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Myself and Four Pieces: Ep. 6
                                                       Ep. 6:  Saving isn't a playing
Jasonyx is mediting by 6097th time, without disturbing and without company. The slowly and deeply breathing, and his levitation behind of the heavy aura and gravitation, are just an mere soft skills compared of the true powers. And even doing simple movements, all of those are enough to himself being overpowered araut, what scares half of the Mature Darkness, as soon he has equal power level with two another Arauts and still six subleaders in the related classes. He could has proud by passing 19 years of evolution and focus. But. . . . . . . . . He's envious. The only emotion he has is Envy. He envies by other people having most advantages and teamwork, with wins by the weird and sick thing called Friendship always works. The Humanity, sometimes, has compassi
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Myself and Four Pieces: Episode 5 ( true episode )
                                         Ep. 5: Just Imagine. . . . .
Medic: Broken left rib bones, hematomas in her chest, arms and legs almost broken, little damage in frontal left and with probalitity to not ever walk anymore. . . . . . . . .But don't worry, we're profesionals and the own imagination is unlimited! * smiling *
Me: * no voice *
Medic: No, it's serioulsy!! You're lucky to meet our army, and they're saying about your performance on last events!
Me: * still no voice *
Medic: Same with your lil partner. She's braverous and proven she's capable to fight fair! Well, not ever, but always!
Me: * closing fists *
Medic: Anyway, the recuperation time is approximed-
Me: You don't have idea what we passed, stupid medic!!
Medic:. . . . . .
Me: She lost his friend, witnessed the old man's assassination and yet was very damaged by the brother who acts as responsable, but knew it s
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Lineart #3: 25 Years of Legacy (W.I.P. with ideas) by Fistron Lineart #3: 25 Years of Legacy (W.I.P. with ideas) :iconfistron:Fistron 14 5
Mature content
Myself and Four Pieces: Episode 5 :iconfistron:Fistron 3 0
Running in The Hollow ( My First XnaLara Work ) by Fistron Running in The Hollow ( My First XnaLara Work ) :iconfistron:Fistron 19 2 Smasharacters #3: Faith and Heroism by Fistron Smasharacters #3: Faith and Heroism :iconfistron:Fistron 21 45
Myself and Four Pieces: Episode 4
                                                  Ep. 4: Each Sector, Each Encounter
The Pikachu's Train is basically the train made with design of Pikachu. Or at least, as a deviant made just to express good feelings.  In this train, many and many people, since adults and kids, friends and unknown people, fighters and non-fighters, princesses and princes, warriors and pacifists, and still few dads and moms who accompanies the children's growing, are inside of the each vague, amusing or training their new powers, as it goes to the mysterious place, where all of them will be safe and later will test each ability, just to find equilibrium between Reality and Imagination. This train is going to the Imaginative Legion, the unique place connected with the multiverse between all realities, since the own Imagination can expand and create new places. Oh, and this tr
:iconfistron:Fistron 8 5
1 Day To Go  (Article 13 Reupload) by Fistron 1 Day To Go (Article 13 Reupload) :iconfistron:Fistron 11 0 MaFP: Pikachu's Train, Freedom Sector. by Fistron MaFP: Pikachu's Train, Freedom Sector. :iconfistron:Fistron 37 40
Myself and Four Pieces: Ep. 3 (Part 2)
Me: Shhh!!!! They'll hear you!!! * hiding Alfred in my bag *
Alfred: Why, Fistroinc!?!? Why yoinc hineat too?!
Me: It's not you're thinking, Alfred!!! It's just a human nature!!!
Alfred: Yoinc arenc boinc honitus!!!
Me: I said Shhh!!!! * running to the guetho * All right, i eat too!! What's problem?!
Alfred: Yoinc killinc thenc!!!
Me: It was before i met you and your nation!!! I mean, you're green!!!
Alfred:. . . . . . . .Whianc?
Me: How we humans will eat the green Pigs? They'll doubt your presence, including you're breaking 4th wall!!
Alfred: I doinc get.
Me: You're fictional character! You shouldn't stay here, just to kids runs chasing you!!!
Alfred:. . . . . . .I'm roinz oine!
Me: Because you broke the game limitations!! It doesn't meaning you will walk normally in the Earth!!
Alfred: Thienc doinc meanc yoinc hieat Pigous tooinc!!!
Me: Dammit, Alfred, i'm human too!!! I have rights to eat anything!!! Except fruits, i hate their!!!
:iconfistron:Fistron 7 6
Mature content
Myself and Four Pieces: Ep. 3 (Part 1) :iconfistron:Fistron 5 0
New Original Character: Lifebar (Glass Contest) by Fistron New Original Character: Lifebar (Glass Contest) :iconfistron:Fistron 22 16 Myself as Autistic Ranger!!!! (It's Builder Time!) by Fistron Myself as Autistic Ranger!!!! (It's Builder Time!) :iconfistron:Fistron 21 20
Myself and Four Pieces: Ep. 2
                                                     Ep. 2: The Willpower of Hunger
Explosion. It was first thing we saw. The Piggy Island is suffering the brutal outrage without warning. I couldn't imagine that the own kidly video game world had a true dark side of Birds, bringing destruction and killing against the Pigs, all because of eggs. But why? Why they're killing without mercy? Or worse, why are using the poor Pigs just to taunt me?! I hadn't time to think, as we listened another explosion. The Royal Guard warned that we must to separate and does the following mission: One protect the King. The other must to find the survivors and bringing until the castle. We agreed and we separated by two small groups. And when we arrived, . . . . . "Dear Lord!", the big city is taking biggest fire around of it.
We started to search by survivors and we separa
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The Versus Is Just A Verse. by Fistron The Versus Is Just A Verse. :iconfistron:Fistron 38 58
Myself and Four Pieces: Episode 1
                                                     Ep. 1: New Arrival, New Friend
On 08:10am in the somewhere of the Finland, i've walking alone, after i helped three mysterious brothers with insane skills: The beard guy, who's leader of the trio, user of two silver pistols and has mark on his left eyes, long brown cape and two medieval bracelets to each arm. The B, the modern mage who uses papers as weapons, in which him and beard guy has their own versions of Makankosappo. And still a young brother where it's the true a angel with powers of creating portals from claiming his god. But i think that he could be fallen angel, since he was using all black suit. That reminds me from watching the ridiculous teen book based movie called "Fallen". The worst is that i liked of concept, but i never seen his sequence. Heh, another Twilight rip-off failing miser
:iconfistron:Fistron 7 0


