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evolution sketch speculate 2 :iconfishut564:fishut564 1 0
Rabbit evo final speculation? by fishut564 Rabbit evo final speculation? :iconfishut564:fishut564 3 4
The start of something beautiful
5 months after the gondola incident
There was a raccoon in the building what looked to be a unfinished building walking trying to find something or someone he had his trusty cane and thief gear ready for a fight but sly had a concerned look on his face because a certain vixen was missing he wasn't with his original team because they were in hiding after society in Paris started to become corrupt
"Ok this is the last floor where is" before he could finish he heard crying in a room a couple doors away from him so he jogged over and peeked to see carmelita soaked in blood with bodies around her sobbing violently she clearly killed those people what looked to be 10 sly approached her and keeled down cautiously
"Carm what happened why did you do this" no response she did pointed over to a pair of foxes tied in a chair that resembled her it took sly a minute to realize it
"Shhhh I know how it feels" Carmelita looks at him still with tears in her eyes and was still in a fragile mood and whimp
:iconfishut564:fishut564 2 2
Power over justice?
It was a typical night chasing The notorious Sly cooper after stealing a ruby necklace from a gambling mafia psycho who oddly enough had both ruthless thugs and what seemed to be a rag tag group of interpol guards too though sly thought about it for a moment until his train of thought was shot down literally by the intimidating inspector fox.
"This time I got you now" she said tackling sly off the building and onto a gondola
the raccoon was stunned at this she actually was getting better at his "game" so he got her off him and got to a far end of the gondola while she standed on the far end side of it
"I must say your catching me off guard" he was brushing himself off from the fall
"Heh maybe todays the day now hands where I can see them" at this point she was not having any "mistakes" on this attempt maybe it was the one.
"Ok so tell me what I need to be doing again refresh my memory" Said a fellow inspector from interpol who was a dark wolf with a few brown spots on his arm
:iconfishut564:fishut564 1 2
"I dont understand what ever happened to justice"
"Heh justice was just pretty word to pretend people are actually safe there easily manipulated so we could just make up a story and people would believe us we would stay powerful"
"How could you"
"See without you and her any resistance would just scatter"
"I just want to look you in the eyes as I watch you die"
"Goodbye "Ringtail""
:iconfishut564:fishut564 1 0
When Miracles come part 3
During slys nightmare
Carmelita was just sitting there with bentley and murray all are having a little celebration in a small living room at hear apartment on finding sly bentley and murray were thrilled to have him back but carmelita just felt guilty after there last journey together
" It took me this long to see that ringtails side he family comes from this vigilante style if only my anger didn't FUCKIN but in he could of explained" she thought and accidently kick one of the legs on the chair making her yelp a little
"you ok" murray said in confusion "yep just fine" she replies she remembered she had sly in her bed and its been a few hours since they found sly in the desert
"I'm gonna check up on cooper ok DON'T trash the place ok" she said with a intimidating look especially at murray "what?" he replied in a worried tone "just saying"
She walked in her room and sat near the bed pulling a chair looking at his unconscious body regretting what see did now trying to think what she can d
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Mature content
When Miracles come part 2 :iconfishut564:fishut564 1 6
When Miracles come Part 1
When Miracles Come
The deserts holds many dangerous elements water shortage,animals and even the heat. But that worse thing happened to a certain master thief none other than sly cooper. After months of an  event that separated him and his life to what he thinks is forever he couldn't help but feel torn up about it now hes trailing into the unknown in the desert hoping to find someone or something in the wasteland after stealing an egyptian scarab barely making it out before he could get cornered  
"Come on theres gotta be another town somewhere" He said agitated but exhausted due to the fact hes in the middle of nowhere and the sun started to set dragging the hook of his cane on the floor of the sand while having his other hand wipe off his sweat."Well I never thought I would die this way" he sighed a bit broken up within his voice convinced that his friends and lover was out of the question trying to keep his mind to from focusing on the Intense heat
Suddenly he sees someth
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