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Starlite-Rutledge. HF-2000 battle frigate. by FishyTree Starlite-Rutledge. HF-2000 battle frigate. :iconfishytree:FishyTree 5 0 Starlite Aerospace Saturn-17 engine system. by FishyTree Starlite Aerospace Saturn-17 engine system. :iconfishytree:FishyTree 2 0 Starlite: Character introduction: Alex Kincaid. by FishyTree Starlite: Character introduction: Alex Kincaid. :iconfishytree:FishyTree 2 5 A killer falls. by FishyTree A killer falls. :iconfishytree:FishyTree 9 2 Fighters: size comparison. by FishyTree Fighters: size comparison. :iconfishytree:FishyTree 2 0 SpaceX Starship by FishyTree SpaceX Starship :iconfishytree:FishyTree 5 0 Exploration. by FishyTree Exploration. :iconfishytree:FishyTree 9 0 (WIP) Saturn 17 engine system (Frigate engines) by FishyTree (WIP) Saturn 17 engine system (Frigate engines) :iconfishytree:FishyTree 2 0 (WIP) Adder class heavy battle frigate. by FishyTree (WIP) Adder class heavy battle frigate. :iconfishytree:FishyTree 5 0 CJ-V's custom IWI Mini Uzi. REDUX other side. by FishyTree CJ-V's custom IWI Mini Uzi. REDUX other side. :iconfishytree:FishyTree 4 0 CJ-V's custom IWI Mini Uzi. REDUX by FishyTree CJ-V's custom IWI Mini Uzi. REDUX :iconfishytree:FishyTree 2 0 Custom Mini-Uzi. by FishyTree Custom Mini-Uzi. :iconfishytree:FishyTree 2 7 CJ-V's custom IWI Mini Uzi. by FishyTree CJ-V's custom IWI Mini Uzi. :iconfishytree:FishyTree 2 0 Blender PC Upgrade!  by FishyTree Blender PC Upgrade! :iconfishytree:FishyTree 4 18 Hunting season. Adventures of Ghille Bro P2 by FishyTree Hunting season. Adventures of Ghille Bro P2 :iconfishytree:FishyTree 4 0 Mosquito class coastal assault carrier. by FishyTree Mosquito class coastal assault carrier. :iconfishytree:FishyTree 16 0


AKX1S W.I.P. by Vectror AKX1S W.I.P. :iconvectror:Vectror 2 0 Full Speed Ahead by tkdrobert Full Speed Ahead :icontkdrobert:tkdrobert 19 5 Titanic Hull Attempt 5? (Cycles Render 1) by Cleptrophese Titanic Hull Attempt 5? (Cycles Render 1) :iconcleptrophese:Cleptrophese 2 0 AKS-74U by Vectror AKS-74U :iconvectror:Vectror 15 3 Rylarin by SeekHim Rylarin :iconseekhim:SeekHim 27 27 Titanic Grand Staircase Model (Cycles Render 4) by Cleptrophese Titanic Grand Staircase Model (Cycles Render 4) :iconcleptrophese:Cleptrophese 2 0 Japanese Cosmo Forces 2180s by Martechi Japanese Cosmo Forces 2180s :iconmartechi:Martechi 105 38 Titanic Grand Staircase Model (Cycles Render 3) by Cleptrophese Titanic Grand Staircase Model (Cycles Render 3) :iconcleptrophese:Cleptrophese 4 0 Live By The Sword, Die By The Sword by OliverInk Live By The Sword, Die By The Sword :iconoliverink:OliverInk 63 18 Funny Face by Cannikin1701 Funny Face :iconcannikin1701:Cannikin1701 24 2 Collision by Cleptrophese Collision :iconcleptrophese:Cleptrophese 3 0 Titanic Grand Staircase Model (Cycles Render 2) by Cleptrophese Titanic Grand Staircase Model (Cycles Render 2) :iconcleptrophese:Cleptrophese 2 3 Fhloston Paradise II by OliverInk Fhloston Paradise II :iconoliverink:OliverInk 34 9 Defenders of Earth by Martechi Defenders of Earth :iconmartechi:Martechi 53 9 Titanic Grand Staircase Quickdraw by Cleptrophese Titanic Grand Staircase Quickdraw :iconcleptrophese:Cleptrophese 3 0 +SUPERMASSIVE ARCANUM ANOMALY+ by E7S +SUPERMASSIVE ARCANUM ANOMALY+ :icone7s:E7S 80 6


I really like this ship. It's a really good design. In my universe this would (this would fit right in, BTW) would be classified as a "...

VERY nice! She appears to need some texture work on the aft end. Mainly along the engine pilons. I'm seeing some repeating texture ther...



Starlite-Rutledge. HF-2000 battle frigate.
One of the few warships in the Terran Navy not built solely by Starlite Aerospace. In fact, Starlite only makes the engines and guns.  The HF-2000, AKA the "Enterprize class" battle frigate is a sublight only, frontal / broadside attack ship. They're fast and maneuverable while also quite heavily armed with a total 14 Q-211 railgun turrets. All of which are mounted in it's forward opening, with 6 on the ventral platform, and 2 above, facing down and sideways.

Because they have no FTL engines, they are quite cheap and easy to build. You can build 20 frigates for the cost of 1 FTL destroyer. And many argue, that once their on site, they do a better job. This lack of warp-drive also makes them very light compared to an FTL capable ship in it's class. (Such as the Morris class destroyer or Trident class AAS) They were designed and built to be carried by the Olympic class escort carrier 2 at a time. However it would turn out a combination of bad timing and complacency, Olympic class carriers were dropping by the day. Over 20 were lost in one day, that's how bad it had gotten. Those, it was often found that the frigates continued to fight their attackers, somewhat successfully as well, long after their mothership had gone down. So the frigates weren't the problem, the carriers were. 
At this point, the first Divinity class supercarriers came onto the scene. This is when the Enterprize class was really able to show it's strength. Which is working in large groups of 20 or more. (can be WAY more) The new supercarriers could carry around 20 of these frigates internally, and an additional 20 externally. 