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                                                       Ep. 6:  Saving isn't a playing

Jasonyx is mediting by 6097th time, without disturbing and without company. The slowly and deeply breathing, and his levitation behind of the heavy aura and gravitation, are just an mere soft skills compared of the true powers. And even doing simple movements, all of those are enough to himself being overpowered araut, what scares half of the Mature Darkness, as soon he has equal power level with two another Arauts and still six subleaders in the related classes. He could has proud by passing 19 years of evolution and focus. But. . . . . . . . . He's envious. The only emotion he has is Envy. He envies by other people having most advantages and teamwork, with wins by the weird and sick thing called Friendship always works. The Humanity, sometimes, has compassion by herself and helps the uncourageous people to exceed the barriers of preconception and fear, and reach the dreams turning into real. When it happens, Jasonyx finds the special person and easily kills behind of another person, like children or parent. Later, he manipules her mind and leaves herself being feed by Anger and Hate, only thinking about killing the demon, what in the truth she's the own demon and kill both the people who loves and herself. As soon, he leaves to be Envious. If has something most logic about his feelings and actions, it's because that is a exactly idea. The dark Gem analyses with floating and racionality each living being, entity, robot and even so himself, with behaviors, weaknesses, fears and distractions. Later, he plans the hour, the location, the weather, the transportation and the duration, for later plans the tactial covered attack, being does by own count or taking help, in which he ignores almost everytime. When he's on the action, his mind must to be clear and focused, for initialize the action, and finishes it by apporximes 15 minutes, if he wouldn't to be disturbed by own colleagues or the biggest threats. The own Jasonyx can fight against the big bosses, staying in the equal idealisms or not, but prefers acting as furtive soldier and doesn't attencipates the destruction of the Earth because of the mysterious profecy that only himself knows. At least, for now. I know you're thinking. I'm making reference of Jiren from Dragon Ball Super. Because of the similar behaviors and deadly looking to easily destroy the weak enemies with the simple view and says: "Yo Mama So Fat." Hehe, just kidding, but between Jiren and Jasonyx, the white alien wins by the 8 minutes. At least, if the two doesn't charge to the full power. The initial sparking of the connection telephone was enough to disturb him. Jasonyx could to destroy the object, but since it's something important thing, he attends:

