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I really like this ship. It's a really good design. In my universe this would (this would fit right in, BTW) would be classified as a "...

VERY nice! She appears to need some texture work on the aft end. Mainly along the engine pilons. I'm seeing some repeating texture ther...


Commission Logos, charts, posters, and YouTube banners.
Need art work for your new YouTube channel, or just want to refresh your old one? I can do that as well!

I charge 15$/HR for this. (additional charges may apply if 3D modeling is needed to complete the job)
Commision scenes and objects!
Need a room? or a jail cell? What about a pyramid? Boats? Sure! I can do that! I charge a flat rate of $25/hr for 3D modeling!
Commission spaceship models!
I specialize in space ship models! I charge 25$/hr for 3D modeling work. 
Commision gun models.
Need a gun model made? I can do that! My rate is 25$ / hr for all 3d models! 

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The 2nd fleet arives at Rovenvol.
Roughly 15 hours after the initial distress call was sent from the Rovenvol Central Command, the fighting had largely reached a stalemate. Ground forces on both sides had become entrenched and neither side was making any headway. Control of the planetary defense system, consisting of over 1,000 MK-8 PDG5 Planetary Defense Guns, and a small array of point defense guns and anti-air missiles was now split right down the middle with the XiXi controlling nearly half of the guns, and Terran forces controlling the other half. Meaning neither side could move reinforcements in as these guns are capable of bringing down even a Terran Dreadnought. Which at this point had already happened as the Dreadnought Uruk was confirmed down in the Vitok Ocean off the coast of New California.
Basic air support (fixed wing aircraft, helicopters, drones, shuttles, etc) could only operate in a limited capacity behind friendly lines or face a high risk of being shot down by the close-medium range, anti-air missiles mounted along side each MK-8. 

While the fighting on the ground was largely stalled, the battle for the rest of the system was raging in the favor of the XiXi forces. Only a single heavy cruiser fleet protected the system, as it was largely believed the MK-8s, as well as the proximity of the gas giant Rovenvol Beta-II would be more than sufficient to protect the moon from any large XiXi threat. The 14,452nd heavy cruiser fleet consisted of 3 Tunguska class heavy cruisers, 4 Syracuse class cruisers, 6 Olympic class escort carriers, 2 Morris class guided-missile destroyers, 2 Mi'arr Unity class destroyers, 8 Enterprize class battle frigates, and a top secret, experimental stealth heavy battle frigate dubbed the "Death Adder" 

However on this day the 4th Dreadnought fleet happened to be stopping by the system to resupply and pick up some new recruits. They became the first victims of the opening salvo. This would later turn out to be part of the plan. The entire fleet was eventually defeated by the XiXi invasion force. By the 15 hour mark, the only ships left were a single Mi'arr destroyer, the Eena (common Mi'arr female name) The Morris class destroyer William Benson, called the "Billy B"  (42nd century destroyer captain who saved over 10 million people, including the lives of his entire crew at the cost of his own life.) as well as the Death Adder, which stayed under cloak because she had no weapons installed. She was undergoing cloak tests when the invasion took place. 

The Eena took heavy damage and had been forced to retreat under conventional engines only. She had made it well beyond the range of Rovenvol's guns but, along with the also severely wounder destroyer William Benson was still being pursued by over 60 XiXi TT1227 corvettes. These ships could easily out run the wounded ships, but at this point eh XiXi were riding high on what they saw as a massive victory. They had chased the Terran forces out and at this point were literally just toying with there prey. 

Aboard the Eena, commanding officer CMDR Kova Treza'da, a former Venusian Knight commando (Mi'arr special forces) tried to keep a calm demeanor as the XiXi forces slowly closed in. Knowing full well that his ship was too badly damaged to outrun the undamaged XiXi corvettes. Though the 1227 Patrol Corvette was not a very good ship at all, being a leaky, loosely fitting mess of badly built parts and slave labor. They were still large, quite fast on average, and some even had been outfitted with warp drives. To anything but a true Terran, Unalli, or IV (Indus Voidrunners) warship. They're deadly vessels that can outrun pretty much any civilian vessel.  In prime condition, a Unity class could easli hold it's own against 10 1227s, maybe 20. But not 60+ None of that mattered, the Eena was out of ammo, shot full of holes and venting atmosphere rapidly. Her power systems were shutting down and system by system was beginning to fail. Her warp drive was long gone and her fuel tanks were all but empty. She was no match for the pursuing fleet. 