This is a one-paragraph summery, there's much more too it.

More info in the below images:
Divinity class:
Terran 2nd Dreadnought fleet. by FishyTree

Olympic class: (lots of other linked info)
Olympic Class Escort Carrier early WIP. by FishyTree
Starlite Aerospace Saturn-17 engine system.
FINALLY got around to adding materials to the new battle frigate engine! This particular engine is for the Frigate "Black-Knight"  but it's the same basic design for both the Enterprize class battle frigate and Adder class heavy battle frigate. It pivots 180 degrees to provide forward and reverse thrust, thus why the writing is upside down on the bottom image. (I'm doing a quick animation to show it move, and yes the gate is animated too. I even put a bit of "wobble" in as it hits full open.) Should be up tomorrow. 

A quick note, Substance Painter screwed up a couple of the pieces, (for some reason, it likes to distort thing on me, no idea why) I'll just have to color them separately I guess, they're not on this version.

More into can be found here:

(WIP) Adder class heavy battle frigate. by FishyTree
Starlite: Character introduction: Alex Kincaid.
Name: Alexander "Alex" Kincaid.

DoB: 8/12/2035

Age: (As of 4445) 65 (caught in temporal stasis for over 2000 years) 

Place of Birth: Fritch, Texas.  (renamed Starlite, Texas in the 2200s)  

Species: Human

Occupation: US Marine (RET), Roboticist, AI engineer, entrepreneur. 

Notable achievements: USMC for 8 years, honorable discharge. Founder of Starlite Inc. Inventor of the human mind Active Back-up System, (ABS) Inventor / father of CJ-V. 

Status: (As of 4445) Alive.

The above image depicts events between the years of 2070 and 2077. After the death of his only son, Colton. Alex used his fortune and assets at hand to attempt to resurrect his son. Of whom he had taken many full brain scans in an attempt to get his son interested in computers and the like before his death in 2069. After 4 failed attempts, and one exceptionally painful one, Alex was suicidal and had a loaded .45 in his hand. CJ-IV (4) lived for approximately 12 hours. He never was able to speak or do much of anything but hide under a table in the corner and cry. Once his batteries got low, he fell "asleep" and never woke up. This devastated Alex to the point he was ready to give up. Instead of ending his one life, he decided to look through the code one more time and see if he could figure it out what went wrong. And do his dismay, he couldn't. So on a whim he uploaded only the raw "control" data, none of his sons memories would be uploaded. 

Though CJ-V's early days were no more glorious. He also hid under a table and cried for hours after waking up for the first time. His batteries also went low and fe fell "asleep" under said table. Alex went to bed as well, thinking to himself. "If he's stiff when I wake up, I'll join him"
To Alex's joy, he was woken up in the early morning by the sounds of someone shuffling around in the other room. He sprung out of bed and ran into his lab. CJ wasn't there! "Well, that's a result" Alex thought, walking down the hall to the kitchen where the sound seemed to be coming from. His heart sunk for a brief moment when he noticed CJ was lying flat on his stomach on the floor with his face flat to the ground. Alex quickly realized that CJ was very much still alive and staring at something under the fridge. "Something interesting under there?"

Alex said with a chuckle. CJ spun around, eyes wide with fear as he shimmied backwards away from Alex. "It's OK" he said softly while stepping forward and extending his hand. As soon as he did, CJ got up and ran past him back to the lab and back under the table. Out of curiosity, Alex took a look under the fridge, where he saw nothing. "Maybe he saws a mouse or something" he thought. It would take many months before CJ was able to say or do much of anything besides point. It took almost 2 weeks of hiding under the table before CJ's fear subsided enough to the point he was willing to let Alex anywhere near him. CJ would explore the house when Alex was asleep and hide during the day. The main reason he came out at all was because he was filthy and though he didn't know what it meant to be filthy, he knew he didn't like it. He had been wearing the same old sweat pants and T-shirt that Alex put on him before activating him for weeks, and though he doesn't sweat or anything. He can roll in stuff, things collect, and he becomes dirty.  

After helping him clean up and change, some part of CJ knew Alex wasn't going to hurt him and slowly began to trust him. Once he learned to speak, he advanced very quickly, surpassing the average human in intelligence within 6 months of his "birth." Even so, he was still very immature and still more or less required Alex's help with many things. He could clean himself, dress himself, get himself a glass of water, the simple stuff. And though he could tell you every little factoid about anything on the internet, he couldn't put it into practice very well. For example, he knew an aircraft needed it's CG balanced, but if you were to stuck him in the back of a plane with a wrench, hand him a manifest and say "load it properly" He would be overwhelmed and have a very hard time. 

Alex would eventually replace his chief derringer at Starlite with CJ. Who would go on to make the company massive amounts of money with revolutionary anti-matter collection and storage technology. Being replaced by a machine didn't sit well with John Franklin, Starlite's former chief designer. In the year 2100, Out of spite and jealousy, John uploaded a code in secret to the Unite States starship TSV-2 Copernicus, the ship Alex was scheduled to take to the Proxima Centauri system to help design and build a global communications network on and around Proxima B. (Later Renamed Proxima Terra.)   This code would askew the alignment of the warp drive just enough to, in theory blow the ship up without being traced back to him. Instead, the Copernicus entered a "chroniton slip" A sort of temporal stasis. Knowledge of why this happened would not be uncovered until after the return of the Copernicus over 2000 years later. Upon finding out John Franklin was responsible, not a random glitch. CJ went into a black out, becoming so mad he ordered the destruction of the civilian passenger liner John was on. His XO belayed that order and demanded CJ calm down or he'd have him relieved of duty.

