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Fishercat Life


For centuries sailors have been telling stories about intelligent and magical creatures that span the great oceans from the shallowest lagoons to the deepest underwater canyons. These beasts are said to traverse the vast seas catching fish in nets they make themselves out of ship wreckage parts or from the shores they live on. These little aquatic mammals are long and slender, rather like otters or cats, hence their name: "fishercats."

Found in every source of water from the bitter cold of the arctic and antarctic to the tropical, balmy seas of the equator, these hardy and playful creatures of legend have been spotted all over the world. Aside from their ability to live in nearly every clime, fishercats also have a wide diet, eating fish, crustaceans, squid and octopi, and even small sharks.

Sailors believe that if a fishercat is spotted within twenty-four hours of a ship's setting sail for its maiden voyage, that ship will be forever blessed with fair winds and fast tides. If seen on regular voyages, they are said to be good omens.

They were once hunted to near extinction for the glowing stones on their foreheads and tails, which were highly prized among kings in the medieval period. It was said that the stones allowed fishercats to foresee the future. Now a protected species, fishercats are making a strong comeback and are once again seen spinning and splashing in the world's waters.

Highly social, fishercats live in vast colonies on rocky shores and coasts, or in ice caverns if in colder climes. A fishercat colony usually consists of ten to twenty individuals, with mothers staying near the dens to watch over pups and fathers roaming out to sea in search of food. Those lucky enough to venture into a fishercat colony have reported seeing lost treasure stacked high in the dens. It is believed they do this to "show off their wealth" to other members of the colony, perhaps establishing some form of dominance.

No one knows exactly how the first fishercat came to be, but legend has it that Poseidon, when he took dominion over the seas, was saddened by the lack of playful creatures found in the world's waters. The only tear he shed dropped into the waves and from it was born the first fishercat, which swam about playfully, much to the Sea God's delight.

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Hello, everyone. This is not, in fact, Ocean (Gabrielle), but rather her two best friends, jeweledphoenix and AlimareEmpire. We have been putting this off, and we are so sorry to have to let you all know that Ocean passed away last month in a car accident. She had taken an art hiatus last year after having some depression issues following the death of a close cousin, and had planned on coming back. Just two months ago, we had talked about revitalizing the fishercat species, and she was really excited to get back to work. To keep her memory alive, Jewels and I have talked it over, and I will be taking over the fishercats on my page :iconalimareempire: and tying them into my story so they may continue to be sold. There will no longer be posts on her home page after today. :iconfishercatworld: will still be open, and I will continue to post fishercats there. If she owed any of you money for prizes, or if you paid for a commission, please shoot me, AlimareEmpire, a note with a link to the original purchase and it will be refunded should it be that it was, in fact, unpaid to you, or you deserve a refund. Thank you all very much, the fishercats are still a closed species, and if you're interested in seeing more of them, stay connected to the fishercat group or join AlimareEmpire to stay up to date on them. We miss you, Gabby!
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What is a Fishercat?

Fishercats were created by Poseidon to be guardians of the sea and slayers of ancient sea demons. They are magical aquatic creatures that resemble a feline, hence the name "fishercat." Adorned with magical stones centered on their foreheads and inner tails, these beautiful creatures are talented wizards and healers. Don't let their sweet looks fool you, however. These animals are fearless warriors and brilliant tacticians in battle. Intelligent, powerful, and cunning, fishercats are a mysterious and remarkable species.






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