Meaning while on the Benson, an exhausted technician double checks his screen. But what he sees is correct. after a quick check he concludes the sensors are still working. His heart sinks and his nerves set in. He's picking up massive gravitational and temporal distortions in the space-time medium. Only one thing can cause such distortions, a singularity. Either a black hole was zipping towards them at FTL speeds, or other ships were approaching, and approaching fast. 
A voice comes over the radio, it's barley audible. Both ships coms systems are damaged, but together they're able to pick up the words "fleet" and "Coming in hot" 
As the crew of the Benson are still trying to figure out what or who that was, an alarm blares on the bridge. The ship had detected a masive gravity well forming in front of the ship. "Warning, gravity well detected, position ship for prograde burn"
the ship's computer stated.

"Captain, I'm receiving Terran transponder codes!"

the coms officer stated.


Captain Redford of the William Benson asked with anticipation. 

"I'm not sure sir, I'm reading at least 30 ships and...

The sensor chief paused as his face turned pale,

"What is it Ensign!?"

Redford demanded.

The clearly scared Ensign, trying to make the best of the info he was getting from his damaged sensors stated with a shaky voice "Whatever it is sir, it's massive.." 

With the radio message and the sensor date, Redford made a decision that may have saved the crews of both wounded ships. Getting on the radio he stated "Eena, this is "Billy B", we're picking up Terran warships on approach at high FTL, massive bow shock 

After completing the sentence he got on the ships intercom and said "All hands, brace for impact!" 

Seconds later the black sky flashed white and blue as the 2nd fleet disengaged their warp drives and joined the fight. XiXi ships put their throttle to full power in an attempt to complete their kill. As the main hanger door on Nineveh opened, her guns roared to life "Dorsal towers, covering fire! Hanger chief, stand by for emergency procedure Gamma 0-3-0, ship in distress. Cruiser element, move to provide containment. Black Knight squadron is clear for launch!" CJ-V ordered from Nineveh's CIC. 

As Nineveh's overwhelming firepower dominated the sky, The XiXi ships either fell to the guns or tucked tail and ran. Immediately upon arrival her battle group spread out to provide a "green zone" or "safe zone" around the supercarrier as well as rescuing survivors on drifting ships in the area. This was a small victory as a massive XiXi fleet was also waiting to strike just outside of the range of the MK-8 guns. No one was going to get anywhere unless the MK-8s fell from XiXi control. Inspired by his distant past, CJ-V hatched a plan. During the battle for Chicago in 2077, CJ-V was still trying to prove his loyalty to humanity. As a show of good faith, he joined the United States Marine Corps and quickly becoming a Scout Sniper. He and his spotter neutralized 15 AAA emplacements in one night with nothing but a small tool kit.  They literally snuck from gun to gun and took all the firing pins out of the guns and put them back together in the dead of night without making a sound.  Nobody ever knew it happened until they tried to use the guns. 

This was essentially his plan, except this time just taking out the firing pin was not an option, as on these guns it's the size of a large pick up truck. There's another option. The MK-8 PDG5 is made by Starlite Armory. If it says "Starlite" before it, CJ-V owns it, and probably designed it. This was absolutely the case with the MK-8. In fact, like most things Starlite makes. CJ incorporated a secret back door to the software of the guns. All he'd need to do is get within 2 meters of the control board and he could wireless hack it and shut it down. Or better yet, take control back. Worst case scenario they'd just shoot up the sensitive electronics that control the gun. It CAN be aimed and fired manually, but it's not an easy process. 

Destroying the guns, while necessary would only be a means to accomplish their actual mission. Uruk was down, and a Divinity class Dreadnought Supercarrier cannot fall into enemy hands. CJ-V assembled a small JSOC team, and acquired a 
man-portable neutronium bomb capable of destroying Uruk if she could not be salvaged.


This image is a "continuation" (this is actually first) of this image. The events above take place before the events in this one:
  Aftermath. by FishyTree

This image is also kind of a "redo" of my recent "Carrier Ops" pic. I screwed up big time on the holographic display and had to remake it. (The green is meant to be safe, yet it literally hit the hull lol)

A few notes:
The line "
procedure Gamma 0-3-0, ship in distress."
Is a fast way of saying "shut down the artificial gravity in the hanger and set up for emergency birthing and damage control on a wounded ship." 

"Black Knight Squadron" is the frigate squadron assigned to the 2nd fleet. 
"Eena" Is pronounced "E-Nah"
"Mi'arr" is pronounced "My-R"

The exact moment of this image is right after CJ-V sates "Covering fire."