Alex and the rest of the crew were recovered alive and CJ let them stay on Nineveh for the time being, rather then throw them back on a world they wont recognize or understand. After the Copernicus disappeared, CJ assumed full ownership and control of Starlite, branching out and building it into a company so powerful, all the governments of Earth combined had about 50% of the influence. Starlite was so powerful at one point they assumed the role of law enforcement within the Sol System and beyond. This would eventually cease but even in the 43rd century, the influence Starlite has is arguably on par with that of the rest of the Terran Alliance, all by themselves. Upon Alex's return, CJ offered to give it back to him in full, no questions asked; but Alex refused the offer stating "Starlite hasn't been mine in a very long time, it's yours and it would be wrong of me to take it from you." 


The parts Alex's is working on in the image are parts of CJ. His "core ", one arm, and his skull. This represents a very early state in the build. As once assembled, CJ isn't meant to come back apart. He doesn't just open up or anything like that. 

-A quick note. CJ-II through CJ-V are technically the same being, same body anyway. Alex didn't build a new body every time. Just wiped the drives and started over.

-I MIGHT not do the same format for CJ-V when I make that one, as I feel there's enough info in my gallery. I might just link it. 

          (One of them has a major error I didn't notice until literally right now)
                                        (HINT: It's not the Uzi)
A killer falls.
A XiXi "harvester station". A terrifying site for even the most battle hardened warrior. These stations are massive, over 200KM in diameter. They consist of 3 warp rings and 8 massive holding bays, each with graviton lasers mounted through their axis. These are used to create an artificial singularity which is "fired" through a star system at near light speed and on a deliberate course as to cause massive seismic and gravitational disturbances. They then enter orbit of the severely shaken up planet and begin collecting the inhabitants for transport and eventual consumption. These stations are not warships, the singularity launcher they use is simply no good as a weapon against anything even resembling a true interstellar or intergalactic warship. Though if they did manage to hit a ship with it, it would be disastrous. They are only used on species with no, or very limited space-based defenses. The XiXi will often let a primitive species to built to 4-8 billion before they "harvest"

These stations are not all that uncommon in XiXi space, but this one made a major mistake. It wondered well into Terran space. XiXi don't have to eat humanoids, they just really enjoy it and as such the collection and even farming of humanoid species is a booming business in XiXi society. Humans in particular are considered a delicacy and are extremely valuable. So valuable in fact, harvester fleets will sometimes attempt to make fast jumps across the boarder to collect as many humans as possible. However a harvester station had never even been seen by human eyes. We only knew the existed as we were able to see them on early warning long range scanners mounted on border outposts and patrol ships. 

So when this one popped up hiding inside a nebula deep in Terran space, The Navy had no intention to let it slip away. The ideal outcome was to capture it in one piece if possible and bring it back to the core systems for study. It was also decided firing on the station would be out as it may contain literally millions of living prisoners. "So wait, I have to stop it without stopping it? What the hell do you want me to do? Ask it nicely? Should I give it sad eyes Maybe? What the fuck!?"
CJ-V argued sarcastically from his ready room, while also laughing in frustration at command back on Earth. 
"That's correct, this comes down directly from the President."
The newly appointed "acting Secretary of defense" said in a very serious tone and expression, as if he didn't, or couldn't see how stupid what he was asking was. CJ put his face in his hand and paused for a moment. "You know what? Consider it done!" 
CJ said, lifting his face out of his hand, and promptly hanging up. 
The entire room of politicians shot each other looks of both concern and amusement. 
"Is he going to follow that order?"
The Acting Secretary of Defense said to the room of politicians around him. None said anything for a moment before the Secretary of the Navy said with the smallest hint of amusement in his voice. "Mr. Acting Secretary, with all due respect. Read a history book." 

Within seconds of exiting FTL, the 2nd fleet came under direct fire from one of the stations autocannons, then another, and another opened up. These cannons are roughly 35mm railguns, good for use against small craft or debris, but not worth much against a fleet of heavily shielded and armored Terran warships. They also have a few missile batteries as well as a small fleet of patrol corvettes to protect them.

Moments before exiting FTL, down in the crew compartment a small group of refugees sits with a logistics officer discussing placement on the ship, rules, and the like when the intercom blares "General quarters, general quarters, all hands to battle stations, this is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill." 
Followed by the ships interior lighting dimming to an amber hue. The logistics officer stood up and gestured to the refugees "Please come with me, we need to get to a safe zone"

A burst from one of the autocannons strafed the shields directly in front of Nineveh's bridge, causing half the crew the flinch slightly. "Pffft, that all they got?!" Nineveh's XO John snickered. 
"Two more cannons engaging! Shall I return fire?"
Nineveh's tactical officer asked. Before CJ could even reply, one of Nineveh's many coms officers interrupted
"Sir! Cruiser element 1 reports PID and target lock on on their fire control room, they're requesting permission to engage."
"Copy, Sarah one shot only, keep it tight, have closest ship in the element engage."

Sarah replied from her command seat on the heavy cruiser Incursion.
"Cruiser Barbados, 150 Mike Mike, API round, kill track 1-Alpha-2. Fire when ready."
"Barbados copies, killing track 1-Apha-2, ToT 3 seconds.. Firing!"

