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come and see more arts!

in here you'll find:
fanarts: hetalia, oofuri, soul eater, KH, DGM, some online games, etc..
Originals: Boni, Katheryn, Marie, Sheryl, etc will add soon..
and more.


Pairo animated sprite by Parororo Pairo animated sprite :iconparororo:Parororo 4,088 239 Aria animated sprite by Parororo Aria animated sprite :iconparororo:Parororo 3,748 216 John talks by Arashi-Penguin John talks :iconarashi-penguin:Arashi-Penguin 27 12 The Fine Art of Japanese Cuisine by Sheharzad-Arshad The Fine Art of Japanese Cuisine :iconsheharzad-arshad:Sheharzad-Arshad 1,141 66 Shanon by Meli-Lusion Shanon :iconmeli-lusion:Meli-Lusion 225 14 Sketchdump 11 [gifts] by Meli-Lusion Sketchdump 11 [gifts] :iconmeli-lusion:Meli-Lusion 147 7 Wine by meago Wine :iconmeago:meago 5,884 168
IMPORTANT NEWS!! (it's really good too!)
edit: Priority Auditions should all be sent in by AUGUST 1st, 2014.
And the winning title design is....

by colasianPotat of DeviantART with 35 votes! Congratulations!

Tied for second place were fistania and concreteBuilding's designs, both with 18 votes.
vinigri scored third with 10 votes, though with the tie for second they will unfortunately still be unable to get one of the 3 sets of prizes!
Judges of the contests should determine whether they'd like to offer the same prizes for both fistania and concretebuilding as their third place offer or their second place offer if they differed. You may now begin to distribute the prizes you previously offered as you wrote her
:iconhsanimeproject:HSAnimeProject 6 9
Kyoudai by emptycicada1 Kyoudai :iconemptycicada1:emptycicada1 41 11 The Forest God by Qinni The Forest God :iconqinni:Qinni 6,466 272 A little bit of caring, everyday by emptycicada1 A little bit of caring, everyday :iconemptycicada1:emptycicada1 125 14 Alice Human sacrifice (yume nikki) by tuitivalee Alice Human sacrifice (yume nikki) :icontuitivalee:tuitivalee 125 17 Crying Jack by nechy0 Crying Jack :iconnechy0:nechy0 68 5 My Little Jamie by nechy0 My Little Jamie :iconnechy0:nechy0 218 4 ROTG Doujinshi - Naughty Kid Series # 5 Fun by BonBonPich ROTG Doujinshi - Naughty Kid Series # 5 Fun :iconbonbonpich:BonBonPich 601 191 ROTG Doujinshi - Naughty Kid Series # 1 Reunion by BonBonPich ROTG Doujinshi - Naughty Kid Series # 1 Reunion :iconbonbonpich:BonBonPich 411 129
my favourite deviations! here, i promote your arts! ain't i friendly?? lol



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well this is kinda embarrassing.
actually, 1-2 years late. just want to post something though.
i decided to delete all my deviations for some reason 1-2 years ago,
and since my DA is already very empty,
maybe if i want to post some art, i'd go to my tumblr:
(if i have time to do art though, college has been very busy :s)

oh right since i really haven't keep in touch with you guys (if you still remember me),
maybe we can keep in touch in tumblr or my twitter (fistania)? :3 i kinda miss my DA friends…

and i actually need homestuck friends, i feel so lonely that no friend of mine know homestuck :/
really need someone who i can share this fandom with :(
i have a lot to catch up though, just gonna start reading ACT 6 since i just started this year.
but yeah, anybody willing to be my homestuck friend are welcomed :3 :3


fistania's Profile Picture
nothing much to say, i'm 19 with business major, i draw for fun especially fan arts.
i post most of my arts in my ART BLOG! :D *still updating*

link: Art Blog!

twitter: fistania


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rklover13 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It is all finished! Hope you like it ;w; 
If not I can change/fix
ProudTortoise Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014… (Open until the end of summer I guess)
kawaii-kekki Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Happy birthday!! :heart: 
fistania Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014
Thank you!! :hug:
kawaii-kekki Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Are you alive O3O;;
fistania Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2014
hi, sorry for disappearing for so long @_@;
yup i'm alive, currently reading the character art discussion ^_^;;
kawaii-kekki Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2014  Student Digital Artist
kawaii-kekki Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Hello! Just want to know where everybody on the art team is - have you met up? Are you discussing anything? Have you started work? Honestly, it has been really hard to get a hold of people, so if you can check in, please do! We need to start work on the designs, especially for kids and sprites, so if you can get together with your groups and report back to tell us what's going on, that would be really really awesome! You don't have to meet up in the google doc or on the forums of the admin area - you can get together elsewhere if that is more convenient for you. And that is all!
Also, I hope you all have been having an awesome holiday, and I wish you a happy New Year too!

(Also, tell me what you'd like for your contest prize sometime! I never heard back for what you wanted for your chibi request!)
kawaii-kekki Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Oh, yes, and perhaps something like flockdraw might be useful if you want to collaborate with somebody drawing at the same time?
I'm not sure what else might be useful to you all, but if you find something, please feel free to share it!!
Lokeva Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks for the fave! ♥
Feel free to stalk my dA and check out my facebook page… for more! c:
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