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Living as The Hedgehog Couple : True Love
Warning: This story is rated by 14 years, cause of bad slang. And maybe only SonicXAmy fans will love. You was warned!
With Halloween night approaching, the most "radical" and passionate couple of classic fandom will have fun and it could be unforgettable.
Sonic does best what he knows how to do: wear a fantasy of his favorite food from his teenager's life (actually 27 years), the chili dog, best known as the best hot dog of Mobius. Looking at the mirror next to the television in the living room, he breathes feeling like living food, being able to devour himself, something that is harmful and strange. Behold, his wife Amy Rose (24 years) appears looking at him, and he himself has not yet seen her fantasy.
Amy : Really, Sonic? ! Chili Dog again! ? ! ? ! ? ! You know i think it's disgusting! ! !
Sonic : What's problem, Amy? It's my f- * he interrupted his speech, 'cause was surprised *
She wears the big blue dress, with the band on her chest and low making  circle. The buckles and b
:iconfistron:Fistron 21 252
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Smasharacters #1: Eyes of Beginning
Zenkura: Hello, boys and girls. Students and teachers. Heroes and Villains. Fighters and Warriors. We started on December 7th our new chapter of long way of learning and mastering between old and new participants. You, as a new generation, will represent to all people in your crowd, independent who you are. We grew behind a unexpected and brave moments by almost 20 years of tournament existence, since the creation of our reality until the new nemesis' appearing who's greatest powerful that not even the experient fighter can face. Don't be worried, because you'll exceed your limits, form allies and will defeat each obstacule to feel the inside force and scream like a lion in your throne. Use your powers with caution and intelligence and defeat your enemies, since the soldier until the big boss. He could the Light, but we are the True Light. We'll show to him that we are the feral army together and with teamwork, nobody is on up than us. As the Director of Super Smash Academy, i declare good luck for everyone!!!! Or how the narrator says: Settle In The Smash!!!!!!!

Me: Well, as Mr. Zenkura says, we born ready to action. As you see( belivie me, it was tired job i had.:iconsadnessplz: ), there're 43 fighters , between fans and original characters. I know you're thinking: " Are they know about that? " I said: "No, dude. It's a autistic amazingly nonsense freaking awesome surprisily random selection i made because i chosen who're adapted to their challenges!!!" Yep, i don't know they'll like or not, but the most important is that i'm proud by making the most hardest drawing so far, BECAUSE I HAD ALMOST FOUR DAYS TO COMPLETE!!!!!:icontiredplz: And i hope they'll understand. Oh yeah, 19 from those has yellow eyes, because they're going to make Final Smash Attaccks. Enough of talking, let's see:

1. The furry geek hero called CyberWolfJV, created by :icontheguy07:, who's owner of Uni-Fighters.
2.The female bomber who transforms into the literal magic Sailor, known as :iconsailorbomber:
3.The lil girl who's user of Blue Fire, Dede, friend and ally of :iconjack-hedgehog:
4. The child figure with his color representing compassion and justice, Cobit or :iconpxlcobit:
5. The kid who's not afraid of everything , going against your age limits, Draco from :iconstarwarriorrobby:
6. One of most cuties but polemic Waifus because of Genderbend and she's the sister of Blue Bomber, Rocko from :iconsulfer-kokegitsune:
7. Another TG character, as an knight princess who dances with any pair, Emily from :iconemlc3690:
8. The Mii girl who transforms into frog, Hoby or :iconhobygrenousse:
9. The high tech mercenary and one of founders of Deviant-Universe, Agent 42, OC created by :iconmja42x:
10. The powerful super hero who apppears after The Devil'Defeat, Espresso-Chan, the female OC by :iconsitinuramjah: (Relax, i remembered to draw her without copy.;) )
11. The Younger School Boy, Recario from :iconhetra77:
12. The leader of his team with four characters from CartoonNetwork and Toonami, Isberto from :iconian2x4:
13. The own member of Smash Army, the own :icontomodachismash:
14,15 and 16. The Stickman Cartoon Trio formed by Jake and Chris from :iconfinnjr63: and Mark from :iconjjsponge120:
18. My great friend who divides between fun and responsibility and she's the own incarnation of Edge of Good and Evil, Meli or :iconsonic1612:
19,20,21 and 22. The Quad Team who're known as Stick Dudes, a parody of Dick Figures, Dante, Ted, Sandulf and Mason, all prorpety by :iconmegad3:
23. The Orange Stickman as classic form with his name as :iconfaisaladen:
24. The malaysian dude who loves racing and games but not horror movies , the own :icondharmin1234:
25. The rare villain in his journey by domain where he's mentioned by Smash history, since he's Master Fighter, the OC by :iconbfulmore:
26 and 27. To be honest, i was confused, because :icontukoo-tukoo: and :iconoliverteenager13: has same head design. I don't knew what i could to do, then i made a divided fursona to clear my mind. I think they'll questionable about it.
27 and 28. The rare powerful Stickman called :iconryutaroosanai: and the young hiperactive girl D-Angel, OC by :iconexcahm:. The two are fans of Mugen.
29. The White Stickman who loves fighting, adventures and friends , the own :icontaylorstoonadventure:
30 and 31. On the center, i'm here as two in one characters: the human and the red figure, or called as The Living Error.
32. The Multiverse Guardian Stickman :iconsupermariofan65:
33. Another inspired Smash OC who's my crazy friend, :iconkenneth-setser:
34. The shy and cute Sonic's Brother, Monty or :iconmontyth:
35. My partner of RPs and great friend, as Cursed God, Zachery, the :iconevilgirl26:
36. My another great friend, who's main character of Toys Kingdom and Ultra Beasts Hunter, the own :icondeviantbuu427:
37. The Neko Girl who's girlfriend of one of many scary toys of Five Minutes on Freddy's, :iconkova360:
38. The King of The Demon Beasts, the mightest Asylus from :iconasylusgoji91:, the same creator of iconic Super Mario Bros: Heroes of The Stars.
39. The weak Stickman who hates fighting as main character of Stickman Can't Fight from :iconguitan11:
40: One of many Shy Gals, :icontangerinewhite: ( She's freaking cute)
41. The silent knight who's dreamer, drawer and great fighter, the own :icongildedguy:
42. The coolest Waifus Lover who's my compatriot, :iconyagoshi:
43. And the end, the most rarest pretty thicc lady and the young mother of Artificial Human, Danny from :iconcoolmario832: ( I think Yagoshi will love her )

See , guys!? The absolute crossover i made and i hope i'll be graceful. I could put too the furry waifu Tiger Lili from :iconkyo-saeba:, The Guardian of Reality, the own :iconxero-j: Any character from :iconyojama: Tabaata from :iconninpeachlover:, Dieanna from :iconrotommowtom:, between others, but i didn't. Then i put them as honorable mentions.

Thanks again by support me and i hope i will evolve my skills later. By the way, let's go to our adventure inside of Smash Universe. Are you ready!?!? Soon let's go!!!!!!!!:iconrunplz:

All characters and mentions are from respective owners, but the art is from me->:iconfistron:
I had a crazy literal dream. Where i was true hero.

Our planet Earth was threated to be destroied by alien planet. It was very small, but the sufficient to annihilate 1/3 of our planet. By some reason, my mom and me was two of chosen astronauts to save the Earth in the dangerous mission. We've going to plane place, without crowd and with the prepared rocket on side of abandoned building. We prayed together and started to save the Earth. It was these moment that i asleep because of pression of air.

When i awaken, we saw the most beautiful place of all time: the space. We could take photo of it, but the our priority was destroy the big threat!! When we landed, we saw the most vaste alive vegetation. To be honest, much better than our planet. If was, why might destroy it?! What wrong we did!?!? Nobody had the answer. The only way was explore and explode the place. Heh, two words explo+e with different letters.

The time was running and all guys putted the small, but overpowered bombs. These bombs had capacity to destroy not only the alien planet, but the our planet too!!!!! How it's possible they created the monstuous thing!?!?!?!? Again, nobody said!! It was these moment that, by some reason, the Tyrannossaurus Rex made a jumpscare, putting us to run. I think some astronauts was died beng eaten , but the others(including my mom and me) not. There it mixed a lot of things, including a desperate sleigh run. I said i had a crazy dream!!!!