A bright white flash appears from the port side of one of the heavy cruisers as a 150mm armor piercing incendiary (API) railgun round is fired from one of it's Q-211 quad barreled turrets. The round penetrates the hull of the station, and the guns almost instantly fall silent. 

"Good effect on target, fire control has been neutralized" 
The captain of Barbados proclaims over open coms.

"They're charging their rings, they'll be FTL capable in less than a minute!"

Adam said with urgency. 

"Tactical, ready the RG-6 cannons, cut those rings up!"

CJ demanded.

"Aye sir"

Nineveh's RG-6 FHPC (Forced Hydrogen Plasma Cannon) systems roared to life, making small, precise cuts into the stations warp rings. Effectively rendering it dead, or so they though..

"We've got a new problem! I don't believe this... They're charging the damn Kugleblitz."

The tactical officer said. 

"They're not going to take a shot at us!?"

John asked. "No they're not! Tactical, charge #6 PDG to 40%, 3 round burst, to start, continue until power levels drop. Cut that damn thing up!"

CJ ordered.

"Yes sir!"

Nineveh's tactical officer said with glee.

Down below, the group of refugees has begun to calm down. As Nineveh has no windows, and they have no access to the bridge. They're unaware any shooting has even taken place. The RG-6 beams don't reverberate, so they were unaware they had even been fired. "It's gonna be alright, OK?"

The logistics officer said to the small group of refugees, now on their way to the belly of Nineveh in a lift. When out of seemingly nowhere, 3 massive and metal grinding "thuds" kncoked a few of the refugees to their knees. "OHH god, we're going to die!"
One women cried in horror. 

"We have to get out of here!"

A man from the group demanded while grabbing the officer by the shoulders and shaking him. "EVERYONE CALM DOWN!" the officer barked in frustration.

"CALM DOWN! They're shooting us up!"

The first women cried. Just then, 3 more massive bangs shook the ship.

"Jesus!" The logistics officer said, almost instinctively. This scared the refugees even more. 

"Everyone please calm down, that's outgoing fire!"

"What does that mean!?" 

A third women demanded.

"That means it's recoil from one of our guns, nobody is shooting us!, we're the ones shooting! Now relax and I'll try to get some answers"

he said while getting his radio out.

"CIC, this is LT Hawkins from logistics, I got 2 dozen terrified people down here. What the hell are we shooting at!?"

"Hawkins, CIC. Nothing anymore, it's burning in space. Now get off this channel!"

The MK-8 PDG5 gun had blown entire, multi-KM long segments off the station. Her reactors were shut down, or shutting down and her attitude control was lost, leaving the station in a fairly slow, yet uncontrolled spin. Scans showed over 50,000 life signs in the holding areas. As well as at least 15,000 XiXi still alive on the station. The choice was made to fill the station with an non-flammable anesthetic gas. This would put both the XiXi on board and hostages to sleep. This would only be about 45% effective though, as many XiXi continued to fight with the assistance of gas masks and space suites. Terran Marines pushed through the bulk of the remaining fighters while SEAL teams and Guardsman units secured the engineering, armory, and command sections. Mi'arr commandos would also assist Marine elements in rescuing the hostages. 10 Terran soldiers were wounded while taking the station. Non fatally, but one SEAL team member suffered multiple amputations from a XiXi under-mount grenade launcher (Their version of an M203) as well as 7 gunshot woulds. He would survive and eventually be made whole again, but chose not to return to the teams. 

Over 25,000 XiXi were killed on that day, half were killed by the PDG5 strikes, A very large number were cut down by machine gun fire as they tried to charge the breaching forces. They literally were mowing them down by the 100 and 1000s. Most were totally unarmed and not ready for, or expecting a close fight. They didn't even know that the large boarding parties were coming. Only a very small number actually were able to arm themselves, as SEAL teams had already secured most of the armory depots and wired them with explosives before the main boarding parties even arrived. However they weren't able to get to all of them in time and some XiXi were able to arm themselves. 

The Station itself was studied, cataloged, mapped, and then used as target practice. It held up to the smaller weapons Terran ships use pretty well. But the big guns like the Q-211, RG-6, and PDG5 just tore it apart.  After the stations destruction, it's debris field was contained and projected directly into the path of a nearby star. Where it would, in around 5,000 years fall in and burn up. 


-This image shows the fleet approaching the station, before the cannons even began to open up. From the first shot, to the last. The entire engagement took less than 5 minutes. The story only shows a few ships actions, what's not mentioned is the other ships were all busy engaging the stations protection fleet, others were clearing drone fighters and firing on incoming missiles to protect the capital ship.   

-A quick note. These stations were originally built as more or less, static weapons platforms. Not for mass harvesting of people. That's why they use such a complicated method. However it works really well to destabilize a planet just enough to knock out any systems of communication they may have without destroying everything.  They already had 1000s of such stations built when they finally realized they were obsolete.  

- The main point of this image was to put at least one of every ship I currently have modeled. Here's links to all the ships aside from the station, that's something I just threw together. 

Divinity class Dreadnought Supercarrier:
Starlite Aerospace HD-10

Olympic class Escort Carrier:
Olympic Class Escort Carrier update #1

Tunguska class heavy cruiser:
Blender 2.8 EEVEE. Tunguska class heavy cruiser

Morris Class guided missile destroyer:
Blender 2.8 EEVEE test render. Morris class

Enterprize class Battle Frigate:
Frigate in the bay. REDUX

Mi'arr She'Tok Battleship:
Mi'arr SkeTok class heavy battleship.

