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Seriously, I've never had it happen before, but there's a guy posting some of my work as his own on Imgur.  The weirdest part is that it's all OLD artwork.  I mean, if you're gonna rip me off, why not steal the stuff that looks the best?  That's the part that confuses me the most.  I did some of that stuff in college, for heaven's sake.  I've gotten way better.

Hopefully Imgur will take down the artwork, as I've sent in a request, and I also sent the account a message asking him to do the right thing.  Fingers crossed.  But definitely... super weird.  I feel kind of sorry for the guy.  Who needs attention that badly, honestly?  I bet there's lots of things he's good at besides drawing.  You don't need to take my 2-3 year old artwork to make yourself cool.  I don't really think it's cool anymore, and I drew it.  I always thought that I wanted people to be able to use my art as desktop backgrounds or whatever if they liked it and I really don't want to have to put watermarks on everything, but I'm seriously considering it...

On the other hand, I got three separate messages telling me about the issue, and I am very, very happy that I have fans who are willing to help me out with something like this.  I love you guys. <3

EDIT: The images were taken down today, super quick and I am very grateful that the whole thing ended quickly.  Thank you, everyone!

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I checked his gallery , all your art is gone so the reporting helped :)