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Neera, kobold cleric/grappling hook

This is Neera a DND/Pathfinder character of mine, she is a kobold cleric and a stout follower of the dragon god bahamut which makes her a bit of an odd one since most of her kind is of the evil variety and of course has her deal with a lot of prejudice from both her adventuring group and the people that they meet in town.
She hopes to overcome these prejudices and truly work for the god of justice, most of her equipment is salvaged from battlefields and dead adventurers that she piecemealed together on her initial journey. She isn't proud of having to do that but there was nearly no one willing to actually sell her things let alone get close to the town.

She has a tendency to be used as the parties grappling hook at times as the barbarian ties a rope around her waist and tosses her over the walls of places.
She hopes he quits this as it is not very nice to experience.

made by the always fantastic and kind :iconkeetah-spacecat:
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Oh, she's not so odd.

I mean, I run a Kobold Rogue being the last one serving his COPPER DRAGON master because after said dragon was humiliated and left alive. The dragon's "pranks" (Chaotic Good does not mean always nice and considerate) got him in trouble with local settlements, but it was acknowledged he was a good sort so instead of right sound slaying his treasure was stolen... His Kobold servitors thus all left due to the humiliation, to go find a "proper" master to serve...

OR... they ran like cowards...

OR... they were killed by said adventurers...

Honestly, in-character my Kobold Rogue doesn't know or care which, only that his master is all alone aside from himself. He's True Neutral (naturally Lawful Evil race serving a Chaotic Good dragon, so go for the middle, I figured) and adventuring for riches... but the riches are not for himself. They're to restore his master's hoard. Said master has taught him chess, and roguish tactics, and depending on what my DM says when I ask him about "what I want vs what I believe should happen", he will either go Scout or Arcane Trickster.

It is a roleplaying rule I gave myself that at least half of his monetary and magical quest rewards go to his master's hoard. It's very possible, given our group, some other adventuring party might be "commissioned" to kill his master. So... at least let them have rewards if that happens. Something to consider is that his master is OLD. Old enough some of his coppery scales have bluish-green discoloration.

Point is, I ramble about a character because I'm the first one in the group to play a Kobold (nobody wants to deal with the -2 to Strength, I guess?) and I'm excited about him. :P He's an ugly, green, blue-spotted thing, while Neera is an adorable cinnamon roll lizard.

So, assuming this character is still around or she had a good run, good on you for creating her either way.
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Nice job on her foot claws.
Heh. I found this image on pinterest and used it in my own game. Nice to find out who the character actually is :)
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That's a friendly looking kobold. Pffft... living grappling hook?! Now that is funny. XD
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From one kobold cleric to another, this is bloody amazing.
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Haha, funny little coincidences and all that, also kobolds whoo! :D
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You've definitely got a remarkable talent for this. I really like it a lot. =)
FiskpinneRudderbutt's avatar
Well I didn't draw it but thank you :)
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Ah, no worries. It's awesome either way. =)
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Really nice art~ Especially the character, armor and shield.
Maybe a slight bit of work on the weapon could do. Overall really good!
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I'm not the one who drew this piece but thank you :)
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