Jasonyx:. . . . . . . . I know who are you.
Silva: Then why you received my call?
Jasonyx: Because you're unusual.
Silva: Oh, c'mon!!! Stop taking your "Envy" to personal!!! I'm working as you sent me!!!!
Jasonyx: Tell me your own relatory.
Silva: Well, after our one more glorious conversation about our glory and disappointnment because of our least missions, i got to go visiting the Finland and trying to find the dead body of the Cassandrus.
Jasonyx: He was burned until becoming ashes.
Silva: I know, i know!!! I'm just worrying as if the humans knows about the demonic existence. I mean, i'm worrying with their apprehension, not with actions, because they're most unusual and most hidden puppies.
Jasonyx: That's not taking our conversation to the nowhere place. Why we need to worry with the lack of time and forget to focus with our job?
Silva: Exactly. Job. In which requisition? Sitting in the throne doing absolutely nothing and- * he feels headache * Ow!!!! Okay, Okay, i'll talk seriously!!!! The Sniper. . . . . he did again!
Jasonyx: Define the event.
Silva: He found the called "Master of The Four Pieces" before, and almost caught him and his group, killing only the old man. He had 68 years when by case recognized the chosen one thougth of the news and tried to help him. But the Sniper silenced his voice and left them to escape because of the cold mist, following only his own conceptions. When noticed the local police approximing, he used the disguised costume with the Navy symbol and convinced the policeman to "collaborate" the unexpected assassination and used the robbed car to escape from the Helsinki city and going in direction to the Madri. We never knew about his parade after his job. I only arrived 6 six hours later.
Jasonyx: FT-370. You used the middle jet plane.
Silva: How did you knew?
Jasonyx: Your frosted breathing and teeth beats indicates that you're 26 Km from the Helsinki since 14:06pm. And you only caught all informations thougth the robots with own actifial intelligent, being destroied by the unknown airship who sacrificed itself to save the Master.
Silva: * doubting * Oh, c'mon. You're bluffing!!!
Jasonyx: I ain't reading your mind. But i prevented your action.
Silva: What?!
Jasonyx: Exactly. One weak ago, me and my pupil prevented the event not only with you, but yes with the failed mission of the arctifial intelligent to catch the mysterious girl because of broken split between Fiction and Reality, and how they faced in the aerial battle. In this moment, you got to go to the recognition mission, but stopped to drink the coffee by two hours and taunted three servants, including the fairy one because of you two destroied our vigilance base on the Sibery and caused four heavy harmed soldiers. You had one hour and 27 minutes of the stupidly dialogue and left the place on the Telerport Area, but arrived in the wrong destination, on Mexico.
Silva: * looking aside * As i said, you're bluffing.
Jasonyx: When you arrived, you used the Stand to kill twelve workers in the airport and robbed the air plane. However, since you drive bad and doesn't read the coordinates with great risk to fall down, you flied on the Atlantic Ocean by one more hour and had luck to land with near limit from lack of gas. You arrived exactly on 13:08pm, when a figure notices your presence and left in the tornado.
Silva: Excuse me, are we talking about the Sniper or when I simply had my recognition mission to accomplish?!
Jasonyx: . . . . . . . . . . . .
Silva: You don't have a answer.
Jasonyx: I don't have time to lose. And you might to be careful, because you almost was caught three times in your travel. Well, two first.
Silva: And i never heard about your pupil. You have one?
Jasonyx: When i referre to my pupil, i referre planning and predictions about our consequencies before, during and after our missions. What Gilbertch doesn't utilize with clarify.
Silva: And do you have a crystal ball?! I know the witchcraft could be usual, but-
Jasonyx: We don't have. He just calculed. Exactly when will happen.
Silva: Oh. So makes sense. Soon you could be proud about it.
Jasonyx: I never express anymore feelings. If will make you happy, i'll pretend to indeed.
Silva: Good, because i'm only one proud, and i'll die being the last one!!!
Jasonyx: Okay, if had a simple rela-
Silva: * noticing * Wait, wait!!! I found something!!! * running faster * It's a body! And it's using jeans look with tattoo.
Jasonyx: Mention.
Silva: * checking * Well, i think he's dead. . . . . . . . . No, he's on coma. My Stand felt it.
Jasonyx: Hmm. Interesting by your part. Mine not.
Silva: No, wait! I think. . . . . i think it's the paper on his pocket. * catching it and opening * It's a drawing. . . . . . from the woman with white wearing.
Jasonyx:. . . . . . . . . . .
Silva: And his tattoo is written as "I'm servant of the God."
Jasonyx:. . . . . . . . . . .
Silva: Maybe he's christian, and problady he praised by his God, but didn't to keep up behind of the cold. What's his idea BTW?
Jasonyx:. . . . . . . . Go back now.
Silva: What??? I did to arrive from here, and i feel so hungry!!
Jasonyx: I said come back now.  He's not you're thinking. And was expelled by purpose.
Silva: By purpose??? What do you mean???
Jasonyx: You know what? Catch this man. As when he wakes up, we'll search the answers thougth of his mind.
Silva: Okay. . . . . . . . . . . Now i don't know you're bluffing or not.
Jasonyx: I don't care, the own calculation taken you to find him. It's the key about the prophecy.
Silva: Prophecy?
Jasonyx: . . . . . . . . Nothing, Silva. Just follow the coordinates. Good jo- I mean, keep up.
Silva: * astounded * Hey, you are giving tha-
Jasonyx: * turning off the call *. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Soon, the time has comes. Not because of the war. But with destiny. I think the two sides. . . . . . . . No, i'm talking so much. I prefer waiting as furtive soldier. * going back to meditate * Now, i'll concentrate my mind once again. And i must to not feel my weak emotions. Unless the Envy, my only emotion. The our serious job begun, and we must to unite our forces and collaborate with our actions, and not our problems. . . . . . . . . That includes you, Gilbertch. . . . . . . . Let's see who's on torment right now. . . . . . . * closing eyes *