Trident class AAS:
Trident class AAS. (Amphibious Assault Ship)

Mi'arr Unity class ultralight rapid-response destroyer. 
:MNC-200 Unity - back in the game.
Fighters: size comparison.
A size comparison of the two main fighters of the Terran alliance in the 43rd century and two of the best fighters of today. 

From left to right:

- Starlite Aerospace RQ-277 "Vortex" assault drone. A small, space-only fighter drone. Designed to swarm and overwhelm enemy point defenses and as general purpose starfighters, they're equipped with 2 GAU-55 Persuader, 8 barreled, 25mm Gatling railguns and 8 STS-145 "Star Sparrow" Anti ship missiles. 

- Starlite Aerospace S-8 "Rapier" AM-PAV (Atmospheric Multi-Purpose Attack Vehicle) Another quite small craft.  The S-8 utilizes hybrid scramjet (Supersonic combustion ramjet) engines as well as battery operated ducted fans for landing. She can achieve speeds up-to mach 3.4. They carry a single GAU-55 in the left side fuselage. The S-8 has two internal missile bays on the belly, each capable of holding a variety of different munitions, from guided smart bombs, to anti-ship missiles and drone launchers.

- General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon.…

Model can be found here, all credit to the creator:…

- McDonnell Douglas F-15C Eagle.…

Model can be found here, all credit to the creator:…


As stated above, I did not make either the F-15 or F-16. The links to buy / download them are above. All credit for those goes to the creators. The Rapier and AM-PAV I did make. 

Starlite Aerospace S-8 Rapier AM-PAV by FishyTree


Starlite Aerospace RQ-277 Vortex assault drone. by FishyTree
A mysterious pyramid on a seeming uninhabited world at the edge of Terran space is a prime target for an exploration mission. On their way back to the core systems from a diplomatic mission to the Telneza Republic the majority of the Terran 2nd fleet broke off to continue home while the flagship, Nineveh, 2 destroyers, and a couple Trident class Amphibious Assault Ships turned to explore this mystery.  While the Dreadnought maintained an altitude of around 6 1/2 KMs above the sea. The two Trident class landers splashed down and released their payload of submarines and Mosquito class carriers. The subs would explore and catalog the sea life and underwater features, while the flat-tops would launch drones and scout craft to explore surface features. Areas of interest would then be examined further by scientists, either on board UFO-7 observation craft or on the ground in person. 

Once the ocean going ships were deployed, the assault ships would return to Nineveh's internal hanger. Once secured inside, Nineveh would return to orbit and perform atmospherics scans, create detailed topographical maps, measure the magnetic field of the planet and gather much more useful data that the ground teams could use to help in their exploration. Nineveh's scans would reveal a large complex of ruins a few KMs north of the pyramid. Further study would revel that an ape-like species had built the city, but the pyramid itself was most likely built by another species, as such structures are found through-out the cosmos. They were once built by the Mi'arr species as "way-point transmitters" Where each would be capped with a subspace transmitter which starships could be pointed at. For a very long time, such transmitters were the only reliable method for aiming and controlling FTL ships. That was until the invention of EPDAR (Earth name, which stands for "Entangled Particle Detection and Ranging." Basically FTL RADAR. It was not invented on Earth.)  However, this pyramid appeared much too old to have been built by the Mi'arr. It was also much too far away.

It was determined that the pyramid defiantly was a warp way-point, and was at least 100,000 years old. The transmitter itself, like on the Pyramids of Earth was long gone. Most likely scavenged long ago by another passing ship, or recovered by the species who left it there.  As such transmitters contain large amounts of pure Iridium, Platinum, Gold, Lawrencium, and Moscovium so they are rarely left behind.  Stone pyramids were used rather than metal towers because they're the can least for eons, they don't rust, they don't bend or suffer metal fatigue, in theory, a well built stone pyramid can last millions of years. Even so, they eventually do turn to dust.  

Such way-points are no longer built in the IGC or Intergalactic Coalition, this includes the Terran Alliance, Unalli Federation, Telneza Republic, Havial Sovereign, Peno Empire, and Indus-Voidrunners. As even a poorly built ship constructed with discount 29th century, so much 43rd century EPDAR systems would be many orders of magnitude safer and more accurate than the old school "point and shoot" way-point method. Way-point guided drives, at their best had a final position accuracy of about 5 AU. And that was with 100s of people coordinating hours of calculations as well as quite a bit of luck. Where as a ship like Nineveh can come out of high FTL and place itself within millimeters of it's desired location, all done by a single pilot. 


Map of civilizations:
Laniakea Supercluster map - 4k. by FishyTree

2nd fleet:
Terran 2nd Dreadnought fleet. by FishyTree

Mosquito class and sub:
Mosquito class coastal assault carrier. by FishyTree

Trident class:
Trident class AAS. (Amphibious Assault Ship) by FishyTree

Nineveh's Pilot's screen:
Pilot UI 4K by FishyTree

Starlite Aerospace U.F.O-7 LDRV by FishyTree
(WIP) Saturn 17 engine system (Frigate engines)
Rendered this a few hours ago, just got around to uploading. This is the Starlite Aerospace Saturn 17 engine system used on the Enterprize class battle frigates, and Adder class heavy battle frigates. It's a fairly standard matter/antimatter rocket engine, the same engines are used as RCS thrusters on Terran capital ships. What makes the Saturn 17 system so special is it's ability to spin in a full circle. Meaning it can be used for forward, and reverse thrust. Such an engine system is not needed on most Terran warships as a large number of them are equipped with warp drives which do the same job. However, neither the Enterprize or Adder class are equipped with warp drives, though they do have warp sustainment systems (They can sustain a warp bubble for a limited time, but they cannot generate one). 

