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HxH - Gon and Killua

I finally finished this omfg ;-;

Gon Freecss, Killua Zoldyck (c) Hunter x Hunter
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can we dowload it

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I love it, also do you do requests?? If not it's okay, my apologies if I asked.
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Hi and thank you! <3 I'm afraid I don't do requests, sorry!

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Nice job with Hunter X Hunter characters!
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Would you be OK with me having this as a tattoo? I'm putting together 2 anime sleeves and this is exactly what I wanted for HxH! I felt it only right to ask your permission.
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No problem! I'm honored you enjoy my art enough to want it inked :)
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Awesome, thanks. I'll get a picture up once it's done!
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really amazing! congratulations!
Wow I see you are extremely skilled.I and one friend have come up witha manga plot , but we cant make our own manga because our drawing skills are very poor.If you are interested in getting paid to make our manga , contact this email address.
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Lovely picture of our hunter boys - quite expressive.
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I love your art style!
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woooooooooowwww, this is perfect!!!
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I love itttttttttttttttttttttttt
Holy spaghettis the coloring is so awesome *o*
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Toooo perfect.....Luffy Anime Emoji (Cry) [V4] 
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Oh my goodness this is sooo cool!!!! Really awesome work, this is amazing!! :D :D :D
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Lol I found you this easily xD
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I'm going to miss this series...:iconyuicryplz:
Wait what... it's leaving ;-;

no... this can't be happening... 
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Hunter X Hunter (2011) finished with its last episode 148 a while ago...:iconyuicryplz:
Nooooooo whyyyyyyyyyyy

Will it start again...?

Racing Girl Emoji (You meanie) [V2] MCE sad :(  :'( cry Racing Girl Emoji (Please forgive me) [V3] 

(dies from a broken heart) 
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