The guns firing are the standard Starlite Q-4 
quad-barreled rail gun turrets. The purple beams are the RG-6 FHPC (Forced Hydrogen Plasma Cannon)

Mons class LDSE / MTC. (MK-3 Redo) (WIP)
An early version of the "MK-3" Mons class Long Duration Science Explorer / Mars Transit Cruiser (LDSE / MTC) An early 22nd century, interplanetary cruiser designed mainly as a semi luxurious transport between Earth and Mars.  Featuring 2 counter-rotation habitation rings, a series of inflatable modules, a hydroponics bay, landers / life boats, giant PV arrays, and a bunch of new stuff like the robotic arm. (it's a "modified" landing leg lol.) 2 armed military variants of the Mons class were present in the interception fleet when the Mi'arr super ark entered the Sol System.
Here's the MK-1, I made it a very long time ago.
21st century cruiser, side view. by FishyTree

The MK-2, better but still quite square and with some major mesh issues. The MK-3 will look a lot like this when it's done, just better :)
mid 21st century Mars Transit Cruiser. REDUX. 4k by FishyTree
Carrier Ops / new saucer.
The Divinity class supercarriers Nineveh and Uruk pick up damaged ships and resupply others during combat operations. A Mi'arr Unity class Destroyer can be seen being brought on board via tractor beam while a Morris class guided missile destroyer docks under it's own power. A Tunguska class cruiser receives fuel and ammo while another prepares to land on Nineveh's external carrier deck. 
Both ships, though built very differently use identical holographic guidance systems for incoming ships that most large stations use. They are standardized as much as possible so that all approaches feel roughly the same to the pilots.

They're color coded, Red = dead / unsafe approach and blue = safe approach. These two colors squares taper inward towards the green ovals which indicate the ideal approach vector. It's pretty simply and straight forward, As long as you stay within the blue lines, you're good. There are also arrows which indicate the direction of travel and white rectangles that also move in that direction. Some ships, like the Morris class are small enough that one can go either way.  But with a Unity class being brought on board, any outgoing ships must wait until it's inside and out of the way before the arrows switch directions and they can launch. 

You can't see it in this image, but there are some in my gallery that do. But there's 4 adjustable runways on the "floor" of the hanger enterence. Each of these runways is over a mile long. They are designed for fixed wing aircraft. The Divinity class can land, and on many worlds that they visit the best they have is traditional aircraft or airships. Large jets and the like are actually quite common. Her runways is plenty long and wide enough to accommodate even the largest "super-jumbos" of the 20th and 21st centuries.  The main hanger makes up the majority of the internal hull. In fact, the hanger bay ends at the aft "access supply bridge"

"adjustable runways" means just that, they move and shift at will. They can be "fused" to make one really wide, empty lot. Or made into 4 runways with full refueling, loading, and unloading facilities. These are used much less frequently, as they're literally only there for diplomatic aircraft to land. For example, an aircraft such as Air Force One would be the type of visitor they'd expect to see. The ship also doesn't have to land to make such a landing possible, it can just remain stationary and allow the plane to land. It's probably possible to "catch" the plane from behind, but these ships just don't maneuver that well. They'd be far more likely to hit the plane. 

The main reason for this image is the new saucer. It's looking good but not done yet. Mostly, but not totally.  You can see one spot, where at some point, Someone thought it would be a good idea to fire a fairly large machine gun at Nineveh. On most Terran ships, this would be cleaned and repainted quite quickly. But CJ-V believes that's a waste of time and resources, and that "The battle scars show the enemy we're not afraid to fight" 

There's also a massive amount of scratches, which were caused during a conflict known as the "J2 Incident" in which a massive spaceport was held for ransom by Voidrunner pirates. The spaceport SS107-J2 on the Terran / Indus Voidrunner boarder was built with a massive internal space where vast numbers of small ships could dock. This space had 2 massive doors that slid open around the cylindrical station. These doors were shut and locked tight. The pirates refused to negotiate and at the end of day 3 the pirates began to shut off the stations life support and vent the station of atmosphere. With time running out, the door needed to be opened, fast. There were other ways in and out, but there would be no way to get all the occupants of the station out through a few small maintenance hatches. Or to get enough troops in fast enough. 

So, to open in the door. Instead of shooting it open and risking hitting one of the many docked ships antimatter or neutronium tanks. CJ had 3 large Marines elements assemble in drop ships, had his crew strap into to their crash potions, and had his pilot set a collision course with the doors. Upon impact, the armored warship blasted through the civilian station like bullet through a tin can, wedging Nineveh into the station and causing both ship and station to spin. This was enough to get the Marines on the station, who secured it fairly quickly. It took another 2 days to get the occupants of the stations off, and to get Nineveh unwedged without tearing the station in half. When they were separated, SS107-J2 was deemed to damaged to occupy until it could be repaired, which it eventually was. Nineveh had some damage as well, The entire particle deflector unit had to be replaced, a few panels got bent or torn off, all of the holo-emitter towers on the top of the forward saucer were all sheared off as well.

