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Hackamoores Bosals and Bitless Bridles



STOP! before you say anything understand this! I never learned how to ride with a bit. I grew up with Bosals, Hackamoores and Side Pulls long before I learned to use a bit! I know from experience how these things work as well as from research!

STOP!. I know what you want to say 'a bitless bridle is a bitless bridle!' uhm; no, hunnie, it's not. Bitless Bridle is actually the name of an entirely different type of headstall! Calling everything that doesn't use a bit a Bitless Bridle is the same thing as calling a Halter a Figure 8 Bridle (or w/e that one's really called.) Bitless Bridles are completely different. The only thing similar to them is the Side Pull.

Hackamoores and Mechanical Hackamoores are the baby-sister and big-brother (respectively) of each other. A regular Hackamoore is just as dangerous as a Mechanical Hackamoore- the pressure it applies and the pressure points applied to are just slightly altered due to the lack of long, metal shanks.

If you've never used a Bitless, Side Pull or Bosal before the please ask saddlers, Trainers/Instructors, or Tack Shop Managers in your area what they are and how they work. As soon as I find my Side Pull I'll do an Educational Video - BUT! I'll be damned if I do an educational video on Mechanial Hackamoores/Hackamoores on my horse! So please don't ask - I will buy a Bosal (again) and do a video on that one, as well, if it's requested.

DO NOT simply buy something because everyone claims it's 'gentler' than a bit! THIS IS A LIE! even my Side Pull is no gentler than a bit in the wrong hands! It can, and will, rub the face raw and irritate the horse in the wrong hands! (i've witness this and treated the raw spots accordingly). always, always, ALWAYS do your research before investing in a new means of riding!

Now then I never want to see ANYONE call a Hackamoore a Bitless Bridle in the same sentence again! they are not the same thing. Thank you :)

// sorry to those of you who already knew the differences. but I was royal peeved when I saw how many people call these things one and the same! \

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Thankyou So much!this is helping alot!:D. i'm not good with tack so this comes really handy when drawing competition pics and such,lol.Thanks again.