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Skylanders Super Chargers



Skylanders Superchargers, the game about fighting evil and driving in style
    "Drive Evil Crazy"

    Spitfire (SuperCharger)
    Hot Streak (Land Vehicle)
    Lava Lance Eruptor (Series 4 Supercharger)
    Burn-Cycle (Vehicle)
    Hammer Slam Bowser (Amiibo/Supercharger)
    Clown Cruiser (Air) (Sky Vehicle)
    Golden Hot Streak (Land Vehicle)
    Dark Spitfire (Fire Supercharger)
    Dark Hot Streak (Fire Land Vehicle)
    Dark Hammer Slam Bowser (Fire Amiibo/Supercharger)
    Dark Clown Cruiser (Air Sky Vehicle)

    Stormblade (Supercharger)
    Sky Slicer (Sky Vehicle)
    Hurricane Jet-Vac (Series 4 Supercharger)
    Jet Stream (Sky Vehicle)
    Legendary Hurricane Jet-Vac (Legendary Series 4 Supercharger)

    Splat (Supercharger)
    Splatter Splasher (Sea Vehicle)
    Big Bubble Pop Fizz (Series 4 Supercharger)
    Soda Skimmer (Sea Vehicle)
    Eon's Elite Voodood (Eon's Elite) (Coming Soon)
    Nitro Soda Skimmer (Nitro Sea Vehicle)

    Diveclops (Supercharger)
    Dive Bomber (Sea Vehicle)
    Deep Dive Gill Grunt (Series 5 Supercharger)
    Reef Ripper (Sea Vehicle)
    Eon's Elite Slam Bam (Eon's Elite)

    Fiesta (Supercharger)
    Crypt Crusher (Land Vehicle)
    Bone Bash Roller Brawl (Series 2 Supercharger)
    Tomb Buggy (Land Vehicle) (Coming Soon)
    Eon's Elite Ghost Roaster (Eon's Elite)
    Frightful Fiesta (Alt. Deco Supercharger)
    Legendary Bone Bash Roller Brawl (Legendary Series 2 Supercharger)

    Thrillipede (Supercharger)
    Buzz Wing (Sky Vehicle)
    Super Shot Stealth Elf (Series 4 Supercharger)
    Stealth Stinger (Sky Vehicle)
    Eon's Elite Zook (Eon's Elite) (Coming Soon)
    Turbo Charge Donkey Kong (Amiibo/Supercharger)
    Barrel Blaster (Tech) (Land Vehicle)
    Dark Super Shot Stealth Elf (Life Series 4 Supercharger)
    Dark Turbo Charge Donkey Kong (Life Amiibo/Supercharger)
    Dark Barrel Blaster (Tech Land Vehicle)
    Nitro Stealth Stinger (Nitro Sky Vehicle)
    Easter Thrillipede (Alt. Deco Supercharger)

    High Volt (Supercharger)
    Shield Striker (Land Vehicle) (Coming Soon)
    Double Dare Trigger Happy (Series 4 Supercharger)
    Gold Rusher (Land Vehicle) (Coming Soon)
    Eon's Elite Boomer (Eon's Elite)

    Smash Hit (Supercharger)
    Thump Truck (Land Vehicle) (Coming Soon)
    Shark Shooter Terrafin (Series 4 Supercharger)
    Shark Tank (Land Vehicle)
    Eon's Elite Dino-Rang (Eon's Elite) (Coming Soon)
    Steel Plated Smash Hit (Alt. Deco Supercharger)

    Nightfall (Supercharger)
    Sea Shadow (Sea Vehicle)
    Dark Sea Shadow (Dark Sea Vehicle)

    Astroblast (Supercharger)
    Sun Runner (Sky Vehicle)
    Legendary Astroblast (Legendary Supercharger)
    Legendary Sun Runner (Legendary Sky Vehicle)
Update 5-24-15: Name changed to "Super Chargers".
Update 5-31-15: Changed the Fire Skylander to "Spitfire".
Update 6-2-15: Added More skylanders.…
Update 6-3-15: Added Hurricane Jet-Vac, and Diveclops
Update 6-8-15: Added Vehicles
Update 6-16-15: Added Fiesta, Crypt Crusher and E3 Exclusive Hot Streak, more to come
Update 7-10-15: Added more Skylanders Superchargers and Vehicles, I'll update soon for Jet Stream (Air Sky Vehicle)
Update 8-6-15: Added Smash Hit, Nightfall & Stealth Stinger, more to come
Update 8-8-15: Added Astroblast, Jet Stream, & Sun Runner
Update 8-12-15: Added Frightful Fiesta, Shark Tank, and updated Smash Hit, looks weirder then before
Update 8-13-15: Added Soda Skimmer, Steel Plated Smash Hit, & Eon's Elite
Update 8-14-15: Added Legendary Hurricane Jet-Vac & Nitro Stealth Stinger
Update 9-1-15: Added Bone Bash Roller Brawl, Legendary Skylanders and Easter Thrillipede, Vehicles to be out soon.
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You never added a few things :3

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