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The Cognitive Functions of an INTP (MBTI) by FishOni The Cognitive Functions of an INTP (MBTI) by FishOni
I had to make sure they had the same body type and height since they're "the same person" and it was annoying 9w9
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TaikutsuPlex Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2018  New Deviant
Ti Ne Si Fe

INTPs will dominate the world !!! Mwahahaha !

Glory to science and relativism !!!
LonixGray-12 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2018  Student General Artist
Haja como uma INFP... Faça uma propositalmente maior que a outra pra representar melhor a hierarquia ahshuauahau
FishOni Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2018
StyrTD Featured By Owner Edited Jun 2, 2018
Oh, same for ENTP please! :clap:

Drive this Si bog mummy straight to hell while making Fe slyly smile and Ne finally escalating... cheers.
FishOni Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2018
The only real ENTP reference I have is my ex-boyfriend, so that's a bit iffy, but I'll try to come up with something when I'm less busy...
StyrTD Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2018
Okey-dokey, I've just been curious because I like how you personificate your MBTI type. I can pretty much relate to the cynical Ti thingy (yeah, it sometimes can be stressful even as an Aux function) and how Fe suddenly drowns this with its love to harmony and be friends with the world - without it one could literally take me for a nazi...

But to be honest, this won't be a hard one; you seem to be an INTP with well-developed Fe (can't tell that about my Si so kudos) and Ne is still something with great influence in your way of thinking. If it's still harder to deduce than it seems, just ask me - I'll surely have some motivational ideas!
FishOni Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2018
I know exactly what you mean, Ti as a person would probably be a eugenist >__>

The similarity of our types should make it easier for me, but I'll definitely ask you for ideas if I get stuck. Thank you, and please develop your bog mummy :XD:
StyrTD Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2018
I'm not joking if I say I actually consider(ed) this in context of MBTI... I'm so extremely sorry #ISTJ #INFP

Ne: 'Bog mummy' three times in a row? I have so many names for this cheesy, stinky codfish of Si and she's just re-typing without giving me an own impetus... boooring!
Ti: Rhetorics work - but wait, she said more: 'Please develop your bog mummy'. Ne, she has a point. Our personality is unhealthy at this moment and freeing Si is the logical consequence to improve the situation, even though it means to restrict you in your position as dominant function. Or not? Wouldn't you even be wholer with Si? pondering
Fe: YASYASYASYASYASYASYAS she copied it... THRICE! This is so meaningful :3 - We'll get bezt frienz soon *_*
Ti: Shut up you hypocrital creep, you're blowing up everything. I need to get dominant asap
Ne: Not if I decide to publish it and check the reaction! fun
Ti: Meh, she has other things to do than reading this bullshit. Although, I admit as a Ti-dom she is bringing up interesting things
Fe: You said she'd be boring, that's not nice! ;(
Si: This has been a unique experiment, it's more sure to do this with a closer friend. 
Ne: If this personality's name were 'INTP' you actually had to announce something here - but since I'M the boss and you the inferior dipshit, I'll do whatever I want!
Fe/Ti: Shouldn't we better edit some parts for better reliability/politeness...
Ne: [Submit Comment]
FishOni Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2018
You mean, Fi, Te, and Si working together? What could go wrong?

(Si) This guy has no idea about how useful I can be.
(Ti) Repeating his joke should've made him feel validated...?
(Fe) I think it did, in a way?!
(Ne) Wow I'm SO stiff compared to his Ne and it's not even a language problem :( He's too clever
(Si) You mean tiring, that's why we're wary of dating ENTPs
(Fe) Not tiring, funny!!!
(Si) Bog mummy, bog mummy, I'll never forget this......
(Ti) He said we said bog mummy 3 times when in fact it was only 2
(Ne) Ok that's enough of this word for today
(Si) I didn't know this word before and it does look like my avatar, that's why it made an impression on me!
(Ti) Why are you justifying yourself? Why are we typing this?? What is happening??? 
(Fe) We must try pleasing his hyperactive Ne somewhat. [send]
StyrTD Featured By Owner Edited Jun 6, 2018
[Ti] You are a genius - I love validation! But wait, which ilk? Irrational validation, to let me remain in wrong beliefs? Or rather emotional validation where the only danger is to use the wrong dose? Hmm... hard to tell without knowing the person's emotional mood, ay?

Give Fe a chance, you will see she makes your reasoning truly logical... and: You can rescue others from their stupidity with it, if people (cough Fi) are a bit "alternative" in their thinking or just don't want constant intellectuality at all. You burn bridges and done make them listen to you if you don't, auxiliary Ti is already enough for that. Also, it's a neat sort of alcohol too if you're about to date an ENTP (or any other type) next time.

[Ne] You're way more focussed than my dominant Ne, thanks to Ti and Si! Sure, developing my Si would make it less disjointed too, but even as a second function you're a strong choice and the immediate partner of your boss Ti. What would be if she were an ISTJ? Consider this and be glad to be 2nd, not last. :^) and block out loops, or else hell starts for ye

[Si] I was joking, one point where you lack strength because seeing the present situation is not your task. My dominant Ne couldn't survive without you: It would slowly disappear into a pure nirvana and lose all grip on reality or past events. Those witty puns, analogies and vocabulary don't appear from nowhere: It's you who makes it working clearly (along with Ti giving it logic and Fe making it "compatible" to others), and Ne is the engine who turns and combines your raw data into the awesome inventions we have been doing. Making it mature is actually a true blessing for an ENTP.

[Fe] Live in peace with Ti, she needs you.

I think my "Si" conflict has almost disappeared the last years; some of my best friends are ISTJs. Their down-to-earthness and reliability as good friends, along with a great specific knowledge about special topics is really soothing is making them one of my favorite S types (along with ISTP and ESTP). I do have a problem with XNFPs when it comes to discussing issues, I usually want them to "wake up" because I want them to do the right choices and remind them of illogical opinions I want to change for mere truth [Ti] or justice [Fe]. However, especially INFPs can have an extremely hard time with me and vice versa: A formerly good INFP friend, whom I requested to be honest to me when I appear hurting in any way (I would have wanted to fix this) called me intimidating and extremely ruthless behind my back. This was intensely upsetting me; to me she acted like an insincere coward with the emotional intelligence of a five-year old who gave a shit of improving themself [practically a combo of Ne/Ti/Fe with some loop tendencies]; I even considered to declare this mentally disabled behavior. Yeah, the last thing kinda shows how hot-tempered I can get when something doesn't fit me and even honesty isn't valued because of a firewall of emotionality.
FishOni Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2018
I see you are analyzing and praising my functions, for some reason. Since our functions are the same, of course you'd know how they work (aka I agree with everything you said, thanks)! Yep, Ti would be nothing without Fe, auxiliary Ne still has a lot of influence, and Si I find acts both as a rock and a giant library. Also makes it easier for us to conform with tradition, routine and the fact that most people are Sensors. I like your engine analogy.

I know exactly what you mean about INFPs and ISTJs! It's much easier to initially connect with NFs, but they're rarely reliable like SJs. Not sure why I also value consistency and concrete knowledge so much, but I do. ISTJs in special do make great friends (not like I ever managed to get close to one to say).

Fi-doms can be a nightmare for sure. Most of my friends are/were Fi-doms, and we always faced those exact same problems, among others I'm sure you know about. Hey, you know something is bad when not even Ne and Fe can deal with it.
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