But the principal stuff it was myself seeing the child floating in the space. Alone, without helmet, but still breathing!!!! The only way was catch those child and return to planet. However, it didn't work, because i was floating too!!!! And too worse, all planet was exploded by complete, causing the push of two us(me and child) and we'll going to die landing in the Earth!!!!! All rest of astronauts leaved before, but no one saw me and thought i died. But i'm not, i'll literally die in the brutal land!!!! Then i saw the child crying in my arms. She didn't say nothing, but it's looks like she belivie me, because i'm only salvation between life and death!!! Soon, in the unlimited speed, i extended my arm and prayed like that: "God, please don't let us die!!! But if i'll die, leave my life in your hands!!!! But the most important is save these child in my arms!!!! Take care of child!!!" (Just to remember, she's girl). Soon i closed my eyes and the only thing i felt was my right arm gaining magical power, forming the design of her in the ground. And we landed. Brutally. . . . . . . . 

I could diue, but i survived. Damaged, but survivor! I was confused in the almost empty room of hospital, but my last memories was i looked to the child. She's fine. Entire fine. God saved her, but how about me!?!? The only words i said was "Just take care of child!! Just care of child!!!!" Some people helped us, but we separated. And was the once time i saw her. My mom was very happy by myself miraculous survived, but i needed to rest, because they'll study me how i escaped from the inevitable death. Some months later, i got the high and i can going to home, but i had to accomplishour another space mission. This time, to explore the moon. Again , we wanted to going to same place and we tested our last preparations to leave the Earth. My mom even take the photo camera to register the moon. However, i felt the suspucious figure in the dark place and when i noticed, appeared the giant cat anthro!!!!!!! He not attacked, just taunted us and being fun. Going back to the mission, the another girl was asking by somebody buying the keys by ten dollars. I given only two dollars, but i convinced her saying that if we not return, let my money stay with you as remembering. However, by the last hour, i wasn't available because of my some broken bones. But how's possible if i am entire!?!?!? They prefers abandom me, leaving my mom too and going to the moon.

I was feeling unusual person and to worse, i dressed like mummy, covered by bands. I deserved to be stronger. Or better, to be really stronger and face each one. I My mom supported me, but said to not exxagerate, because of both in the my body and my madness. I obeyed, but i can to be powerful and exceed my limits. Soon i trained by hours, days, months. . . . . . . In these moment, i felt sparks in my fists. Later the smokes. And later the fire. I not stopped to train and i created the small fire ball. And i growing it bigger and bigger and bigger. And soon, with my rage expressions, i thowed the ball!!! The suspicious person was impressived by looking me and invited me to literally save the world. Obviously i accepted and my mom certainly allowed me. While i'm the adventure, i was gaining another powers.The most insane it in my companiers group, i saw Freeza from Dragon Ball and the infamous character of Creepypasta. I'm scared, but still brave. Unfortalety, the villian (Freeza) was easily killed by human. But these human had supernatural powers and nobody faced him. Nobody, except me , what i fought from equal to equal, winning with difficult.

The monstruous , but injured human escaped to the downing alley. The elite police was chasing him all time and are prepared to get rid of the problem. I caught two machine guys to help them and was the penultimate person to enter. Nobody was seeing in the large dark place, then i used heating vision to locate him. Or it, because when i saw it, i almost screamed by panic. The human become the demon. And he was not alone.

All police units started to fire without sucess, leave the demons kill the majority. I couldn't let all guys die neither me, but i felt unusual again. Surprisingly, my broken bones became the destructible wooden spikes. I felt pain, but i felt the opportunity to destroy all of them!!! Without chances to them react, my furious feeling proved that i am real stronger. Because the God saw i'm the loyal and goody person. The demons found the exit as desperate chance to alive. But i formed with my thorns the slingshot to make the accurate shot. All survivors helped me to impulse the shot, since i was the projectible. With the smile and willpower, i could say bad words. Not , it's really, i litarally could say bad words!!!!!! The most funniest it i said: "Get ready to going to Hell, you son of the-", but the police shoted me, only resting to say "Mommyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!". I deeply breathing and turned into big thorn, to easily murder the demons. But the way, i saved the Earth. As astronaut and as hero.

As i said, it was the crazy dream, but the one of most awesome dreams i had!!!!! I wish i can have super powers in life real, but since it's impossible, at least i still have my vaste imagination. Soon i can turn my dream into realty, creating new characters.

BTW, what do you think? You had your big adventures in your mind too!?!? Leave your comments, because i wrote my longest story!!!!!XP

Until next time, guys!!! This is Fistron!!!;P


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