Gilbertch is awake in mddle of the dark night, or in the deeply ocean as we know what's the name. He's thinking about his next actions, since find another Arauts until one day lead all army of the Mature Darkness. The dignity and honour for his stepfather are always clear and pure, but his nerval feelings and anxiety calls him to the imprudent actions and the controless because of the affection. He just wishes by his own family must to live in the peaceful life, even if will clear the planet with blood. But the most important, is that even being ladiesman, he's loyal and kind. The touch on his shoulder and chest reveals why:

Maiden: Oh, Gilbertch-Sama. Stressful again?
Gilbertch: Yeah. . . . . . . Sorry by disturb you.
Maiden: * comforting him * No, no, it's okay. You can express your feelings.
Gilbertch: Not like that. My powers. . . . . . My behavior. . . . . . .
Maiden: You're human like me. . . . . . . . Sometmes we commite mistakes.
Gilbertch: * looking her *
Maiden: But we can forgive by our errors. We can live as free people using only the love.
Gilbertch: I know. . . . . . .* touching and caring her face * I'm just afraid.
Maiden: For you die?
Gilbertch: For never have family. Just that.
Maiden:. . . . . . . * closing his fists * Gilbertch-Sama. I know i am one more girl as your choice, and i'll carry in my back. But remember, . . . . . . I'll stay with you forever. And i promise i'll be most stronger in your side. Not matter how, i'll stay with you. * hugging him * I'll always stay with you.
Gilbertch:. . . . . . . . * smiling * Thanks, my love. * kissing in her hands * At least you care with fluiding.
Maiden: I'm always in service, Gilbertch-Sama. I kept my loyalty before- * kissed in his lips * Ow. . . . . . .
Gilbertch: . . . . . . . Keep your loyalty with your Master. I'll keep your grandeur.
Maiden: Yes. . . . . . . . . My Master. . . . . . . I love you.
Gilbertch:. . . . . . . Me too. * kissing her *
Maiden: * laying in his chest *
Gilbertch: * taking care of her * * thinking * Please, stay with me forever. . . . . . . . . . . Mirah.
Mirah: * smiling *

The Mature Darkness is ready to the action. But and about with us as good one? Dreaming in the Imagination is not bad. Right?

