred links for you.
Whether you've been educated in typography and some art school with an unpronounceable name, or a casual dabbler in typographic design, or a web designer wanting to learn more about typographic elements and style, or just a passerby with only the slightest interest in typography (in that case, head down to Inspiration to see some fantastic work), I'm sure you will find something here that's worth looking at.
This feature is sorted into the following sections:
  • Blogs, Journals  & Websites
  • Articles (with a section on web typography)
  • Inspiration (with a section for flickr groups)
  • Resources: Fonts
  • Resources: Tutorials
  • Resources: Miscellaneous

Blogs, Journals & Websites

These are great websites for most things typography related: news, insights, discussions, events, competitions, features, interviews and more. I've put only informative stuff here, for showcases and type porn to look at, head down to the Inspiration section.


For your reading pleasure.

For the web designers out there, a few links regarding web typography


Websites, posters, digital and traditional works. This list is really long, take your time to browse, there are some magnificent works here.
Flickr groups & pools

Resources: Fonts

Y'all should have a favourite site to get your fonts, so I won't link you to a million sites with the same fonts. Here are a few excellent collections curated by various people. There will quite definitely be duplicates among these lists but I hope the categorization here makes it easier for you to find what you want. (And by the way I am hating the buzzwords in the titles.)
The following lists, unfortunately, contain fonts that are not free.

Resources: Tutorials

Miscellaneous Resources

  • Want the difference between an adnate and an abrupt serif? Need a definition? Hit up any of these excellent typography glossaries: ParaType, FontShop, Design Pepper,
  • Typetester - For web designers, compare what works on the screen and grab the CSS for it.
  • WhatTheFont - MyFonts has this fantastic font identifier up. Upload an image and WTF will do what it can to identify the font in it.
  • Typedia - Like wikipedia, but for type.
  • myFontbook - An online font viewer that allows you to track and tag all the fonts available on your computer.
© 2010 - 2021 fiveless
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This fantastic news article has been included in Typographysical Appearance, a news article submitted on behalf of #Digiversity. If you have time, stop by, it's a very diverse compilation and I'm sure you'd find something to suit your taste. :aww:
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bookmarked and loved. great collection of usefulnessss...:la::la::la::la::la:
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I'm going to go download so many fonts now.
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Huge work, thank you for sharing all this, wish I will have enough time to see everything !
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I'd suggest Wordboner. :iconjeffrey: I'd suggest him again. Peter is an exceptional typography artist. Lots of love for the article. :love:
fiveless's avatar
You're welcome! I hope you found it useful! ((:
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awesome, thanks for taking the time :clap:
fiveless's avatar
Yup yup, it took a while but I'm glad it's finally up! :D:D
pica-ae's avatar
well, its massive so thats understandable :nod:
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Thanx 4 ur efforts. .:hug:
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Incredibly helpful article, thanks heaps!
fiveless's avatar
No problem, glad you liked it!
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With out a doubt, amazing. 'nough said.
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hellhoundp2k's avatar
Holy mother of pearl :noes: This is an excellent, well-put together and thorough resource report, *fiveless. I applaud your effort :clap: I've featured the report at The Typographer's Society - I hope everyone is able to use all of these resources in some way. :la:

THANK YOU so much for putting all of this together! :huggle:
fiveless's avatar
No problem man, and thanks for the feature, and I'm glad you found this useful! :D
sikahster's avatar
Cant say anything but WOW!!!
fiveless's avatar
Heh, thanks, glad you liked it!
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