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Kaa meets Ariel

By FitzOblong
A lot of people asked me to to make another picture with Kaa.
Here it is.

Originally I wanted to do this one a little bit later but I got stuck with the other picture I started.

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I always love crossovers with Kaa and Ariel :heart:
AnthonyC12's avatar
I gotta wonder how Kaa is able to survive so deep in the ocean... It makes you wonder if he's a Sea Python!
hypnotica2002's avatar
Well, snakes live in the water often. But, yeah, he'd likely be a sea python.
FitzOblong's avatar
In my fantasy he can survive anywhere. ;-)
AnthonyC12's avatar
Haha. Sea Snakes can survive in the open water, but since Kaa is a Python, he should be a Sea Python. There, Problem solved. 
hypnotica2000's avatar
Can you do more pictures like that, please?
FitzOblong's avatar
In the moment there are no Kaa pictures planned.
Phenometron's avatar
Kaa leaves his mark on anybody. x3
Kenliano's avatar
Hehe, cool pic!

The annoying smart-aleck/troll part of me wants to ask: Kaa breathes under water?!

Nonetheless, it's a brilliant concept, and is quite funny. :)
FitzOblong's avatar

Of course snakes can live under water. ;-)
Kenliano's avatar
Hehe; not snakes like Kaa, though. Haha!
ravencarrygpage's avatar
that get aaaa+++++++++
FitzOblong's avatar
Thank you so much. :hug:
unicorn-skydancer08's avatar
I can't look at this without cracking a smile! :XD:
unicorn-skydancer08's avatar
Very ingenious idea. I can't think of anyone else who would pair Kaa up with Ariel.

"Look at me in the eye while I'm speaking to you, young lady! Both eyes, if you please!"
skyeeox's avatar
FitzOblong's avatar
Thank you very much. :-)
FitzOblong's avatar
That means: I wrote your comment and it made me smile.
tscastro1989's avatar
Ariel: How the heck can you breath underwater?

Kaa: I'm also part Sea Snake. Now let me look at those ocean blue eyes.
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