* South Area, Imaginative Legion Fortress, 08:30am *

Captain: * aham *. . . . . . . . . ATTENTIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!!!! TIME TO WAKE UP!!!! WAKE UP NOW!!!! * seeing some recuits coming * C'mon, youngers and whatever what you are. Keep in formation, Keep in formation!!! Stay in the line!!! Fast, fast, fast!!! * checking in his list * Wait. . . . . . . . .where's the 4802?!?!
Hali: * pushing me * C'mon, Fistron!!! We're late, and we must to train right now!!!!
Me: * turning around asleep * Aw, sister. Just more 15 minutes.
Hali: I'm not your sister!!! We aren't in the Finland anymore!!! * taking my blanket * Wake up, now!!!!
Me: * hiding my face * Guys, we are in the vacation. Go back to sleep.
Hali: Fistron, the Captain will appear and discount your point!!! And you don't have points yet, soon let's move out and start to train!!!
Me: * murmuring *
Hali: Are you kidding me?!?!
Alfred: * seeing the Captain * Oh-oh!
Hali: * glup *
Captain: * seeing me * . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . * breathing the whistle *
Me: * taking scare * Geez, i'm awake!!! I ain't accostumed with early waking!!!. . . . . . . Oh, it's that you. Listen, i had my longent journey in all my life, and i'm graceful by did to reach my objective. But my own body needs by resting up, since i have my harms around of my skin. I'll wake up in the 12:00pm and and eat the Snow Flakes cereal.
Captain: * grabbing my shirt * Listen YOU, privilieged young man!!! I don't give damn with your multiple weakness and your freaking forced luck!!! Just because we are in the Wonderland, doesn't mean that you'll abuse by our acomodation!!! From now until your problady death, you'll train everytime and will suffer both the atrocities and consequencies!!!! Not matter how to deal about your weakness, you must to learn all of them, keep in your mind, and never, absolutely NEVER, will cry and going back to the mama's arms!!!! Our situation is the literal Life or Death, our children are in the serious mission to defend our planet!!! It's horrible by part of the overprotected parents, but we don't have more options to randomly choice the people, or the known brazilian Youtube channel will criticize our ideal plans ironizing the Real Life problems involving the Society!!!! Then get up right now, and start to train from today until the final day before to face our principal enemy!!!! It isn't a vacation colony!!!! It isn't yours palace!!!! It's your own nightmare!!!!! IT'S. . . . . A F*CKING. . . . . . .ARMY OF THE TRUE STRONGER WARRIORS!!!!!
Me:. . . . . . . . . . . . You know that we are doing reference with Daffy Duck, right?
Captain:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I'll give 50 dollars if you'll job right now.
Me: Deal!!! * getting up faster * C'mon, guys!!! Our adventure has begun!!!! * running *
Hali: * Ashmed *. . . . . . . . . . Are you serious?!
Captain: I always to do in the first days since 1968.
Hali: Eh?!?! But you're younger!!
Captain: That's my problem. Resolve with yours. * leaving *
Alfred: * talking to Hali * Itshu nurmar for olla offi usa. Moi Kincdom dose sima.
Hali: * sigh * Fine.

After we eaten the breakfast, we started to meditate and stretches, and we formed varied groups for each one, the recruits, will test themselves in the practical and mind proofs, since will be selected to be stay in one of four Squads. Mikidrancius is so hyped and confident by finally meet his decent and stronger soldiers, just to taunt Livian that by cause she didn't to arrive to see the test. Bakuren is using his Zodiac Wand to predict and make the rightly choices the noble and valorous lives, since will analyse each horoscope of the canditates and read their hearts to find his new group. Sazien, by other size, is reading the Raven's spells and legends and she doesn't care with the results. She just stays to choice random people, not matter how. The first test is the obstacule race, alike Death Race from Gmod.