The most tedious repair however was the airbags and seatbelts. (Yes, ALL Terran ships have both seat belts AND airbags, and enough for every crew member, that's over 5000 airbags and seat-belt tensioners that had to be replaced) When she hit the station, it was likened to a 30mph+ car accident. So not pleasant or smooth by any means.  No one was seriously injured, but many people were a bit sore, had bumps and bruises, a few bloody noses and broken bones. Nothing the infirmary can't fix in under an hour. The worst part was the entire inside of the ship smelled like burnt rubber, metal, and electronics for the next 2 weeks. It was so bad the first few nights that large numbers of the crew camped out in the main hanger as it was the only place that it was bearable. The smell soaked into everything and it took multiple air circulations and cleanings before it went away. The only people who didn't seem to mind were a few Unalli exchange officers who actually seemed to quite like it, and CJ-V. As an android he's capable of smelling it, and wouldn't find it pleasant either. Difference is he can block the smell from registering. 
Starlite Aerospace RQ-277 Vortex assault drone. #2
Did some major updates, looks much better now IMO. Still some things to do. I'm juggling this and the Divinity class forward engine. 
Divinity class re-texturing. Forward AWR.
I've been working with Substance Painter recently and really love it. It makes things that are very unintuitive and complicated in Blender as easy as "drawing it on".  I've started doing a full redo of everything basically. All the ships will be getting a re-texture eventually, but the Divinity class is first. This is half of the forward AWR (Alcubierre Warp Ring).  I'm going to do a bit more work here as there are still a few things I'm not happy with.  Basically everything along the center line of the engine is covered by another peace anyway, so I wont spend a lot of time on that. But most of where it's black will get redone. (those scratch marks are WAY to big)  Some of the greebles also will need to be moved to accommodate the tractor beam and deflector unit. More will be added as well, plus the ones that are there arn't all done yet.... Ahhh! I'm getting burned out for the night. lol. 
Starlite Aerospace RQ-277 Vortex assault drone.
The Starlite Aerospace RQ-277 "Vortex" assault drone is an exo-atmospheric fighter drone carrying 2, 25mm gatling guns and 8 STS-145 "Star Sparrow" anti-ship missiles. The vortex can operate autonomously, or by remote control quite effectively but is designed to be used in large swarms. A large swarm of these drones can easily overwhelm most small or medium sized starships point defenses, and even destroy or disable them. They're largely ineffective against the largest capital ships as those tend to have armor that is simply to thick for the Star Sparrow missile to penetrate, which is designed for small and medium sized targets. 

The RQ-277 uses 3 hydrolox rocket engines as her main engines with 18 monopropellant RCS thrusters for maneuvering. They have short flight times at around 20 minutes before they must refuel, however this is usually more than enough time. to complete it's mission.  They are cheap and easily produced. Some of the newest carriers, such as the Divinity class and most recent Olympic class carriers have production facilities on board as these drones are largely considered expendable. They are rarely recovered if damaged and adrift, rather they self destruct. If the drone however is undamaged yet simply out of fuel. Recovery MAY be attempted if it's safe to do so.


A few things I gotta finish on this.
-The turret bubbles are REALLY rough and need to be totally remade.  I see it, lol. 
A few textures also have some "off" effects. I've basically been going at it all day though. (on and off, but still) I'll get back to it tomorrow as I'm really enjoying using Substance Painter. It's an amazing software. 
RQ-277 Exo-Atmospheric assault drone. (WIP)
The modeling is largely done. Just texturing now in Substance Painter. Still fairly new to substance painter, by what a software!
I really like this ship. It's a really good design. In my universe this would (this would fit right in, BTW) would be classified as a "Heavy Battleship" or "Dreadnought" depending on which civilization or faction built it. One thing I've noticed is that the Akurian ships all have a very similar bridge design? Somewhat reminiscent to a Zumwalt destroyer? Anyway, I like that shape with the sharp angles. It really compliments the ship's shape.
I'd really like to see the bottom and aft views of this.

One question, the wings / engine mounts / guns decks? Whatever they are on this ship, I guess a bit of all 3? Anyway, just aft of them, and right before the front of them. What are the white circles? Just curious.

