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Male Reader x Ruby Rose (RWBY) - Episode 8
Well, the people have spoken! XD On a serious level I would like to thank all of you for continuing to read this story and wanting it to continue, it really means allot to me when someone appreichiates my work and the fact that I have done 8 (9 if you count the prolouge) of these now and the support has stayed constant is a real uplifting thought. So, sucking up out of the way:
(Y/n) - your name
(L/n) - last name
(H/c) - hair colour
(H/l) - hair length
(H/s) - hair style
(E/c) - eye colour
(A/n) - author note
Last Time On Dragon Ball RWBY:
Ruby: I love you (y/n)
(Y/n): I love you too Ruby
With feelings finally shared, the two headed back to Beacon. I wonder what they're doing now?...
(Y/n): Ruby wait
Ruby: Look, I know you might feel a bit awkward talking to Ozpin again after your outburst before but I really think-
:iconcaptainredda:CaptainRedDA 17 2
I'm gonna get you little man! by NineTailFoxG I'm gonna get you little man! :iconninetailfoxg:NineTailFoxG 349 19 A hero or a villain by jihichan A hero or a villain :iconjihichan:jihichan 84 3 the gang by jihichan the gang :iconjihichan:jihichan 234 15 Achievement Hunter's vs Vanoss' Crew by Jacob-Cross Achievement Hunter's vs Vanoss' Crew :iconjacob-cross:Jacob-Cross 87 19 Kid Kazan by Kawa-V Kid Kazan :iconkawa-v:Kawa-V 115 10 GODZILLA and REXY by SAKURAIsakurai GODZILLA and REXY :iconsakuraisakurai:SAKURAIsakurai 99 20 The King and the God by eatalllot The King and the God :iconeatalllot:eatalllot 837 108 Saved by Godzilla by AmirKameron Saved by Godzilla :iconamirkameron:AmirKameron 338 75 just sample illustration by Soviet-red-bear just sample illustration :iconsoviet-red-bear:Soviet-red-bear 30 10
(Faunus!Male) Reader X Yang: Happy Birthday!
(Y/N)= Your name
{____}= What someone is thinking
(F/C)= Fave Color
About you: You are just turning 18 Yang is 19. This is an modern AU. Also, your a cat faunus.
~Reader P.O.V.~
I wake up in Yang's arms, before purring a bit and hugging her back softly. Yang was really nice to me, and my only friend at Beacon Police Academy. In fact, just recently she became my girlfriend. I purr louder at that thought and nuzzle closer to my taller girlfriend.
"(Y/N)?" Yang looks down and sees me blushing dark red, before giggling an pulling me up to be eye to eye. "Happy birthday my kitty witty!!!" Yang laughs and hugs me tight before kissing me deeply, which of course I kiss back.
After a few minutes we both break for air, panting heavily as she places her forehead against mine. "Yang?"
"What do you want to do today, since you JUST turned 18?" Yang winks at me, causing my blush to darken and Yang to giggle.
"Uhh... I'm f-fine with whatever." Yang raises an eyebrow before pulling the blankets off and
:iconderpyjackson:derpyjackson 64 12
(Male) Reader X Blake: Her Other Side
 (Y/N)= your name
 {____}= What someone is thinking
 Author's note: I know it's two in a row, but right now I feel early and behind in the series, so I don't feel like I can make much fics.
 About you: You have been dating Blake Belladonna for a year and a half, and your the only one she is willing to show her 'cat' side to. Which makes all the other members of Team RWBY jealous.
 Walking through the halls you look behind you to see the girl of your dreams. "(Y/NNN)!" Blake Belladonna hug tackles you to the floor before rubbing her head against yours. "I missed you!" You chuckle and rub your hands through her silky dark hair.
 "I missed you too." She blushes and starts to purr. God you loved it when she purred. "So how was your day?" She looks at you and frowns cutely.
 "Terrible!" You sigh and scratch her behind her ear.
 "Oh come on it can't be that bad."
 "Yes it was! I have no classes with you!" You chuckle and kiss her forehead. "Hey (Y
:iconderpyjackson:derpyjackson 105 75
(art Trade) Awoken And Basth by shawnventura (art Trade) Awoken And Basth :iconshawnventura:shawnventura 4 2 Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man by DestinyWarlock Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man :icondestinywarlock:DestinyWarlock 12 0 RWBY - Chibi Glynda~ Class by HOSEN-HOSEN-HOCEN RWBY - Chibi Glynda~ Class :iconhosen-hosen-hocen:HOSEN-HOSEN-HOCEN 164 10 Cain by MOAB23 Cain :iconmoab23:MOAB23 121 20


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i just bred a druddigon and a growlithe for online play but i dont know what to name them if you have some ideas please comment below. 


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