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ViStart True Aero 6

By Fishy-Fish
This is probably the best release of the ViStart True Aero Series! As you can tell by the screenshot, there are some changes I've made with the buttons. Well, I'll list those changes down below.


Added some white at the button and the top of the Lock and the Arrow key using Vista Screenshots for true Aero experience.

Added a better Yellow start menu button (now primary button instead of red, red included)

Change ViStart Build from 2502 to 2699! Build 2699 is compatible with WindowBlinds and no need to exclude it from skinning.

Build 2699 details
As I said earlier, ViStart is now compatible with WindowBlinds and starts up a lot quicker too! Though when it stops responding or the start menu doesn't appear the first time, it has a tendency of not responding until you end it in Task Manager and start it up again. But, the newest build is still great!

How to install

First, you must extract all contents in ViStart_True_Aero.rar to any folder you want. Then run installme.bat. Then run ViStart.exe! It's simple!

I hope you enjoy this brand new version of the ViStart True Aero Series! Comments are very welcome :D

Portugese Version
WindowsNET has made an excellent Potugese version for all you brazilians and portugese. Here's the link! [link]

©Copyright Fishy-Fish

You may not redistribute this skin for ViStart without my permission. If you copy or pirate this skin for ViStart, legal action will be taken.
© 2008 - 2021 Fishy-Fish
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Very good! More could make a partnership! I Put the post from ViUltimate The Perfect 2, the link to its creation if the readers want in English, and you put that post the link to the ViStart perfect in EN-US ie ViUltimate The Perfect 2.0!
Well ok that was actually a reply to WindowsNet's comment
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I am sorry? I couldn't really understand what you said.
WindowsNET's avatar
A partnership, you put a link from my ViStart (The ViUltimate Perfect 2.0) in the description of their TrueAero (If users want a Portuguese version)
And I put a link to their TrueAero the description in my "the ViUltimate perfect 2.0" (If users want the English version)
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Ah, that's a great idea!
WindowsNET's avatar
OK! We put your link :D
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hey now this is the bestt version of ViStart T.A ! yet.
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