I'm making the Adder class now (among a commission and a few other things.)  And as such decided the old engines were no longer viable. So I spent some time on this. Still needs more work, but I REALLY like where it's heading. 
More info:
(WIP) Adder class heavy battle frigate. by FishyTree
(WIP) Adder class heavy battle frigate.
The big brother of the Enterprize class, the Adder class heavy battle frigate is longer, wider and carries more guns as well as having a greatly extended hanger bay compared to it's smaller counterpart. Unlike the Enterprize class which uses it's pivoting main engines for reverse thrust, the Adder class features 7 forward mounted engines for rapid reverse thrust. She also has two extra engines aft as well as the same 360 degree pivoting engines as the Enterprise class.

Her main feature is her full spectrum EM and gravitational cloaking system. She can hide from all but the most advanced species with the best warships, and even then she's hard to track. 


So, basically I took the Enterprize class model, cut huge portions of her off, both her entire nose and aft end. I basically cut the hull in half and extended her about 500 meters. (in universe scale, she's 500 meters longer than the Enterprize class.) I made the engine pylons and housing and filled them up with greebles from a paid asset pack. (Ultimate Greeble Pack:…) and I really like the result.  Any and all materials on here will be changed, aside from the engine glow. That's perfect. Though I do like the way the new engines look, that's the stock greeble material. I'm not sure how it got applied to the superstructure, because it makes it look pretty weird, but it did so meh. I'll worry about materials when the model is done. 

Lots to do yet, I gotta add the rest of the guns (called the "Q-211" railguns) which are the same 16"/50 caliber Mk-7 naval deck guns as I use on all my ships (Iowa class battleship guns) but this time with actual railgun barrels. (I used this same turret on my recent commission, as both ships just happened to use quad barreled railguns. When I was making it I was thinking, "2 birds" lol)  I also gotta fix quite a few mesh errors but I'm done for the night... It's not night anymore, it's almost 10 AM! Wow... Just realized that! I don't keep track of time lol. Anyway!  The Enterprize class will be receiving the new engines as well as they're built to be able to actually move, unlike the old ones which only moved "In theory" but not in practice.  Here's some (old) pics of the old engines / Enterprize class:

The engine itself (New)

(WIP) Saturn 17 engine system (Frigate engines) by FishyTree


Starlite-Rutledge HF-2000 by FishyTree

Blender 2.8 EEVEE. Battle Frigate by FishyTree

Frigate in the bay. REDUX by FishyTree

Enterprize class battle frigate, slight overhaul. by FishyTree
CJ-V's custom IWI Mini Uzi. REDUX
I've never had so much trouble with a single model, I think I'm finally making some progress now. 
Custom Mini-Uzi.
Did some playing around in Substance Painter, It's looking better with each update. yet I still feel it needs something... 
CJ-V's custom IWI Mini Uzi.
She does still need a bit of work, but she's better than before. 

This is the weapon used by the android character CJ-V for CQB operations, even into the age of railguns and plasma weapons. 
Blender PC Upgrade!
Got a package in the mail today, my main Blender rig got a much needed upgrade. A better second GPU. She now has twin XFX RX480 GTR 8GB cards. YAY!
No all she needs is a good cleaning.
Hunting season. Adventures of Ghille Bro P2
On a barren world near the Fedota Strait, XiXi forces are believed to have established a the beginnings of a "Harvester colony" with the objective of capturing and cultivating a large number of living humans and other bipedal humanoids for consumption. The location of the colony just inside XiXi space near the Fedota Consortium, a relatively primitive yet peaceful inter galactic civilization was quite a concern. If established, it would be the single closet XiXi outpost to Terran space while also being very close to a major trade route. It could spell disaster for the Fedota people as well as cut off support to the people and colonies on the other side of the strait. 

The Terran Alliance could not allow this colony to be established. But it was also important to make sure this event stayed quiet. Intel from Fedota spy ships reveled a small outpost already established with roughly 8-12 XiXi. The outpost had 3 modules, one looked to be a fairly standard XiXi living quarters, (designated "Mod-1" for the mission) another was clearly a reactor/power module,(Mod-P) and the other was believed to be supplies, such as food, water weapons, coms, drones, who knows, could be anything.(Mod-X)  A small team of 8 Terran Guardsman (AKA Marshal's Guard, an elite special operations and security force) was dispatched aboard a stolen XiXi TBH-2241 light freighter and arrived in orbit 2 days later. Upon their arrival, they noted no major change to the outpost, though a small rover type vehicle was now parked nearby. Maybe the 3rd module was a garage..?

The freighter deployed the team on a shuttle which deliberately self destructed in the upper atmosphere after the team had jumped. They would then wing-suit under the cover of night to within 5kms of the outpost, Then pull their chutes at high altitude to avoid making any noise. Once on the ground, the would hike between 2 and 5kms and set-up to ambush the outpost the next day. The XiXi are nocturnal and cannot see very well at all during the day. 

As the sun rose, the majority of the XiXi had retired to their living quarters, but two stayed outside apparently struggling to get some unknown peace of equipment to work, handing it back and forth. It was small and rectangular, maybe a radio? "Doesn't matter, they don't have long"
"GB" thought to himself as he switched the safety off on his suppressed .50 caliber anti-material rifle. 

"Watchtower, this is Viper"
A voice said suddenly over GB's earpiece.

"Go ahead, Viper"

"Watchtower, dust the stragglers on my mark, team one is preparing to breach Mod-1"  

"Viper this is Adder, Team 2 is ready to breach "Mod-p""
A third voice said over the coms.

"Viper, Cobra, Team 3 has breaching charge set on "Mod-X, standing by.."
yet another voice chimed in.

