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The end?

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I'm probably won't be active in the FNAF fandom at all from now on. I was thinking about rewriting and continuing the controversial Fnaf fafic that started it all, but just thinking on it gives me anxiety attacks. I originally wanted to write it until PG dies (and those who accuse me of drawing killing children... I killed their killer a lot more than his victims). I'm not a groomer. I'm not a pedophile. I talked about the fanfic with young fans and allowed them to read it, which wasn't right. Some, like PhantomFoxy aka Freb00 was literally obsessed with me and sent me a lot of messages, and I sadly interacted with her a lot. I have no sexual interest in children though, it disgusts me that total strangers of the other end of the world think of me like that. I grew up as the eldest sister of 3 younger siblings and later two stepsiblings. I always had younger kids around and I got tired of them I guess, didn't want to have kids around as an adult. I'm only interested in guys older than
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The majority are oversensitive teenagers with a frothy mouth who love to hate... The age group who have the time to criticize others with fake profiles because they can't do good things... they were jealous of you because you made money doing it. They don't know that there's a lot of work and time behind it. Scott chose you for a reason. You could bring back the '80s feel with your drawings.

You have burst the bubble of a group of people who are incredibly extreme and hateful. They are so offended that they are determined to destroy you. They care about nothing but their own point of view. They are incapable of forgiveness or empathy. No one else has an opinion... you're either with them or against them. Even if you are innocent, it doesn't matter. They've been hurt... These people will never be happy. Their actions will backfire on them in life.

- You wrote a fanfic that was too well done and you are condemned because of it... ridiculous. They can't get it through their little brains that it's fiction, not real. Plus you wrote this when the first three games had no story. You gave the characters personality. No one forced them to read what you wrote.

- Just because you like uniforms doesn't mean you agree with certain extremist groups. Anyone can have a fetish. Besides, there's nothing absurd about it. I've only seen "harsher" ones from others. Why doesn't anyone hurt them?

- Now everyone is trying to capitalize on the drama. They are generating views out of hatred. And those you wrote to privately are doing the same. Now they are suddenly in the spotlight and they are taking advantage of it. They dare not contradict the crowd. Now they are playing the victim. The point is to deal with them. They want attention because their friends and parents won't give it to them. You haven't written back to many of them because you don't have time for them. It's unimaginable to realize that, since they have hardly any life experience. They think that you have nothing better to do than respond to their messages.

- You commissioned the drawings for Scott. So he had to agree to everything. Let's not forget that he was attacked for his political views a long time ago. They threatened his family, his unborn child. How disgusting is that?! He's pandering to these depraved "fans" by firing you. Now everyone loves Scott. He threw you to the mob, you take the blame. The upcoming FNAF movie would have been bad publicity for the drama in the media. FNAF started out as a horror game, then slowly morphed into a kid-friendly one. There were too many child fans. Scott subconsciously knows you're innocent, but unfortunately money is everything. You need time to clear your name.

I wish you luck and perseverance in life!


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I can't believe someone hired you to do so much "professional" work, I've seen teens that can draw better than this. Cawthon either doesn't have a very good eye or was just dying to give money to some kraut-lover pedo.

I don't know why you spend your freetime harassing someone you don't even know and bring up things that are no longer relevan and/or untrue.

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