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Home decorating can truly come from the heart, and for many of us our love for water and fishing is our primary passion other than family and spirituality. When it comes time to decorating a new home or redecorating your current home, consider using fish replicas ( also known as fish mounts) as they can add a special touch that displays your love for the outdoors and the passion you feel every time you feel white fishing. fishingequipmentstores

Determining the correct fish replica, with the mindset of enhancing your decorating project is the first point of consideration. Generally the interior decorator will base their decision on three basic issues; species, color, size.

Fish replicas are available in pretty much every type of fish species that are known to be catchable. Considering a certain species is usually a decision made when the owner of the home is favorable to certain types of fishing or has enjoyed the thrill of a once in a lifetime catch. Some of the more popular fish species used for decorating a home interior are sailfish, marlin and mahi mahi, also known as dorado and dolphin (the fish, not flipper).

Fortunately, fish replicas come in the full array of the color and there are even some very eccentric fish mounts available for the lavish and non-traditional decorating ideas. Color is normally a key component in any interior decorator's plan. There are replicas that are bright red, many that have blues and greens, and if you are looking for a more subtle approach there are hundreds of species that contain silvers, gray, khaki and browns. The more extravagant replicas are custom painted mounts that can have any color you like and can contain flames, fire, animal patterns such as zebra or cheetah and even names or logos incorporated.

Size can sometimes be the main focus on choosing the replica. If size is the issue then the best way to find the perfect fish replica is to visit a fish mount company and start searching through the different species for fish that fit into your size constraints. Sailfish fish mounts vary in sizes from 42 inches all the way up to 120 inches. Smaller sailfish are reproductions of juvenile fish but work well in tight, contained spaces while larger sailfish (or any billfish; marlin, swordfish) can really help to fill a void on a large wall, especially if the home has high open ceilings.

No matter what your decorating plan may be, a fish mount can be easily added to give you that extra special feel while showcasing your love for the outdoors and your passion for fishing.

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