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[$] Zoey - Totally Stuffed Island

Cute little comm I did! I’d love to maybe draw more of these girls in the future? Gwen? Britt? Hehe

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Her breasts, belly, hips, ass and legs are all wonderfully proportioned and thickened here

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Definitely Bridgette

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Nice work on this.

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I kinda miss the show and they gave the reboot such a teen titans go treatment
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Zoey looks like she let herself go/ <3

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Fantastic job! This is the best version of total drama in a different style I’ve ever seen!

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I wish I could draw like you.
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Lots of practice and referencing. Took me about 10 years to go from basic stick figures to this
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First of all thanks for the advice. Second, thanks for replying.
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Np! I recommend first place to start is to just draw a lil bit every day. Get yourself into the habit of drawing daily, and progress will naturally follow :)
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Sounds logical. Again thank you. I have stumbled across your art only recently on my former Account. I was immediatly a fan.
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Aw, I really appreciate that! And good luck with the arting
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Thanks. Have a great day.
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