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Published: May 23, 2017
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Out of all the characters around the time of chunin exams, I probably drew Anko the most  by far! She is THE character that got me into the pineapple-y updo hairstyles (along with Shikamaru:Pineapple la: )
The second exam (in the forest) was so depressing for me as a child that it left a strong impression.

I never understood how her body was not see-through while wearing that mesh shirt- it didn't seem like she was wearing anything under it .. I'm still not sure. 
This is probably a little irksome to look at for those with a fear of snakes :frightened:
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adityaac-artHobbyist Digital Artist
Legendary ...too good... I have got so much to learn from you
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RiavaCorneliaHobbyist General Artist
RIP sexy Anko...
I just love your style so much! :la:
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She was one of my early early favs, and surprisingly I'm not too angry about that realistic result of hers XD
Thank you so much!
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(OoC: Realistic? Really? Dude, she's a kunoichi, also a Jonin. Not burning all those calories would be the unrealistic part)
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I think it's pretty realistic. She ends up as an instructor at the academy teaching the young kids, and it seems like she does more in-building office work. (at the computer)
Probably not much of a workout compared to the harsh missions (which are lacking due to the land peace towards end of the series)
She's aged (slower metabolism) & eats a LOT of calories with those dangos. it's comparable to Choji
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(OoC: It's really not. Choji voluntarily eats a lot since a young age because he needs to. And also because he enjoys it. But mostly because he needs to. Now Anko, she's different in that she strikes me very easily as the flirty kind of girl for one thing who's very 'open' if you catch my drift and cares substantially about her appearance, and for another just because there aren't any tough missions anymore doesn't mean she can slack off on her training. You'd think someone who trained under a Sannin would know that)
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Interesting. I guess it depends on perspective; I never considered Anko to be a flirty type, but exactly the opposite.
Sort of tomboyish and doesn't care how she presents herself to others. She's usually depicted as being rash and loud.
So in my mind, younger Anko doesn't look fit because she's trying to take of her body appearnace, it's just because she's active & enjoys the danger & fun in missions. 
I would think Ino would be the kind that cares about her own looks.
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(OoC: Oh no, see, Ino is easily crazy about her looks. Anko, in my head at least, is a bit more caring than Sakura but a lot less than Ino. She cares enough about her appearance that she wants to turn guys' heads as she walks and tease them till they're blue, but she definitely loves getting sweaty in a mission and training....... andunderthrsheetsDANGIT!)
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Robo-ArtistHobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome work with painting and shadows :o
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Thank you so much!! Love 
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cruximoStudent Digital Artist
Why your lines are blue-black-red ?
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It's from an effect called chromatic aberration :D
It's used quite often so it should be easy to find a tutorial on it!
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MoosseyHobbyist Digital Artist
heck to the yes
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Very cool! :D Anko looks fierce! 
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You are welcome! :hug:
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In Naruto the explain that that mesh is a type of armour, it is like the lazy artists way of showing chain mail. If you look at chain mail, though it is made from a whole bunch of circles of metal... you can not see through it.

Plus I bet as a ninja is acts as seriously function plus clothing.

It is armour plus it has millions of breathing holes to prevent you for over heating while training or in battle
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After all these years, That's what I just recently found out after actually searching it up (finally).
They aren't the most convincing metal mesh, aren they?
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Almost all the ninja either use bandages or mesh under their clothing. From my understanding bandages are sometimes used instead of genjutsu to hid scars, but some ninja also use bandages in order to cover an old injury that isn't a scare(a sprain or torn ligament)

I guess it would be too much to ask the artists to create realistic looking chain mail, considering these models move around and you would have to transfer over each motion along with the chain mail! Sounds like a nightmare.

I wonder what kinda attack that armour can take before being broken? In the anime they never show direct damage to it which is kinda disappointing. I think the only reference I've read of amour being used is in the old wars and the Uchiha using a special kind of wire that could catch on fire so that they could burn through any armour.

Still very entertaining facts
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sydyaokoHobbyist Artist
sad thing is anko becomes a total fatty in the boruto series... >_____>
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Haha I'll miss the young Anko, but I think her gaining the weight gives NARUTO that unique, real-world type of charm I've always been attracted to!
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sydyaokoHobbyist Artist
true, it definitely changes the world enough to make it unique compared to the original series (shippuden included) and instead makes it more of a new world for boruto's generation. plus all the technology already makes it different. XP
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