So some critiques:

Those big guns got mile+ long barrels. IDK if I'd do that. A big ship like this should carry more "small" guns. By small, they'd still be massive guns that dwarf anything we've ever even considered building in real life. I'd also add more of them as the ship almost looks a little underwhelming. A huge number of smaller guns tends to look better than a few big ones. That's of course just my opinion.

Check out this video, it's a good explication of the different kinds of ships in Sci-Fi. What works, doesn't and why, with some good basic rules to follow. Worth a watch. It's only 10m.
First attempt at using Substance Painter.
Working on the Uzi. After some good advice from I finally bought Substance Painter.  I really like it so far. 
IWI Mini Uzi - Retextured
So the original job I did in the video was rushed beyond reason. From now on, I'll just do the modeling in videos. I plan to make more videos, but that last one... Not my best work, but that's OK, they can't all be winners! Well, after some work and buying some new HDRs, I think this is much better. Still a few things, but it's time for dinner!
Blender Speed build video! IWI Mini Uzi.
My second Blender speed build video! I make one of the most recognizable guns ever made, the IWI Mini Uzi.

Check out the video here!…
Custom M16 with M203
This is an asset for my comic. It's a modified version of the same AR model I've made a few variations of. 
Bathroom Gunfight. Format test.
This is a scene I made to test the format for my Starlite series. I'm thinking of doing 2-10 paragraphs, then an illustration, repeat, more or less.  The story is right out of my notes. Literal copy-paste. It's essentially a covert op gone bad in a very public place. It takes takes place in the very earliest days of the series. In the mid to late 2070s. The "agents" are hard to explain in a few words, but essentially at this time. Most nations are divided between authoritarian and libertarian ideals. The United Coastal Front is a communist dictatorship, controlling the east coast of the United states, while the New American Republic controls the west and middle. These agents are communist assassins, there to kill a UCF defector with vital tactical information regarding the UCF's air defense grid. Five and his team were inserted into the truck stop diner where the meeting was to take place between the defector and NAR forces undercover in case UCF spooks decided to crash the party. They did, at one point firing a 40mm M203 grenade directly at CJ, it missed him but hit a support pillar right next to him and still did quite a bit of damage, clearly. 
Starlite Armory M616 DMR
First introduced in 2123, The Starlite Arnory M616 DMR is an extremely accurate, semi-self aiming, AR platform rifle with a 10 inch (25cm) barrel and integral suppressor. It comes chambered in 10mm Starlite (that's a big bullet, a standard AR mag will fit them but a 30 round mag will only hold 10 rounds)  Like any other AR platform rifle with a unique stock, it requires a buffer tube adapter which comes with it to install any other AR upper. You could of course, remove the folding stock and replace it with a standard AR stock and buffer tube if you so choose. 

It is rated for a 4 inch group at 650 meters with a maximum effective range of 1100 meters with the included Starlite Armory SpyGlass IR smart scope that is included with the rifle. It is also designed to be ideal in close combat scenarios as well with a 3 round burst function and included 45 degree canted mini-holographic sight. The round it fires, the 10mm Starlite is a big, heavy round. Likened to the "smarter little brother of the .50 BMG." It is a devastating round, with exceptional knockdown power and a wide range of different types of rounds.  Everything from smart guided rounds with shaped charges in the tip, mini drones, to armor piercing incendiaries and regular old dumb rounds. 

The M616 is not the most popular rifle out there for official units. It is however very popular among freighter crews as it cheap, reliable, comes with some nice accessories, and most importantly can fire smart frangible rounds which wont penetrate their ship's hull. They're popular for average civilians as well for similar reasons.  Despite it not being in the Terran Alliance's catalog of "approved service weapons"
It is used with a few police and military units. Most notably it is the standard issue service rifle for Terran Civil Patrol officers. It is also used by the Baltis Vallis Police Department on Venus, the Alaskan State Troopers and NYPD, on Earth. Though the NYPD does not include the thermal scope or suppressor.  And later on by the Van de Graff Police Department on Luna. Other units and groups do use it, but they're no where near as large. Such as many private contractors on the Jovian moons and well beyond like them for their integrated thermal scope. Out in the frigid cold of deep space, that Thermal scope shows all. 

And no, they don't come stock with "pew" on the selector, that's just for this specific rifle. 
What is happening on this site? PLEASE READ!
I received a note through DA, where it lead was short, but absolutely insane. What do you guys make of this? This isn't really art, and maybe should be a forum post. Whatever. I've been going over it for hours now. Trying to figure it out




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