"Watchtower, clear to engage. Fire teams, breach on the second shot"

As GB fired on the unsuspecting XiXi, he noted how the action of his rifle made more noise than the report from the rifle, how to wind had fallen still, the way the shoulder pad pushed into him, the smell of surfer, and the sight of a fine, violet-purple mist behind each XiXi as they fell limp into the frozen, alien bog all registered in the >2 seconds it took him to fire on each XiXi. Though he had shot plenty of XiXi before, something about this didn't feel right. 

"Two bugs down in the bog, Watchtower displacing."

GB heard himself say into the mic as his training kicked in. Moving back to his secondary firing position, he realized that all 3 breaching charges had successfully gone off and each team had made entry. He could hear automatic fire, but it didn't last long. 

"Viper to all unites, "Neptune""
"Viper this is Adder, "Neptune""
"Viper this is Cobra, get to Mod-X" We've got a major problem here."

GB's rifle was now firmly pointed at the door of the module, expecting to see a XiXi solider with a plasma rifle come running out. 

"Cobra, Viper, is the building clear?"

"Ughhh, yes? No!. I mean, just get over here sir!"

GB covered Viper team and Adder team as they moved from their targets to the unknown module. Viper teams leader entered first, and even at around 85 meters away, GB could hear a clearly audible "aww fuck!" coming from him. "What is it sir!?"
GB requested over the coms.

"Watchtower, Viper. We're done here... Intel fucked up bad."

GB ran to the module and entered out of shear curiosity. He noticed the look of shame and horror on the faces of the rest of the men. Then he looked down and saw it. XiXi children, about a dozen of them huddled in a corner shreaking like banshees. This confused GB at first, on RB3, they had mowed them down by the 100s and... "Oh my god"
he said audibly as he saw something on the table that just about stopped his heart. They were propaganda leaflets, dropped over some of the more neglected XiXi worlds by Terran forces. Promising a life of fairness and freedom to any XiXi willing to accept it. Not many had, as the XiXi are pretty damn unified. But a very small number have, mainly those who don't want their children to fight a futile, endless war.  

"They were looking for our help, and instead we slaughtered their family in their sleep..."

One of the soldiers said, realizing what they had done. 

GB turned and left the building, he had to know what was in the hands of the dead XiXi. After a short hike through the mud and snow, what he saw brought a tear to his eye. It was in fact a radio. One of the ones dropped along side the leaflets that was meant to contact Terran forces once they defectors had left XiXi space. 

"Viper, Watchtower, are there any survivors at all in the other 2 mods?"

"Unknown, Watchtower, doubtful.. But I'll have Ronnie check."
"I'm also activating the transponder, be ready for exfil in 15 mikes" 
As the medic went to check to see if any of the enemies combatants turned murder victims were still alive. One of the soldiers suggested they cover the bodies out of respect, something they normal would not do for dead XiXi. "What would we use, Jack? Our clothes?... Ughh OK, find something, anything."
"I have this"
Another soldier replied, holding out a Terran flag. 
"Yeah, fine.. line them up over here and cover them all with it"
another said, not looking up.

To The medics surprise, two XiXi were in fact alive but were in rough shape, both female. All the males, two females, and 1 child were dead.  The two GB hit in the bog felt nothing. The high-explosive incendiary rounds with a tungsten core penetrator insured they were both dead before they hit the ground. But it was clear from the blood splatter and position of some of the bodies in the modules that some had not been so lucky.  

"Our ride's inbound, 10 mikes!"
a soldier said over the mic.
"What about the survivors? Are we at least going to help them?" 
GB demanded to silence. The group of men looked at each other, then at the group of wounded and terrified XiXi who had quieted down quite a bit. 
"You know, they're kind of cute when they're little.."
the team leader said, as if he was trying to fill the silence. 
"Little? You call those things little?"
one of the riflemen said, pointing at the XiXi
 "That's what I'm saying, the shuttle can't take all of us and 14 XiXi, the children are almost as big as we are."
"Well then tell them to send another!" 
GB demanded.
"How? This was an extermination, not a rescue. We have no direct coms with the Navy. They're only sending a ship big enough for us!"
"If I recall, they never said what kind of shuttle it was going to be, maybe it'ss be big enough."
GB said, hopefully. But the team leader had a look in his eye, and GB knew what he was planning to do.
"If you do what you're thinking about doing, none of us leave here"
GB tightened his grip on his massive rifle.
"Are you fucking serious!? They're XiXi! You were on RB3! How could you even think to threaten me over them!?"
At this point, GB began to remember the horrors he saw on RB3 and for a brief moment, considered shooting every last one of them himself. But this thought passed when he remembered what CJ-V had once said to him. "We're not better because we say we are, we're better because of our actions." 

Before tensions could biol over, the sound of a sonic boom filled the air. 
"Ride's here!" 
two separate soldiers said simultaneously with glee. 
"It's a damn Stinger!"
GB laughed out loud. The AT-99 Stinger is an FTL, stealth heavy gunship based on the T-99 Mud Dauber.  roughly the size of a C130. "Looks like you got your way." 
The team leader said to GB, patting him on the back semi-sarcastically. As the ship landed, the huddled XiXi were looking to the Terran forces with a look that said "Please, don't leave us." Even though the XiXi are incapable of speech, their facial expressions convey basic ideas and emotions to humans quite effectively. Among themselves, they use a form of hormonal-telepathic communication. Anything more requires a computer interface. 
With the rear door open, and the team on board, Viper turned and gestured to the XiXi defectors, signaling them to "come on." To which they promptly did, they moved so fast that they were shoving and climbing all over each other to get on board. 