Judge: All right, first canditate: KarmaRoller69.
Karma: . . . . . . . . .
Lizard: Ha! He is first and will fail up!!!
Karma: * looking him *
Lizard: Hmm?
Karma: * positioning *
Judge: Ready! Aim! Go!
Karma: * start to run *
Me: I think he will pass.
Lizard: Do you think so? The own name even said everything.
Karma: * Rapidly climbing up and grabbing the rope *
Lizard: Hmm. Beginner's luck.
Karma: * dogding the balls and jumping in the others *
Lizard: Still luck.
Karma: * waiting by the platarform and reaches in right time, croughing under stick barrier and slide in the barriers course *
Lizard:. . . . . . Oh, dear.
Karma: * surfing in the green liquid with board and hits the target with the mallet, arriving in the final phase with the flame brigde and smahes the button *
Judge: 33 seconds!!! Nice course, Karma!!!
Everybody: * applauses and whistles *
Lizard: Hey, that's unfair!!!!
Judge: No, recruit. He did to right in the faster course. With caution.
Kkarma: * leaving *
Lizard: I can do better than him!!! And i don't care if it's easy or hard!!!
Judge: Oh, you're right! * snaping finger, the course changes the inverse * Now it's the equal to everyone!
Lizard: * astounded *
Me: * no reaction *
Judge: C'mon my young. You're the next.
Lizard: * glup * Fi- Fine. * coming closer *
Judge: Oh, and what's your name?
Lizard: For now, i don't need by my name. I am just here to prove myself.
Judge: That's the spirit!!! Okay, Ready, Aim, Go!!!
Lizard: Lerooooooooooooooy . . . . . .  JeAAAAAAAAHHHH * slides himself and falls in the fire *
Everybody: * shocked *
Judge: Oh, it's nothing, just a hologram. * snaps fingers and the course dissapears * Let's change some stuffs. . . . . .
Me: I hope he's okay.
Female anthro knight: What's that? * ironizing * Oh yeah. The own name said everything.
Lizard: F*ck you!!!
Judge: Languague!!! Next: Vabessa The Human Alicorn.
Vabessa: * anxious *
Judge: Relax, you will not die, that's the hologram.
Vabessa: I am afraid!!! I have anxiety to run in the course.
Hayato's cosplayer: Ow, it's okay, lil girl. * hugging her * You don't need to face your fear.
Vabessa: * sniff * Okay. . . . . . . * sniff * I ain't feeling good to act.
Everybody: Aaaaawww.
Judge: Yeah, whatever. That will discount your reputation. Disqualified.
Vabessa: * sad face *
Judge: Next: Fistron.
Me: Oh, it's me!!! * rapidly positioning *
Judge: You're confident, dude.
Me: No, i am being active.  Then i am ready to my own course to exceed.
Judge: Oh, okay. I'll make for your preference. * the place changes to the sky course * What do you think?
Me: It's for not looking above here. * inhaling and breathing * Will be good stuff.
Judge: Mmm. Ready, Aim, Go!!!
Me: * starting to run *
Vabessa: * looking me *
Me: * jumping in the floating cubes and passing, with difficult, in the tall stick *
Lizard: Hmm. Now he's taunting me.
Me: * slowly climbing in the wall and shooting in the targets to open the gates *
Lizard: Wait, i remember this format technique.
Me: * reached another floating cube, but almost lost equilibrium *
Vabessa: * despaired face *
Me: * recovered the equilibrium and continue to run, passing by tiny space in middle of the poisoned spikes and jumping in the longest height, until reach the finish line and push the button * I did!!!
Vabessa: Yaaaaay!!! He did!!!
Lizard: Seriously?! Crowding by others, but not proving yourself!!!
Vabessa: * sad face again *
Judge: 1 minute and 17 seconds. And it was small course.
Me: * sigh * At least. . . . * sigh * I passed the test.
Judge: Not yet, dude. Next!!!!

And soon, we had 15 minutes of the random obstacule race, with most losses than wins, what dissapointed the judge and the leaders. Sazien ignored them.

(The story continues.)
Myself and Four Pieces: Ep. 6
In the newest episode, while Jasonyx is preparing to the beginning of the prophecy, me and my friends are starting to train our skills and proving what we are.

In this episode, i included :iconvabessa2006: as one of the recruits, but she's shy and with fear. I hope she will not anger me because of it.:|

For now, it's another good episode, and i'll edit this as possible. Tomorrow i'll draw the special drawing involing the birthdays. I hope you'll like and i see you later!!;)

:iconvabessa2006: is herself

Myself and Four Pieces is the parody series made by me-> :iconfistron:

                  F*cking Fantastic!!!!!!!!!

Just that, no more.:nod:


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Basically a dreamer young adult in the journey until good legacy. Despite of my limits, i'll change the world yet. Yes, I'm Asperger and i live different and that's good. Be respectful with me and i'll respect all of you. Together, we can work as team. It's time to switch my life's page and start my new adventure. But continuing to be Myself.:)


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TheSingleCopy Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey I just returned after a 3 year hiatus, thank you for all of the faithful birthday wishes! They made me really happy to see. 
Fistron Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome, and you can visit my gallery.;)
bluewingfairy Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Good morning friend!!!!!!!.
Fistron Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, buddy. How are you?
bluewingfairy Featured By Owner 2 days ago
I am good, thanksHug, how are you?.  
Chinatsu-Iwakura Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Thank you so so much for the favorite! Hiro hug. 
Fistron Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
CaptainEdwardTeague Featured By Owner May 14, 2019   General Artist
Deadpool - Watching you Thanks for favoriting my work. I hope you're having a great day Deadpool - Watching you

Kay self portrait by CaptainEdwardTeague                

:D (Big Grin) STAY AWESOME :D (Big Grin)
Fistron Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks. Same to you.;) 
jongoji245 Featured By Owner May 11, 2019  Hobbyist Filmographer
Thanks for Watching Me!
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