Once on board, they were basically told to stay in one corner, while medical aide was given to the two wounded adult females. They were taken back to a heavy cruiser waiting in the Fedota Strait. Which then took them back to the core systems to be evaluated and assimilated. Some can do alright in Terran society, some just can't and usually end up in prison. Since the XiXi on this occasion were so young, most of them actually were able to adjust and went on to live somewhat "normal" lives. However 2 few did try and defect back to the Empire once they were grown by stealing a freighter and attacking a Terran warship.. They didn't get far... 


A few notes:

"GB" = "Ghillie Bro". A reoccurring character who's face you never see and is literally ALWAYS in some kind of camo suit.  He's a former Marine Scout Sniper turned Guardsman. The name "Ghille Bro" itself actually is an inside meme with me and the people I play PUBG with. Whenever there's someone in a Ghillie suit, that person instantly becomes a "Ghillie Bro." (I.E. "I got a Ghille Bro by the rock at 170 across the street") It started when some guy in a Ghillie suit plebbed on killing us so hard, we still talk about it. I've seen bad, and I've seen not even trying / trying to loose. This guy was trying to win and was still SO bad it started an internal meme.

"Neptune" = The call-sign for "mission accomplished"

"Watchtower" = GB's callings

Viper, Adder, and Cobra. = team names + leaders call sign.


Stuff mentioned (limited, too much to list lol) 

Laniakea Supercluster map - 4k. by FishyTree

Starlite Aerospace T-99MD / MT-99 HVT / AT-99. by FishyTree

Heavy cruiser
Terran 4,102nd Heavy Cruiser fleet. by FishyTree

Rovenvol B-3, circa CY3250 CE by FishyTree

Paying a visit to the congressman's house. by FishyTree
Mosquito class coastal assault carrier.
The carrier "Moctezuma I" (4432-4445) was one of 1000s of such carriers deployed throughout the Terran Alliance. She was present in the rescue of the Bluestars, and she was one of over 1000 ocean-going naval vessels deployed by the Terran Navy on the inhabited moon of Rovenvol Beta III (RB3) in the weeks and months after the siege. Moctezuma I was part of the 6th wave of carriers to land on the moon. She operated for nearly 2 months on the world, providing aide and fighter support before she was struck by 2 XiXi anti-ship missiles during a risky night raid on a massive XiXi "feed nest" (A place where they gather and eat people). 
Knowing his ship was mortally wounded but still afloat, the captain ordered the last of the planes to launch on their sorties, but they would have to return to one of her sister ships.  She would then be run aground just off the coast of New California to prevent her from sinking.  Upon running aground, she sunk into the sediment and began to lean to port. A few hours later, the soft ground underneath her gave way and she capsized. This is where she would sit for almost a full year after the siege had ended.  She was eventually cut into large pieces which were then plucked from the sea during the clean-up and taken back to the Sol system to be recycled. 

18 sailors total died in the missile strikes. Which was tragic but it was also a testament to the solid construction of the Mosquito class, and indeed all Terran built ships. It's a true statement that many species have interstellar warships that simply would not have been able to withstand such missiles and come out with only 18 casualties out of a crew of 450, so much to have kept fighting and sailed away. During the siege, and on more than one occasion, the Mosquito class did just that. Intercepted XiXi transmission reveled that they were internally referring to them as the "dead ships" as the foot soldiers began to spread rumors that the ships were already dead, and thus why they refused to die. 

A 20km long monument wall, dedicated to those lost in the siege was erected off the New California cost where many of the ships damaged from the opening salvos crashed. A granite effigy of the Moctezuma I sits atop this wall. Because of her story being one that was heard across the cosmos, she became the only ocean-going naval ships to be given an effigy on the monument. The rest were dedicated to people and places lost. The one sculpture that stands apart and draws the most attention is the "Terran flat-Top" 

Along side the "Moctezuma I" is a single Revinant-class nuclear fast-attack submarine. One of the most lethal weapons in the Terran's arsenal as it can deploy in secret and hide right off the coast of a city and no one will ever know it's there. From such a position, it can rain down both nuclear, and non-nuclear ballistic missiles, and vanish into the sea like a ghost. She features a highly advanced stealth coating and a drive based on warp-fields. So it's totally silent and has a water displacement that is almost unmeasureable. The Revinant-class has a small crew of only 12-16 and can operate for years at a time. Like the Mosquito class carrier, she's not actually limited to water oceans. Methane, Ammonia, Propane, doesn't really matter.

However in the presence of such a sea, the Mosquito would be largely useless as her carrier deck is designed to be operated in atmospheres and pressures near that of Earth. Breathing masks and coats are common, but full pressure suits are not. For the Revinant class, this isn't as much of an issue as she's already built and pressurized, much like a spaceship. In fact, the Trident class AAS San Juan was destroyed in space by a XiXi destroyer. The sub crew, on board their sub readying for launch were some of the luckiest people ever because they and their sub were blown clear of the lander and survived for 2 days, in a submarine, in space, until help arrived. They had absolutely no control of the vessels attitude, and it was spinning fast enough to make moving around challenging. If being thrown around a submarine in space wasn't bad enough, their thermal control systems were constantly overloading. Her radiators are meant to work in a liquid medium, they don't work at all in space. So many of her systems began to overheat, including her main reactor which had to be ejected from the ship. That particular sub was repaired and returned to service.  

Things mentioned:


A meeting across the ages, part 2 by FishyTree

Trident class:
Trident class AAS. (Amphibious Assault Ship) by FishyTree

Rovenvol B-3, circa CY3250 CE by FishyTree
2nd siege of RB3/ New California. 
Aftermath. by FishyTree




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